Everyone deserves enterprise-grade security.

Heymarket’s platform is secure, compliant, and built with your business in mind. We protect your data, privacy, and customers by upholding the highest security standards.

sms compliance
TCPA Compliant

TCPA compliant

Ensure you’re texting customers who want to be texted and allowing them to opt in or out of a conversation using TCPA keywords. Heymarket can help you navigate TCPA best practices to deliver a stellar customer experience.

SOC2 Compliant

SOC 2 compliant

SOC 2 compliance reflects Heymarket’s excellence in security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Our Type 2 compliance means being committed to consistently upholding the highest standards across all five categories.


A2P 10DLC compliant

The world of telecom regulation is complex. Heymarket makes it much simpler. We work closely with carriers to provide you the information necessary to register for and adapt to A2P 10DLC regulation.

HIPPA Compliant

HIPAA compliant

Protect data sent via text message in a scalable, manageable way with Heymarket. Our platform encrypts contact data in transit and in storage for organizations working with electronic provided health information (ePHI).

Compliance in action

We earn security and compliance certificates through our everyday actions. Here are the steps Heymarket takes to preserve, protect, and defend your data and your business.

Data encryption

Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit between Heymarket servers and apps.

Archive and export messages

Store messages in your CRM or archiving system. Export any of your chats to a file or email. Keep clear records for auditing.

Block and delete

Reduce spam by easily blocking or deleting contacts and chats you no longer want in your inbox.

Roles and permissions

Use enterprise-grade administration control to set user roles and permissions. Hide personally identifiable information (PII) where appropriate.

Unsubscribe keywords

Support all carrier-level unsubscribe keywords as well as unsubscribing contacts in the Heymarket app.

Text messaging to fit your business

Connect with customers, personalize every message, and streamline your team's workflows with business text messaging.

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