SMS Integrations and Heymarket

Everyone from leading enterprises to rising startups use networks of CRMs, SaaS applications, and APIs to run their business efficiently. Heymarket’s SMS integrations and powerful API make it easy to connect all of the tools you rely on every day so you can do more with customer conversations.

SMS Integrations and Heymarket

Integrate SMS with the Tools You Love

The customer journey stretches from sales, to support, to order fulfillment and back again. Each team has its own set of tools designed specifically for their needs. Heymarket works across the systems all of your teams rely on. Integrate SMS capabilities, add CRM automation, extend API workflows, and more with Heymarket.

HubSpot integration


Text with contacts right from HubSpot, keeping everything updated with a two-way sync. Integrate business SMS into HubSpot Workflows to automate customer outreach. Learn more about our HubSpot SMS integration.

Salesforce integration


Selectively sync contacts between Heymarket and Salesforce using a powerful texting widget within Lightning. Send and receive messages from Salesforce objects and preserve message history. Learn more about our Salesforce SMS integration.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Synchronize contacts between Marketing Cloud and Heymarket. Engage leads through multiple messaging channels. Add SMS to Journey Builder workflows. Learn more about our Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration.

Shopify integration


Text with customers from your Shopify Admin portal. Leverage the two-way sync with Shopify to keep your customers’ contact information up-to-date across Heymarket and Shopify platforms. Learn more about our Shopify SMS integration.

Zipwhip Migration integration

Zipwhip Migration

Seamlessly move your phone number, contacts, messaging history, opt-ins, templates, groups, and users from Zipwhip to Heymarket. Learn more about Zipwhip data migration.

Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft Teams

Answer customer queries, send SMS content, and manage messages from within Microsoft Teams. Customers can text your business SMS number using over-the-top apps. Learn more about our Microsoft Teams SMS integration.

Zapier integration


Integrate Heymarket contacts and messages with over 1,500 business apps. Zapier integrations give you unlimited marketing automation possibilities. Learn more about our Zapier SMS integration.

Slack integration


Send and receive text messages directly from any Slack channel. Empower team members to communicate with customers and partners from within Slack. Learn more about our Slack SMS integration.

Twilio integration


Bring your existing Twilio number or we’ll help you get a new one. Heymarket is a member of the Twilio Fund.

Zendesk integration


Read and respond to SMS and Facebook messages from anywhere within Zendesk. Learn more about our Zendesk SMS integration.

Aircall integration


Utilize Aircall as a cloud call center while using the same phone number to SMS with customers. Learn more about our Aircall SMS integration.

Clio integration


Track business text messages in Clio contact communication logs. Automatically create and update contacts in Clio. Learn more about our Clio SMS integration.

Help Scout integration

Help Scout

Give your agents a full view of customer emails and SMS. Sync contacts and business text messages between Heymarket and Help Scout automatically. Learn more about our Help Scout SMS integration.

Connect Customer Conversations Anywhere

The customer journey starts everywhere your business is found online. Make it easy for customers to message you directly from search engines, social media, popular messaging apps, and your website. Send, receive, and manage messages from these top channels in your Heymarket shared inbox.

Google's Business Messages integration

Google's Business Messages

Reply to customer queries sent directly from Google Search or Maps results. Learn more about our Google’s Business Messages integration.

Click-to-Text on Google Chrome integration

Click-to-Text on Google Chrome

Use the Heymarket Chrome Extension to text any number on any web page or from your CRM. Learn more about our Chrome Extension.

Facebook Messenger

Read and send Facebook messages from your Heymarket inbox, using all of Heymarket’s productivity features. Learn more about our Facebook Messenger integration.

Instagram Messenger  integration

Instagram Messenger

Read and send Instagram messages from your Heymarket inbox to manage all your conversations in one place. Learn more about our Instagram Messaging integration.

 WhatsApp (Beta) integration

WhatsApp (Beta)

Reach customers on one of the world’s most popular messaging apps without leaving your Heymarket shared inbox. Contact us for early beta access.

Apple Messages for Business integration

Apple Messages for Business

Customers can message your business right from Spotlight Search, Apple Maps, or Safari. They can ask questions, schedule appointments within a chat, and even make purchases through Apple Pay. Learn more about our Apple Messages for Business integration.

Webchat Widget integration

Webchat Widget

Start conversations right from your website, then seamlessly transition them to text message so customers can continue the conversation on-the-go. Learn more.

SMS and MMS integration


Reach customers directly on their mobile phones by sending text messages and images.

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