Clio Integration for Business Text Messaging

Improve the client experience with business text messaging for Clio. Store and track messages in Clio and automatically update contact information. Text-enable your existing business phone numbers, giving your firm a single number for calling and texting clients.

Clio Integrations for Law Firm Text Messaging
Answer questions Faster

Answer Questions Faster

Provide initial responses in seconds. Incoming messages appear in your law firm’s shared inbox where permissioned staff members can reply. Use automations to resolve FAQs immediately and let clients know how long it will take for a staff member to reply.

Expedite Follow-Ups and Reminders

Send appointment and paperwork notifications that clients won’t miss. With Heymarket’s list function, send a single message to a group of Clio contacts. Contacts can privately read and reply to this information, starting 1-to-1 conversations with your legal team.

Expedite Follow Up
text enable business lines

Text-Enable Your Landline

Empower leads and clients to reach out through a convenient channel. Move the SMS portion of landline and toll-free numbers to Heymarket. Keep your voice service with your current provider. Alternatively, get a new number with Heymarket and forward inbound phone calls wherever you’d like.

Automatically Create and Update Clio Contacts

Save time on contact management. As contacts send text messages to your firm, Heymarket automatically creates the appropriate contact in Clio. Contact names in Clio automatically appear in Heymarket. Eliminate the manual process of creating contacts, giving lawyers and paralegals more time for billable work.

Example of Contact in Heymarket and Clio Integration
SMS Messaging in Heymarket and Clio

Track Text Messages in Clio

Access all sent and received text messages in the appropriate Clio contact communication log. Ensure accurate billing and reporting, and never lose track of any client messages. Heymarket preserves your clients’ messaging history and context, keeping your staff informed for every conversation.

Keep Client Data Secure

Keep text messages secure with Heymarket’s built-in encryption. Choose which team members have access to messages, contact information, and administrative controls. When a team member leaves, contacts and their data stay in your business SMS platform and Clio.

Keep Client Data Secure

Measure Success with Reports

Use Heymarket’s reports to track messaging and team performance. Make sure your team’s response and resolution times are on par with other channels. Compare message and phone call volume to determine channel effectiveness. Adjust your client communications strategy and measure improvements.

Clio Business Text Messaging for Law Firms

Engage with more prospects, improve client communications, track conversations, and reduce non-billable hours with business text messaging for Clio.

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Business Text Messaging for Clio FAQs

Have more questions about the Clio SMS integration? Explore our answers below, and reach out to our team with any additional questions.

Yes, law firms can text through Clio using a text service for business, like Heymarket. Start by integrating the two platforms, securely connecting your Clio contact database to your texting platform. Once the integration is complete, your Clio contacts will sync to your texting platform. Then, you can text clients who have opted into your SMS services.

First, your texting service will text-enable your current business number. (Alternatively, texting services like Heymarket can provide a brand-new number for clients to text.) Your clients can simply text that number to reach your shared inbox. If you set up additional SMS integrations, customers can also message you through Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, or Google’s Business Messages. All messages will arrive in your Heymarket shared inbox.

Increasing your SMS list size can take time. Let clients know that they have the option of messaging you. Announce your SMS number on your website, social media, and email communications. Add opt-in information to each of these publications so clients can start texting your team right away.

Yes. If you’re using a business text messaging platform like Heymarket, all SMS chats with clients will be saved to Clio. Simply set up the integration and link your Clio and texting platforms by following these steps.