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Text with employees, contractors, and vendors to streamline internal communications. SMS helps get your team and products where they need to be, creating an unrivaled, scalable customer experience.

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What is dispatch SMS?

Dispatch text messages are the lifeline between central office staff and in-the-field staff. They help teams stay connected even when they’re on the move.

Logistics and dispatch companies use dispatch SMS to:

  • Facilitate shift scheduling and staffing
  • Unify on-the-go teams
  • Coordinate with vendors and partners
  • Keep customers in the loop

With help from dispatch SMS software, you can scale your text communications, managing hundreds to thousands of personalized messages from multiple channels in one place.

Stay in touch while on the go

Waiting for your team to read emails just isn’t efficient, and making phone call after phone call is time-consuming. Texting’s high open and response rates help you get the word out quickly. It’s the easiest way to reach your team and customers while they’re out and about.

Text message icon

98% open rate

compared to email’s 20%

Icon of replying to text

45% response rate

Compared to email’s 6%

Icon of phone with chat

96 times daily

People check their phones

Benefits of dispatch text messaging

You need a hyper-connected workforce to deliver a smooth customer experience. With quick, frictionless, and reliable communications, your teams will stay connected whether they manage 1,000 orders or drive 1,000 miles every day.

Dispatch texting helps you efficiently handle real-time changes, increase delivery success, and improve service accuracy. Text dispatch software brings additional benefits, streamlining your workflows and improving team visibility so you can save time, manage more queries, and scale operations with ease.

Here’s how you can use our text dispatch software to level up your day-to-day operations.

Reach staff in real time

Send messages that reach delivery teams, drivers, or service staff directly. Use SMS to share last-minute weather alerts, order updates, or location changes. Alternatively, you can schedule shift reminders or delivery details ahead of time.

Streamline dispatch conversations

With two-way texting, recipients can reply to your messages with text, photos, or videos of what they’re seeing on site to help you make decisions. Your in-office team will receive incoming messages in powerful shared inboxes for faster resolutions. You choose who can read messages, assign them, and reply. Speed up chats with reusable, personalized templates that you can automate or send manually.

Schedule shifts and deliveries

Share shift or delivery details with your entire team in a single click. Create a list of contacts for each shift, select a personalized template, then press send. No recipients will see one another, and they can reply privately with questions. Heymarket personalizes each outgoing message with recipients’ custom field information.

Share order and delivery tracking information

Send inventory updates to team members or order updates to customers. Create an SMS template for each type of update: order received, in progress, shipped, and out for delivery. Include space for UPS, FedEx, or USPS tracking links. Heymarket will insert correct information into outgoing texts and can send automated outgoing messages based on field changes in your CRM software.

Coordinate pickups and logistics

Share warehouse or curbside pickup information with business partners and customers. Coordinate a seamless handoff through quick SMS conversations. Manage roadblocks in real time and provide instructions or pickup advice on the fly.

Keep customers in the know

SMS software allows you to act as an intermediary between your field team and your customers. Relay delivery updates, estimated arrival times, and delays. Coordinate with both parties when faced with last-minute emergencies or schedule problems.

Automate answers and processes

Set expectations, save time on repetitive tasks, and increase response speeds with automations. Create during-hours or after-hours replies based on the time messages land in your SMS platform. Establish triggers for changes in order status to keep customers up to date. Send automated answers to FAQs based on incoming message keywords.

Improve customer satisfaction

Elevate the customer experience with personalized support. Provide reliable, up-to-date information on customers’ deliveries. Schedule SMS follow-ups after deliveries and automate SMS CSAT surveys to ensure your team is exceeding expectations.

Increase on-time payments

Remind customers about upcoming payments with SMS reminders. Your texting solution can automate alerts with an SMS integration. When your billing management software updates with invoices, Heymarket can immediately send reminders.

Get a full picture of all conversations

Centralize all of your messaging history in one place for full visibility into team communications. Access contact and messaging history in your shared inboxes, and export chats for documentation or audits. Manage messages from SMS and channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

Track channel success with reports

Review Heymarket’s built-in reports to track team response times, resolution times, and more. Weigh channel popularity by monitoring incoming customer or business partner message volume.

Connect texting with your business apps

Link Heymarket with your CRM and other business apps to sync data. Heymarket’s SMS integrations empower you to access up-to-date custom fields and build powerful text messaging workflows.

Dispatch success stories from Heymarket

“Heymarket has allowed us to speed up a formerly time consuming task: staff our couriers to match delivery surges with the flip of a switch.”

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“Heymarket’s Salesforce SMS integration makes messaging leads and customers a smooth experience for our agents.”

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“By text-enabling our communications, we have streamlined our delivery process and increased customer satisfaction.”

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Dispatch SMS examples

Dispatch text messages level up both internal and customer-facing communications. Use them for everything from emergency alerts to customer survey requests.

Urgent alerts

Texts connect you with your team immediately. They’re ideal for delivering timely information, like traffic and weather notifications.

Hi Joe, looks like they closed I-90 for the storm. Can you re-route to I-5 for today’s deliveries?

Shift scheduling

Shift scheduling is a breeze when your team replies quickly. Share shift details through a one-to-many text, then reply to individuals.

Hello team! This week Joe and Keeley will work the Goose Egg Country Club weddings (Friday and Saturday 3-11pm). Emma and DeShawn will work the Civic Center Mother’s Day brunch(Sunday 9am-2pm).
Bob, would it be ok if Keeley and I switch? She’s ok with it.

Delivery updates

Customers want to know when to be on the lookout for their orders. Use your SMS dispatch app for delivery notifications from confirmation to package arrival.

Thanks for placing an order with Shoe2! We’ll let you know when it ships. 👟 Text STOP to unsubscribe.
Hi! Order #9173847 has shipped. Track it here >> 👟 Text STOP to unsubscribe.
Good news! Shoe2 Order #9173847 is out for delivery. 👟 Text STOP to unsubscribe.
Your Shoe2 order was just delivered. Reply HELP for help. 👟 Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Customer coordination

Smooth customer communications make it easier to stay on schedule. Address real-time problems and changes with quick SMS messages.

Hi sorry, we had a family emergency and won’t be home until 4.
That’s terrible! I’m so sorry. Would you like our team to come out and get started or come another day?
It’d be great if they could get started, actually! I’ll catch up with them when I get there.
I’ll let the team know!

Survey and review requests

It can be challenging to persuade busy customers to answer surveys and post reviews. Increase response rates with convenient SMS requests.

Thanks for making a payment to invoice #18374! Do you have time to fill out a 2-question survey? Text SURVEY to start! Text STOP to unsubscribe.

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Streamline your team communications to improve the customer experience and drive revenue. Start texting staff and customers in minutes.

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How to send dispatch texts

Your SMS dispatch platform makes it easy to reach your contacts. Here’s how to send a message.

1. Import your contacts.

Only text those who have opted in to receive messages.

Red beckground

2. Choose a single recipient or list.

Segment your lists to better target messages.

Green background

3. Write your SMS template.

Leave space for custom fields, like names or order numbers.

Blue background

4. Press send

Or, schedule the text message to send at a specific date and time.

You can also send advanced texts through Heymarket, including scheduled or automatic texts. Learn more in our ebook Automated Text Messaging: The Complete Guide.

SMS dispatch FAQs

Have more questions about text dispatching apps? Check out our answers below, and reach out to our team if you want to learn more.

Dispatch text messages are a cost-effective and fast way to connect with in-field staff and on-the-go customers. They help you streamline deliveries internally and externally.

An SMS dispatcher uses text dispatch apps to speed up their work. For example, they might use automatic text messages to answer FAQs or send CSAT surveys after deliveries. SMS dispatch software also provides management with administrative tools, like permissions, so they can improve data security. It even logs texts and contact information for audits or quality reviews.

When you start using SMS dispatch software, you can either text-enable a current business number or use an entirely new number provided by the service. Your team and customers will text that number like they would text a friend’s number. The message will arrive in your shared inbox.

No. You may only text contacts who have given their written permission for you to text them. This is the case even if they are your employees. We recommend texting: external parties, like customers and clients; teams, offices, and warehouse staff; and delivery drivers or other in-field workers. Just make sure they have opted in first.

No. Before team members or customers opt in, you must inform them about what kinds of messages you plan to send. You must also stick to these self-imposed guidelines. For example, if you told customers that you’ll be sending delivery-related texts, you can’t send them SMS marketing content.

Send your internal team members delivery updates, emergency alerts, shift schedules, and reminders. Send your customers delivery completion notifications, CSAT surveys, and other notes. You can also respond to incoming texts individually or with reusable SMS templates for optimal efficiency.

SMS templates are one of the most important tools you can use. You’ll write the text (leaving space for custom fields), then save. When you choose a list or single contact to send the template to, your business texting platform will insert each individual’s details into outgoing texts.

If a back office team member is away from their desk, they can access your SMS dispatching app via their phones. All of the most important features will be accessible.

SMS dispatch platform pricing depends on how many texts you plan to send, which SMS integrations you want, and whether or not you need advanced features. Rates start at $49 per month. Due to team size, SMS dispatch apps for small business will often cost less than those for enterprise.

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