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Learn how to leverage business texting and SMS marketing for your business.

Whether you’re a first-time business texter or a seasoned pro, there’s almost always more to learn about business texting. In our SMS resource center, you’ll find quick answers to your basic questions, articles that teach you about the newest SMS-related innovations, case studies that show you how other businesses use texting, and blog posts that offer quick-and-easy tips for success. (If you’re new to all this, head to our business text messaging terminology page to learn about unfamiliar terms.)

What Are Business SMS Marketing and Business Texting?

Business texting (also generally referred to as SMS marketing, business text messaging, or just business SMS) is used for business communications specifically, and is usually not conducted from personal phones. Teams that use business texting rely on advanced platforms to help them organize, track, and send personalized mass texts to customers and potential customers. One of the most important caveats of business texting is that recipients must opt in before receiving texts from your business.

Business SMS from iPhone.

Benefits of SMS Marketing and Texting for Business

Business text messaging can help your business with everything from scheduling to query resolution. External-facing uses include customer scheduling, notifications, service, and marketing. Internal-facing uses include training facilitation and team coordination.

Scheduling icon

Quickly schedule appointments, send appointment reminders, and confirm appointment times

Q&A icon

Easily answer customer queries, redirect customer complaints, and gather customer feedback

Dispatch and delivery icon

Send accessible order notifications and delivery updates

Ideas icon

Introduce new products, flash sales, and reinvigorate buyer interest

Training icon

Facilitate employee training, organize salesperson schedules, and teach customer service techniques

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Coordinate with internal teams, field agents, contractors, and other business partners

What Can Business Texting Be Used For?

Many companies aren’t sure if they can utilize SMS resources to improve their business. Business texting can be used in any industry, with companies big or small. Whether you’re an automotive business or a real estate broker, business texting can help improve your bottom line.

Boutique retail


Answer product-related questions, increase customer loyalty, and schedule salespeople

Delivery truck

Dispatch and Operations

Coordinate with field technicians, arrange deliveries, and manage problems from the comfort of your office


Remind clients of important dates and answer their questions


Set automated reminders for payments, auto replies for common questions, and handle customer text requests with an existing office phone number

Higher Education

Engage with students, applicants, and alumni using text messaging

Law firm stack of files

Law Firms

Arrange meetings, check on document statuses, and send court date reminders

Auto dealership


Schedule test drives, answer sales questions, and confirm service appointments

Candidate and recruiter


Update applicants, schedule interviews and notify talent pools of new openings

Row of houses

Real Estate

Keep up with homebuyers, coordinate with business partners, and facilitate agent training

Hotel lobby


Confirm reservations, answer guest questions, and reserve spa or dining experiences

Fitness studio and gym


Send appointment reminders, relay get-fit tips, and organize schedules

Voting booth


Drive voter turnout, invigorate your donors, and organize volunteers


Salons and Spas

Schedule, reschedule, and confirm appointments, answer client questions, and organize employee shifts

How to Set Up Text Alerts for Businesses

To start business text messaging, first you’ll need to sign up with a business texting platform. Once you have uploaded your customer data, you can start reaping all the benefits of business text messaging—including some of the most popular features, like text alerts and click to text. We have a number of SMS resources and information available about setup in our help section.

Text alerts, or notifications, differ depending on the industry. For example, an eCommerce business might want to use text alerts for deliveries and a salon might want to use text alerts for appointment notifications. Text alerts can even be used within integrations; for example, agents can have Zendesk notify them when they receive SMS—then they can respond to that text from within the Zendesk interface.

Light bulb idea

More Business SMS Marketing Resources

Ready to dive into the ins and outs of business text messaging and SMS marketing? Check out our general and industry-specific resources.

Row of houses

Real Estate

Engage with clients, agents, and contractors over text messaging by text enabling your brokerage's existing numbers. Or get a new phone number in the area code of your choice.

Learn More
Customer service agent

Customer Service

Customers prefer to text businesses rather than call. See how a SMS customer service platform can improve CSAT, increase agent productivity, and simply provide reporting.

Learn More

Coming Soon

Marketing report on tablet


With a 98% open rate, SMS marketing is the most effective way to engage with customers. Heymarket makes it easy to send personalized messages and track performance.


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Checklist with 'yes' and 'no'.

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Woman texting on phone.

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Mobile phone with laptop and keyboard.

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Setting up SMS automation.

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