Hotel Text Messaging (SMS) Software

Use text messaging to communicate with hotel guests for reservations, answering questions, and surveys.

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Provide a VIP Experience to Guests With Hotel Text Messaging

Heymarket SMS hospitality services makes it simple to streamline operations while providing the best guest experience. Provide guests with a local phone number for texting with questions, reservations, and checking out.

Answering a question via SMS

Answer Guest Requests with Hotel Text Messaging

Provide your guests with a personalized, VIP experience by allowing them to text with questions. Messages appear in a shared inbox where anyone working that shift can quickly answer. Heymarket automations can detect keywords in guest messages and can auto-reply or auto-assign to someone.

schedule and confirm dinner reservations for guests with SMS

Use SMS to Schedule and Confirm Guest Reservations

Create personalized templates to confirm reservations for dinner, the spa, or special events. Each SMS template can dynamically include the guest’s name, reservation time, and any custom field. Guests can also use texting to check availability and make last minute changes.

text message valet and bell desk

Valet and Bell Desk via Text Message

Text enable your existing phone number so guests can send an SMS to have their car ready or get help with luggage. Text messages arrive at a shared inbox where anyone at the bell desk or back office can dispatch accordingly.

Seamless SMS check out for hotel guests

Seamless SMS Check Out for Hotel Guests

Send guests a pre-defined text message during checkout. They can reply with keywords to checkout or request additional help. For example, replying with ‘yes’ means they can checkout. Any SMS with ‘luggage’ means route the message to the bell desk.

Happy customer loyalty

Hotel Text Messaging to Increase Online Reviews

Automatically send personalized, business SMS to thank guests after they check-out. Ask for feedback, how to write an online review, or how to reach you with any further questions.

notify candidates while recruiting via text

SMS Marketing for Hotels

Use text messaging to reach potentials guests. Heymarket makes it simple for people to opt-in and for you to stay compliant. Automatically grow lists by integrating with your website or hospitality marketing software.

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