Text Messages (SMS) for Slack

Send and receive text messages in Slack with Heymarket. Now you can route customers’ incoming text messages to the Slack channel of your choice and respond in Slack. Heymarket gives you the power to run customer support, sales, operations and more using Slack SMS.

Using Heymarket for Slack SMS (text messaging) notifications
Heymarket Slack Integration

Read and Reply to SMS in Slack

Send texts to customers from within a Slack channel. When they respond, you can read and reply to their message in the channel feed to send SMS from Slack. Or, move the conversation to a private thread to keep your Slack channel organized.

Keep Your Team Focused

Using Heymarket’s Slack SMS integration, you can keep all your customer conversations in easily searchable threads. Choose which channels you’d like to SMS enable and which team members should text with customers. When a conversation kicks off and sends SMS to Slack, you can easily assign that interaction to the right team member. Heymarket makes team collaboration on customer messages in Slack seamless and centralized.

Keep Your Team Focused
Heymarket Slack Thread with Image

Respond to People Outside of Your Team

Leads, customers, and partners no longer need to join your Slack workspace to reach you there. Heymarket empowers them to text your existing business phone number or new designated phone number. They can also message in through popular messaging services, like Facebook Messenger. Your team will see the incoming messages in your Slack channel and reply from there.

SMS as a Slack Command

With Slack, send text message conversations with a simple slash command. Using the /heymarket command, you can kick off chats with customers and search through previous conversations—all without having to leave Slack.

SMS message from agent view in Slack channel confirming an appointment with client named Brian
Facebook messages in Slack

Bring Your Phone Number and Messaging Channels

It’s simple to text from Slack using Heymarket. You can bring your own phone number, text enable your landline, or we’ll get you a new number. You can even connect your company’s other messaging channels—including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and Google’s Business Messages—and route those conversations to Slack, too.

Connect with Many Contacts at Once

Use Heymarket’s list function to send a single message to a list of leads or customers. Rely on these one-to-many texts to reach out to multiple leads or customers in a click. Answer any replies individually to keep chats confidential.

Connect with many contacts at once

Track Success with Enterprise-Grade Reports

Review in-platform messaging reports to track team performance. See how your team’s response and resolution times get faster over time. Watch the number of resolved chats rise. Make changes and track improvements.

Business Text Messaging for Slack Teams

Heymarket powers business SMS for Slack teams so they can work faster and more efficiently at scale, while personalizing customer conversations. Improve response times, increase customer satisfaction, close more deals, and engage with more leads with Heymarket’s Slack SMS integration.

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Slack SMS FAQs

Have other questions about texting with Slack? Check out our answers below, and reach out to our team if you have any more questions.

Yes, you can send SMS from Slack using a text service for business like Heymarket. You can also use Slack to send messages from popular channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. You just need to connect Heymarket and Slack in order to start sending messages from your Slack workspace’s interface.

If you have Heymarket’s Slack SMS integration set up, customers can simply text your business’s SMS number. The texts will arrive in your designated Slack channel. The process works the same for other popular messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram Messaging, as long as you have those channels set up in Heymarket.

To receive SMS in Slack, you need to set up a Slack SMS integration. During the setup process, you can choose which Slack channel you want your incoming text messages to arrive in. After authorizing the channel, incoming messages will show up in your designated Slack channel.

Setting up Slack SMS is easy. You’ll need a Heymarket account to get started. Inside your Heymarket account, identify the Integrations tab, which is under Administration. Then, scroll down to the Slack Integration section. Click on Setup, where you’ll give both Slack and Heymarket permissions, allowing the two platforms to interact with one another. From there, decide which Heymarket inbox should direct to which Slack channel. After ironing out the finer details, you’ll be ready to connect with your leads and customers.