Real estate text marketing

Connect with clients and engage buyers using personalized real estate SMS marketing. Scale your outreach, expedite communications, and close more deals.

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What is text messaging for real estate?

Texting for real estate refers to using SMS to connect with prospects and homebuyers. Independent real estate agents, real estate investment groups, and brokerages adopt texting to strengthen client relationships and expedite home sales.

With help from SMS, you can:
✓ Quickly answer initial prospect questions
✓ Share personalized marketing content
✓ Manage scheduling for showings and inspections
✓ Remind prospects about key paperwork
✓Follow up to ensure homebuyer satisfaction

Real estate text messaging software helps you send, receive, and manage hundreds to thousands of homebuyer texts.

What are the benefits of a real estate 
texting service?

Fast communication is critical in the real estate industry. If you have to wait for clients to check their emails, they’ll lose out on dream houses, properties, and other potential opportunities. Plus, you’ll miss out on key sales and commissions. Real estate text message marketing empowers agents, realtors, and brokers to easily connect with prospective homebuyers. With it, agents and realtors can quickly update and coordinate with buyers and sellers through a channel they’ll be sure to check. Plus, brokerages can stay better connected with their agents while they’re on the go. Text messaging has an open rate of 98%. Agents using Heymarket’s text messaging software have reported an 
80% reply rate to their weekly real estate market updates. It’s one of the most effective tools for boosting attention, engagement, and sales.

Text-enable listings and marketing

Include your textable number on listings and marketing content. Interested buyers and agents can text with questions. Text messages from leads and clients will arrive in Heymarket’s shared inbox. Anyone on your team can immediately answer questions with standard templates saved in your real estate text messaging software.

Personalize real estate market updates

Send market updates to clients through personalized SMS. Create a list of clients to message. Schedule a sequence of messages using the campaigns feature or send a single text blast for real estate updates. Heymarket automatically includes first names, property types, or other custom fields in these mass text messages. Clients won’t see each other and can reply privately to you

Encourage two-way conversations

Heymarket empowers you to send messages through a ten-digit code by text-enabling your landline or providing you with a brand-new number. Ten-digit numbers allow recipients to respond, unlike five- to six-digit short codes. Increase read rates by using this recognizable format. Spark chats by sending conversational marketing content.

Enrich the homebuying experience

Use MMS capabilities to share photos and videos, showing off properties to their fullest. Send GIFs, emojis, and voice messages to add a personal touch. Rely on these messaging-based tools to better connect with prospects and homebuyers, ultimately boosting engagement and selling more dream homes.


Coordinate with homebuyers, sellers, brokers, and contractors. Schedule property showings, events, appraisals, inspections, and meetings in minutes. Send SMS reminders to ensure all involved parties show up in time or to manage any last-minute pivots. Streamline the homebuying process with this simple, accessible tool.


Guide the closing process with SMS tips and reminders. Encourage clients to complete paperwork and make offers faster. Answer vital questions on the fly. Use mobile SMS for real estate to get clients into their dream homes or secure their latest investment properties as quickly as possible.

Text-enable your current phone number

Heymarket can text-enable your existing business number that is already published on Yelp, Google My Business, Google Ads, or Facebook Pages. Clients can both text and call your text-enabled number. Plus, add a Heymarket widget to your website so clients can message in right from your website.

Create an omnichannel experience

Not all of your prospects and homebuyers want to text. Some of them prefer reaching out through other third-party messaging services, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, and Google’s Business Messages. Heymarket empowers you to seamlessly receive and reply to customer messages from each of these popular channels.

Integrate with existing business apps

Integrate with your CRM or support software so the platforms can share data. Access logged texts from customer history in your CRM. Text contacts from within these third-party platforms. Use triggers and actions to automate cross-platform workflows, saving you time that you can use to run an open house and make sales instead.

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Text with your customers to improve customer service and drive sales. Get started with business text messaging in just minutes.


Real estate SMS marketing FAQs

Interested in text message marketing for real estate? We’ve answered some common questions below. Reach out to our team to find tips, best practices, or other information.

SMS in real estate refers to agents and brokerages sending texts to leads and clients, like investors and homebuyers. Real estate professionals send these messages through a real estate SMS marketing platform, which helps them read, respond to, and manage hundreds to thousands of client texts.

Text messaging for real estate investors and agents is legal as long as you ensure clients opt in to receive your texts. Before they opt in, you must also ensure that you let them know what kinds of messages you plan to send them and how often. If you don’t do both of these things, you will violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and may be subject to fines. Please note that these are general approaches, and it’s critical to consult your legal counsel about matters of compliance.

No. You may only use SMS for real estate with leads and clients who have opted in to receive texts. You can secure clients’ opt-in via a form on your website. Clearly describe the kinds of messages you plan to send them and how often. Cold texting violates the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and may be subject to fines. Please note that these are general approaches, and it’s critical to consult your legal counsel about matters of compliance.


(See the above question.)

As long as you have text-enabled your business number (or received an entirely new one from your business texting service) clients can text your team. Just make sure you get the word out, letting customers know they can text you. Publicize your number on your website, listings, email newsletters, and social media—and mention that the number is textable. Remember to include your SMS terms and conditions (e.g., opt in and opt out instructions).

Your texts should provide value to leads and clients. Focus on providing information that will help them. Share listings, coordinate showings and meetings, and answer incoming questions. Don’t forget to add a touch of your personality; write in a casual, polite tone and include the occasional emoji. It can help to create real estate SMS scripts that you can easily adjust and send on the go.

Real estate SMS marketing pricing depends on how many texts you plan to send, which SMS integrations you want, and whether or not you need advanced features. Rates start at $49 per month. The best text message marketing service real estate agents and brokerages can adopt will have the features they need to text clients and scale as their business grows.