Business Text Messaging for Your Team

Heymarket is a text messaging service for business. Team members stay productive while messaging with features like templates, assignments, and private comments. Administrators get enterprise grade roles and permissions, customization, integrations, and reports.

Work Together, From Anywhere

  • Shared Inbox

    Heymarket business text messaging can be used for customer service, operations, logistics, or sales. Create one or more inboxes with your entire team, share customer messages, and manage replies.

  • Assignments

    Assign chats to yourself or another team member. It's a great way to stay focused on the chats relevant to you and control notifications.

  • Typing Indicators

    Know who on your team is viewing a chat or typing a reply. It avoids conflicts and helps keep your team in sync.

  • Private Comments

    Loop in team members by @ mentioning them and adding private comments that add context to messages.

Web and Mobile Apps

Heymarket is the top business texting app for teams. It works seamlessly between iOS, Android, and web browsers. So your team can continue replying to business text messages from anywhere.

Reach Multiple Contacts at Once

  • Lists

    Heymarket is the most effective SMS marketing for building customer relationships. Organize contacts into lists and send targeted messages. Personalization features, like merge tokens, signatures, and auto reply have helped businesses achieve an 80% reply rate.

  • Campaigns

    Heymarket is the easiest way to setup a drip campaign for text messaging. Setup a sequence of text messages to be sent on a schedule you determine. Reports, templates, and removing contacts who reply keeps each campaign current.

  • Scheduled Messages

    Schedule text messages to be sent at the most appropriate date and time.

Text Enable Landlines

Move the SMS portion of landline and toll free numbers to Heymarket. Keep the voice service with your current provider. Or get a new number and route inbound phone calls wherever you like.

Personalized Business Texting

  • Templates

    Reusable business text messages that can include photos, text, the contacts's first name, or any custom fields. Ensure consistent replies with shared messaging templates.

  • Custom Fields

    Personalize messages with merge tokens based on custom fields associated with each contact.

  • Signatures

    Each person on your team can have their own signature that's added to the end of each message they send.

Administrative Features

Enterprise grade features allows administrators to control roles and permissions, custom fields, and billing.

Engage with Visitors from Anywhere

  • Website Chat

    Add a customizable widget to your website to receive SMS. Messages appear in your shared inbox and anyone on your team can reply. Heymarket text enables websites from Squarespace, Weebly, Wordpress, and Google Tag Manager.

  • Facebook Pages

    Read and reply to Facebook messages from a Heymarket shared inbox. Utilize features like templates, merge tokens, and scheduled messages to manage how your team interacts with Facebook users.

  • Google My Business

    Text enable your Google My Business listing. Heymarket makes it simple for customers to text your business from Google search results.


Powerful reporting gives managers insights into agent productivity and messaging usage. Keep track of commonly used templates, which chats are most time consuming, and which team members require additional training.


Quickly search for messages and contacts from Heymarket Web on your computer or the Heymarket iOS and Android apps.