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Benefits of an insurance marketing SMS service

Your leads and clients want to receive the same kind of fast, seamless service from your team as they do from any modern startup. Most of all, they want to connect with your team and receive important information through the most convenient messaging channels available to them. Insurance SMS helps your business provide leads and clients with the frictionless service they expect. It’s an intuitive, fast, and efficient channel for all of your marketing, client retention, and client management needs.

Run insurance text message marketing campaigns

Leads often evaluate multiple insurance agencies—including new, tech-first firms—before choosing a provider. Stand apart from competitors by allowing leads to get to know your business the easy way. They can simply opt in to receive texts with more information. Insurance marketing SMS content won’t land in junk mail boxes like emails do. With an open rate of 98%, texts ensure customers will take a look.

Adopt texting for insurance photos for quotes

Leads want to know how much your policies will cost them. The faster they know, the faster they’ll commit to a plan. Send quote photos or PDFs through an insurance SMS marketing message for fast responses. Given texting’s up to 80% response rate, customers are more likely to reply to your quote, expediting conversions—or letting your agents move on to the next lead.

Answer questions with an insurance SMS message

Leads and clients have questions, but they’re often too busy to call your team. They may not feel inclined to engage in slow exchanges via email, either. They’re more likely to feel comfortable texting for insurance questions, using a channel they know is fast and lets them answer messages on their schedule. A platform that supports text messaging for insurance agents helps them answer questions quickly with efficiency tools.

Send clients insurance SMS reminders for premium payments

Your clients are busy. They appreciate reminders about overdue premium payments, which help them avoid coverage disruption. While these courtesy reminders can get lost in overflowing email boxes, clients are sure to open them if they land in their SMS inboxes. Clients can follow up by texting for insurance questions about deadline extensions or price changes.

Use texting for insurance policy updates

You have to update client insurance policies from time to time. Unfortunately, clients tend to ignore their email inboxes, which are filled with marketing content. This can lead to misunderstandings with premiums or claims. Capture clients’ attention with quick insurance SMS messages when you need to update policies. Your team can either point your clients to emails or attach a PDF within texts.

Enable text-to-landline for an omnichannel customer experience

Allow customers to connect with your brand by either texting or calling your phone number. This way, they’ll be more likely to reach out to your team. Text-enabling your landline, toll free, or VoIP number is an easy, seamless process. While Heymarket does the heavy lifting, which usually takes a few minutes, customers can still call your line. Later, they can both call and text.

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