Communication in the real estate business is critical. Text messaging gives agents, realtors, and brokers a new and valuable channel where prospective buyers can easily contact them, allowing them to increase sales.

In real estate, many things are time-sensitive. If an agent waits for a buyer to check their emails, the buyer may lose the opportunity on a new listing. Text messaging allows agents to provide updates to buyers and sellers that that are more quick and immediate than email.

Text messaging as a whole has an open rate of 98%. Agents using Heymarket’s text messaging software have reported an 80% reply rate to their weekly, real estate market updates and more responses from their contacts.

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Personalized Text Messages

Personalized Market Updates that Clients Reply To

Send personalized text messages to clients with valuable market updates. Create a list of contacts to message. Heymarket can automatically include the first name, property type, or other custom fields into the message. Clients won’t see each other and can reply privately to you. Heymarket campaigns make it simple to schedule a sequence of messages to appropriate clients.

Listings and Marketing Campaigns

Text Enable Listings and Campaigns

Add a text enabled phone number to your most valuable listings and marketing campaigns. Interested buyers and agents can text with questions. With a Heymarket shared inbox, anyone on your team can immediately answer questions with standard templates that you create.

Training Updates and Recruiting

Training Updates and Recruiting

Text messaging is a great way to notify agents about a weekly status or training call. The message can include a link to the online meeting. Schedule a reminder to be sent a day before the call and another to be sent the morning of the call.

Works with Tools

Works with Your Existing Tools and Phone Numbers

With Zapier integration, Heymarket enables you to text contacts in your CRM, support, and order tracking software. The Heymarket widget enables customers to text from your website. Heymarket can also text enable your existing, business numbers that already published in Yelp, Google My Business, Google AdWords, or Facebook Pages.

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Text with your customers to improve customer service and drive sales. Get started with business text messaging in just minutes.