Send automatic text messages to boost revenue

Engage more leads with powerful automated text messaging. Heymarket’s automated texting service allows you to capture leads immediately, engage prospects through personalized list sends, follow up with customers consistently, and easily answer FAQs. Reach more people, faster, across their favorite channels.

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What is automated text messaging?

Automated text messaging, or automated messaging, is using your business messaging platform to streamline repetitive tasks. These tasks can be anything related to sending and receiving messages from popular channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Why Heymarket?

Heymarket’s automated text message service empowers your team to simplify everyday messaging tasks and spend more time doing what really matters—connecting with leads, prospects, and customers.

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97% of companies

communicate more efficiently with SMS

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Earn 4x higher ROI

from targeted SMS flows

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200% higher engagement

than phone or email

Simplify lead capture

Capture text opt-ins from all of your communication channels: your website, forms, social channels, emails, and more. When leads and customers submit their phone numbers, Heymarket will record the information and even add the contact to a list or campaign.

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Text message drip campaign

Engage customers quickly

Keep customers interested with nurtures that speed response times on both sides. Send one-to-many, personalized messages or schedule them for the future. Trigger messages based on your leads’ actions. Segment drip campaigns based on your custom fields, including name, purchases, location, and more.

Deliver streamlined experiences

Maintain one-to-one connections without sending each text individually. Heymarket’s SMS automations personalize outgoing messages with custom fields drawn from your CRM system, like Salesforce and HubSpot.

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Meet customers where they are

Integrate Heymarket with customers’ favorite communication channels to engage subscribers where they already are. Automate replies to FAQs and manage responses from one powerful shared inbox.

Text compliantly

Build customer relationships with trust. Heymarket is a TCPA, SOC 2 Type 2, and HIPAA-compliant platform. Rely on opt-in management tools and 10DLC registration guidance to ensure you’re texting customers compliantly. Protect customer data with enterprise-grade security tools like SAML SSO, multi-factor authentication, and custom user roles and permissions.

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Automatic SMS sending examples

Text message automations work for most repetitive texting tasks across all of your teams. Use SMS automations for everything from opt-in confirmations to survey requests.

Opt-in confirmations

Ensure that leads and customers meant to sign up for your SMS services with an automated opt-in confirmation. Heymarket can send the confirmation when it detects an incoming message with your business’s specific opt-in keyword.

Hi there, you’ve opted in to receive promotional texts from Flowers Monthly! 🌼 Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Campaign messages

Stay in touch with customers with a drip campaign. Send these targeted messages on a schedule of your choice, and add new participants at any time. Heymarket personalizes outgoing messages with each individual’s custom fields.

Hi Irie, welcome to Tea Tree Beauty Rewards! Text STOP to unsubscribe.
Hello Irie, happy fall from Tea Tree Beauty Rewards! You’ve got 8,283 loyalty points to spend before December 31. Reply ASK with questions.
Hey Irie, don’t forget to spend your remaining 8,283 points before the year is over! Text STOP to unsubscribe.


Send consistent follow-ups to keep the connection between you and your prospects going strong. Schedule them in advance or set them to trigger based on actions in your CRM system. (More on CRM automations below.)

Hey, Tony, did you decide to go with the Enterprise or Mid-Market subscription? —Natalie

Objection responses

Handle common objections with automated texts to boost response speeds and close deals faster. If prospects have additional questions, their responses will go straight to a live team member.

Hi there! We released our new Silver Star subscription on January 10. It comes with several new features, including reports. I’ve attached a comparison between our Silver and Bronze Star subscription! —Ricardo

During-hours auto replies

Provide customers with immediate responses when they text you during business hours. Create an auto reply to confirm receipt and share your response times.

Denim for the People here! Our hours are 8am - 4pm, M-F. A team member will be with you in the next 10 minutes!


Automate answers to common questions to resolve more queries, faster. Customer responses land in your shared inbox, where your team can reply.

Hi there! Our holiday hours are 8am - 8pm, Monday through Sunday. We’re closed on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Anything else I can help with?

Survey requests

Set up survey requests to send after ticket resolutions or order deliveries. Make these survey requests as specific as possible to boost engagement.

Hiya! We saw that your order #CT2355 arrived yesterday. What’d you think? — CatTreats Plus 🐈 Text STOP to unsubscribe.
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CRM automations

CRM automations work across Heymarket and your CRM platform. When you set up an automation between the two platforms, one will be able to take an action based on a trigger in the other. There are two main automations you can create with a CRM automation:

Automated text messaging workflow

How to send automatic text messages

Simplify workflows by either scheduling texts or creating automations.
Here’s how to set up a text message automation in Heymarket:

1. Choose your trigger

A trigger is the condition you want your messaging platform to monitor incoming messages for, like a certain keyword.

2. Choose your action

Identify which action you’d like the trigger to set in motion, such as a message sending.

3. Set up action requirements

Depending on your action, you may need to set up additional items in Heymarket. You may need to create a text template, contact list, or survey.

4. Test the automation

Once you’ve tested the automation with team members, it’s ready for your customers!

To learn more about how to automate and expedite your messaging, check out Automated Text Messaging: The Complete Guide.

What customers say about Heymarket’s automated text message service

60% response rate

“Heymarket’s Salesforce SMS integration makes messaging leads and customers a smooth experience for our agents.”

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10x Increase in agent capacity

“The biggest thing about being able to text with our customers is the relationship we’re able to build. Messaging is key for referrals and retention.”

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12% increase in productivity

“Replying quickly to incoming queries has empowered our team to earn customer trust and build valuable relationships.”

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Grow connections and conversions

Learn how Heymarket can help you reach more customers, build meaningful relationships, and improve your ROI.

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Automated text message for business FAQs

Want to learn more about how to send automatic text messages? Find answers to some common questions below. Reach out to our team for additional tips and information.

Yes. You’ll need help from an automatic text message sender, which is part of a business messaging platform. It will allow you to set a trigger (the thing that initiates the automation) and an action (e.g., sending a text).

In your business messaging platform, choose your trigger, select the action, and set up automation requirements (such as text templates). Then, your SMS automation will be ready for customers.

Yes. Your texts will come from the number connected to your business texting platform. (If you have a landline number, your business platform will enable text to landline capabilities.)

iPhones allow you to schedule texts. However, to create more advanced automations on iPhone, you’ll need a business messaging platform’s help. Some platforms offer mobile apps that you can use on either iPhones or Android devices.

It depends on the business messaging platform you use. In some cases, automated text costs may be folded into your platform subscription.