Heymarket business texting platform

Reach your customers on any messaging channel, all from shared inboxes that work across web and mobile. Heymarket makes business texting intuitive, secure, and reliable so you can focus on what counts: your customers.

Product illustration with labels: 'Make it formal', 'Expand it', 'Translate it', 'Suggested Reply', noting AI features available with product. There are also an 'Assign chat' popover and a 'Sentiment' frame.

Text customers as one unified team

Great customer relationships start with a productive team. See all your customers’ messages in one view, collaborate efficiently, and improve response times.

Shared inboxes

See messages from SMS, MMS, and other popular channels in powerful shared inboxes. Know at a glance which messages have been read and how long customers have been waiting.

Conversation management

Keep conversations moving and organized. Route and assign messages to the right team member. Tag conversations to easily find them later.

Private comments

Collaborate on conversations with your team. Use private comments to @ mention teammates and ask internal questions, all without having to leave the messaging thread.

Continuous conversations, not broken threads

View all conversations in a single thread, just like texting on your phone, to engage customers effectively.

✦ New features

Take conversations further with AI

Heymarket’s AI texting tools help you do more with messaging. Personalize every text, automate tasks, and keep your data secure.


Turn long-winded texts or documentation into concise replies best suited for texts. Expand abbreviated ideas into complete sentences. Type a reply in everyday language and formalize it so every message is professional and on brand.


Understand the context of what every customer is asking by translating their messages and replying in their language.

Suggested replies

Resolve customers’ questions faster. Upload your knowledge base to generate quick, personalized answers to customer texts.

Sentiment analysis

Get valuable insights into customer feedback to enhance the overall experience. Heymarket’s sentiment analysis feature uses AI to identify and interpret emotional cues in customers’ texts to determine their sentiment, from negative to happy.

Create personalized connections at scale

Now you can message your entire customer base at once while maintaining a one-to-one connection with every customer. That’s personalized messaging at scale.

Customer lists and drip campaigns

Segment your contacts into lists and run drip campaigns that share targeted information with the people who need it.

Custom fields and templates

Merge custom fields from Heymarket, your CRM, or your eCommerce platform into text templates for fast, personalized text conversations.


Automate responses to common questions to save time. Program auto-responses based on time of day to set customer expectations during and after hours.

Rich contacts

See crucial customer information right alongside your conversations. Heymarket keeps their data up-to-date so you’re always sending informed messages.

Integrate with anything

Heymarket works seamlessly with the enterprise tools you rely on. Use data from CRM or other enterprise systems to target customers and personalize conversations at scale.

See all integrations

Connect all
your channels

Connect Heymarket’s business texting platform with the common channels your customers use and manage all your conversations in one place.

Explore all channels

Meet your customers
where they are

Heymarket makes it easy to add text messaging to
your existing communications channels, and start texting right from your website.

Text enable landline numbers

Text enable your existing landline or VoIP numbers so customers can easily choose to call or text you.


Kick off a texting conversation from a single click when in Google Chrome.

Call forwarding

Route incoming calls to your Heymarket number and forward them to any domestic phone number with our call forwarding feature.

Webchat plus texting

Combine the benefits of SMS and webchat with our customizeable web widget. Message with visitors on your website and continue the conversation over texting.

Intelligent automation
and reporting

Heymarket’s intelligent platform uses conversational context to trigger responses and automate workflows. Generate detailed reports so you can optimize your business texting.

Automated text messages

Use triggers such as keywords or time of day to send automated text messages or automate actions like adding a customer to a campaign.

Productivity reporting

Track commonly used templates, time spent per conversation, and which team members require additional training.

Surveys with detailed reporting

Send SMS surveys to customers or employees within your existing texting thread and see results in actionable, intelligent reports.

Enterprise-grade administration and control

Heymarket gives you full control of your platform administration so you can secure your data and access.

Administrative controls

Enterprise-grade administration for custom user roles and permissions, custom fields, and billing. Control access to conversations, messages and sensitive customer data.

Export chats

Save any of your chats to a file. Keep clear records for auditing.

SAML integration

Fortify user authentication with SAML-based Single Sign On.

Directory integration

Connect your employee database with our platform seamlessly. Manage user accounts, groups, permissions, and more from your central directory.

Build trust with compliance

Enhance customer trust with Heymarket's robust compliance features. We make it easy to align your business texting with regulatory requirements.

10DLC Compliance center

Track your 10DLC compliance in our 1-stop portal. See every stage of the registration and approval process and get instant compliance alerts.

Block and delete

Reduce spam by blocking or deleting contacts and chats.

Opt-in management

Advanced options for managing opt-in and opt-out throughout your texting platform. Administer opt-in through keywords, contact records, forms, integrations, and APIs to build trust and compliance.

Users love us

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Enterprise text messaging features

Reach your customers on their favorite messaging channels using an intuitive, secure, and powerful business texting platform.

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