SMS For Car Sales & Service Customers

The most important step in closing a sale is scheduling the next meeting. After someone leaves the showroom, or submits an online request, it’s critical to follow up in a timely manner with product information relevant to them. Allowing a dealer to send texts to customers is now critical. Sales managers need visibility into customer conversations to get more predictable sales pipelines. And service departments need a more efficient way than phone calls to notify customers.

With a 98% open rate, text messaging helps ensure that your team is spending more time closing sales and servicing vehicles.

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Training Updates and Recruiting

Text Messaging for Automotive Service Departments

Use Heymarket to text message customers when their vehicle is ready to be picked up, schedule regular service reminders, or allow them to text you with questions. Heymarket saves your staff time by allowing them to communicate with customers over SMS instead of phone calls, voicemails, and emails.

Personalized Text Messages

Text Messaging for Car Sales

Getting to that next meeting or dealership visit is critical to closing a sale. Handling car sales via text messaging ensures a timely response. Heymarket works on iPhones and Android phones with its featured apps. Internet managers and receptionists can use Heymarket on any computer. They can setup auto replies, schedule meetings, and send personalized templates to quickly answer any questions a customer might have.

Scheduling Shifts

Personalized Messaging to Multiple Dealership Customers

Send a single message to multiple customers at once. Heymarket can customize each message with the customer’s name or any other custom field you like. Customers won’t see each other and can reply privately to you. It’s great for sharing product updates and getting customers back to your car dealership.

Administrative Controls

Works with Existing Tools and Phone Numbers

Text enable existing phone numbers so customers text your dealership. Add the Heymarket widget to your dealership website and make it simple for people to ask questions over SMS. Reply to Facebook messages for you dealership from within Heymarket. And with Zapier, Heymarket can get contacts from Google Sheets or your lead generation software.

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Text with your customers to improve customer service and drive sales. Get started with business text messaging in just minutes.