Salesforce SMS and CRM Integration

Close deals faster and drive up CSAT using Heymarket’s Salesforce text message integration. Send and receive SMS with your leads and contacts in Salesforce and see how lightning-fast responses improve customer service, sales, marketing and even internal communications. Heymarket’s CRM integration works with all Salesforce objects, so you can easily manage all texts from SMS and popular messaging apps all from within SFDC.

Salesforce texting without the hassle

Text messaging has a powerful 98% open rate, and 68% of customers prefer to use texting to communicate with brands. Heymarket empowers you to reap the benefits of SMS with secure and intuitive messaging right from Salesforce.

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Native Salesforce texting app

Send and receive messages directly in Salesforce and text from all objects.

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Get up and running fast

Heymarket’s intuitive Salesforce SMS app offers easy setup so you can text from Salesforce in minutes, not days.

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2-way and mass texting

Send personalized 1-to-many text blasts and have 2-way conversations all in one place.

SMS for salesforce brings all messages into a shared inbox.

Use a shared inbox for Salesforce SMS

Heymarket integrates seamlessly with Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, giving you powerful shared inboxes for Salesforce texting. Get set up fast, sync your contacts, leads, and person accounts. See all customer messages in one view alongside your contacts’ and leads’ most up-to-date information. Log all texting threads right in Salesforce, so you always have access to critical information to close deals and increase satisfaction.

Sync your CRM with business texting

Heymarket’s Salesforce SMS integration links texting to your Salesforce fields and objects, allowing you to use it seamlessly with your existing workflows. Update an SFDC customer record based on text messaging behavior, or launch automated text conversations when a Salesforce field changes. Send text messages based on events, campaigns, custom field changes, and more. Heymarket automatically logs and intelligently threads entire text message conversations right in Salesforce.

A text messaging flow in Salesforce.
Send personalized text messages from Salesforce to grow conversions.

Personalize messaging at scale

Reach multiple contacts at once while personalizing Salesforce messaging. Use Salesforce fields as merge tokens in messages so every customer gets a personalized experience. Segment customers into lists and use campaigns to send timely, relevant, and personalized texts at scale.

Collaborate for faster customer support

Work on Salesforce text messaging threads together with your team. Route and assign messages to the right teammate. Use private comments to communicate internally on a ticket. Provide efficient customer support with SMS-based CRM.

Collaborate for Faster Customer Support
Visual of a text messaging report in Salesforce.

Track results right in Salesforce

Measure your texting success without leaving Salesforce. Get instant out-of-the-box insights on response and resolution times, messaging volume, and team performance with no setup required. You can also configure or customize your own text messaging reports powered by custom Heymarket objects.

Launch text messaging Flows in Sales Cloud

Close deals faster by adding texts to your flows. In Salesforce Process Builder/flows, trigger text messages to send based on accounts, contacts, leads, and more. Create automations based on message keywords and timing.

Trigger SMS conversations based on Salesforce objects.
Connect with leads via SMS using Salesforce's marketing cloud journey builder.

Scale your Salesforce SMS marketing

Leverage the power of business SMS throughout your customers’ journeys with Heymarket’s Marketing Cloud integration. Send timely 2-way messages that increase response rates and speed up conversions. Add SMS to your Journey Builder workflows to increase engagement rates, nurture leads, and speed customer response times.

Take your conversation anywhere

With Heymarket, you can SMS-enable your landline, VoIP, or toll-free numbers and keep your current provider. Or, get a new number and route inbound phone calls wherever you’d like. Heymarket is built for flexibility.

Add SMS to your landline to send and receive Salesforce text messages.
Heymarket keeps your data secure and compliant.

Built with security and flexibility

Heymarket’s platform is built for enterprise-grade security. You determine who has access to your company’s shared Salesforce SMS inboxes and what permissions they have, ensuring the right person can easily reach out to the right customers at scale on our SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA and TCPA-compliant platform.

How to text from Salesforce

Sending SMS messages from Salesforce is intuitive and doesn’t require leaving your Salesforce app. You have the flexibility to text from several areas of Salesforce. Here are the main steps, and you can learn more about setting up a Salesforce SMS integration here.

1. Go to the object you want to send texts from.

Navigate to where you want to send your text in Salesforce, which is possible from all Salesforce objects or in your team’s shared inbox within your Salesforce instance.

2. Click the Heymarket widget.

Click the Heymarket chat widget in your right sidebar or in your shared inbox view on the bottom left corner of your screen.

3. Write your text.

Type your message, or select a pre-written and saved SMS template. Add related custom or standard object details from Salesforce to personalize your texts.

4. Send it now or schedule it.

Press “Send Now” or to schedule the text to send later, select the clock icon and choose your date and time.

5. See your text get logged.

After you send your text, it will automatically log to Heymarket Message Object in Salesforce, so you always have access to your messaging history and context.

6. Level up your texting.

To take your Salesforce in app messaging to the next level, you can automate texts by adding SMS to Salesforce Flows and Marketing Cloud Journey Builders.

Salesforce texting and SMS marketing best practices

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Build your SMS marketing list

Publish your SMS number across channels, then use List Views to build your SMS subscriber list.

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Get opt in

You need contacts’ permission to text them. Secure it by including SMS opt-in language on forms and allowing them to text a keyword to opt in. Heymarket makes it easy to manage opt-out by recognizing keywords like STOP and START.

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Segment your text messaging lists

Leverage List Views to create targeted SMS lists using all of the segmentation your Salesforce instance has to offer.

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Personalize every text

Add merge tokens to texts that automatically fill with Salesforce custom objects when they send.

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Measure your results

Heymarket’s Salesforce SMS reports empower you to track response times, messaging volume, and team productivity. You can also create your own SMS reports using our Salesforce Custom Objects reports — all directly in Salesforce.

Send SMS from Salesforce with Heymarket

SMS is a critical part of your customer’s journey and your company’s growth. With a 98% open rate, business text messaging is ideal for customers and leads. Start using SMS for Salesforce to engage with leads today.

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Salesforce SMS Integration FAQs

Looking for more information about Salesforce SMS messaging? We’ve answered some common questions below. Just reach out to our team if you have any additional questions.

Salesforce Service Cloud’s Digital Engagement is an add-on that allows you to send 2-way SMS to contacts. Additionally, Salesforce Marketing Cloud MobileConnect offers mass texting. To combine conversational 2-way texting with 1-way mass texting and have a more intuitive setup process, use a Salesforce text message integration like Heymarket. These apps sync with Salesforce and allow businesses to have 2-way texting conversations and send mass texts directly from their Salesforce instance.

You can track text messages in Salesforce by using a third-party app. If you use the Heymarket SMS integration, you can view text message history by navigating to a contact object and selecting “Chat History.” You can also access past text messages through your team’s shared inbox.

Salesforce offers SMS marketing through Marketing Cloud MobileConnect, which allows you to send mass texts to lists of customers. MobileConnect lets you create text templates to send opted-in subscribers promotional messages, order confirmations, account updates, and surveys. If you want to combine mass texting with 2-way conversational messaging, use a Salesforce CRM SMS integration like Heymarket. These text marketing integrations allow businesses to send 2-way messages directly from your Salesforce instance, send mass texts to lists of contacts using ListViews, create SMS templates, and add texting to Journey Builder workflows.

Yes, Salesforce integrates with SMS. Robust SMS integrations like Heymarket allow you to text from any Salesforce object. You can leverage lead, contact, account, and owner data to add fields from your Salesforce CRM to your messages to personalize them for 1-to-1 and 1-to-many conversations.

You can use SMS in Salesforce to create SMS marketing campaigns, make sales, provide customer service, and streamline operations. Here are some top examples of SMS strategies you can execute with a Salesforce SMS integration:

Video Transcript

Salesforce gives you powerful tools to manage your lead and customer data. Heymarket empowers you to add texting to your Salesforce workflows to close deals faster and increase customer satisfaction …

Salesforce gives you powerful tools to manage your lead and customer data. Heymarket empowers you to add texting to your Salesforce workflows to close deals faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Heymarket works with all Salesforce objects, so you can send and receive texts throughout the customer lifecycle. Manage messages from SMS and popular messaging channels, all from within your Salesforce instance.

Collaborate on conversations with your team to increase response times. Leave Private Comments to ask questions and share information internally. Use Assignments to route texts to the right teammate, right from your texting thread.

Send messages to large groups by syncing with ListViews. Use Templates to send frequently used messages, then personalize every one by merging your Salesforce fields. View a contact’s texting conversations right from an object or from your team’s shared inbox.

Streamline your workflows by syncing your contact records. Heymarket’s 2-way sync updates your customer records based on their messaging behavior, so you can launch automated text conversations when customers text you or when a Salesforce field changes.

Close deals faster by adding texts to Flows. Automatically send messages based on changes in accounts, contacts, leads, and more. You can also create automated texting workflows based on message behavior, keywords, and timing.

Grow your marketing reach by texting with Heymarket’s Marketing Cloud integration. Add SMS to your Journey Builder workflows to increase engagement rates, nurture leads, and increase conversions.

With Heymarket, you can text with flexibility. SMS-enable your landline, VoIP, or toll-free numbers with your current provider. Or, get a new number and route inbound phone calls where you need them to go.

Send and receive messages in Slack, and integrate your other business apps to connect your entire operation.

All built with enterprise-grade security and compliance. Choose who can access your inboxes, customize your team’s permissions, and easily manage opt ins and opt outs.

See how other Salesforce users are closing deals faster and increasing CSAT scores with Heymarket.

With the power of Salesforce and the flexibility of Heymarket, businesses can connect with customers at every stage of their journey, expedite deals, and create personalized relationships that last.

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