Text Messaging for Legal Appointments, Case Management and SMS Marketing

To keep cases moving forward, it’s critical to confirm appointments and document requests with clients. Text messaging for law firms helps to accomplish that. With a 98% open rate, law firm SMS will help your team meet deadlines. Law firm text messages can also be automatically logged to practice management system or exported.

SMS can also be used to qualify prospective clients and gather information before speaking with an attorney. By using law firm text messaging, lawyers, paralegals, and administrators can spend more time on billable hours and engaging new clients.

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Training Updates and Recruiting

Schedule and Confirm Legal Appointments

Use Heymarket to send scheduled message to confirm appointments, document requests, and court dates with clients. Utilize templates to reach clients in a fraction of the time that phone calls take.

Personalized Text Messages

Use SMS Marketing to Engage Prospective Legal Clients

Have a website or marketing campaign for prospects? Text messaging for law firms allows you to follow up with them quickly. Heymarket works with your existing contacts and helps you personalize messages with names and other custom fields.

Scheduling Shifts

Keep Legal Staff Up to Date

Create one conversation per client, and provide access to appropriate people in your legal staff. Attorneys, paralegals, and assistants can each participate in the conversation, view history, personalized signature when replying, and automatically log or export messages.

retail sms integrates with apps

Works with your Existing Tools and Phone Numbers

With Zapier integration, Heymarket works with your existing legal software. Send text reminders for HelloSign signature requests, automatically log messages in Clio, or view contacts from your practice management software. With Zendesk integration, your staff can view client SMS alongside emails.

Administrative Controls

Administrative Controls and Reporting

Control which team members have access to which messages, setup auto replies, and call forwarding. Export chats for auditing and reporting. When a team member leaves, the contacts and data stay with your organization.

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SMS Integration with Clio

Store and track business text messages in Clio and automatically update contact information. Heymarket allows law firms to enable Clio text messaging with clients while maintaining billing and reporting requirements.

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Text messaging for law firm features

Automatically logging SMS, texting with existing business numbers, and hiding PII were built with law firms in mind. Get started with business text messaging in just minutes.