A platform you can trust

We built our platform with your business’s security in mind. Heymarket protects your data, privacy, and customers with enterprise-grade security features.

Secure your data

Protect logins with tools like SAML SSO, multi-factor authentication, limited login attempts,
 and adjustable session durations. Decide how long data remains saved in the platform.



Integrate with your own identity provider to simplify secure logins.

Multi-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of protection to the login process.


Decide how long you keep contacts and messages to ensure you only retain relevant data.

duration control

Choose how long team members stay logged in to increase user account security.

Supporting all popular identity providers

Secure your messages

Encrypt messages at rest and in transit between Heymarket servers and apps. Archive and export messages. Reduce spam by blocking and deleting contacts.


Messages are encrypted at rest and while in transit between Heymarket servers and apps.


Keep clear records by archiving messages in your CRM or exporting chats to a file or email. Hide specific messages to protect sensitive information.


Reduce spam by blocking or deleting contacts you no longer want in your inbox.

Opt-out management

Support all carrier-level unsubscribe keywords. Heymarket removes those contacts from lists.

Secure access

Ensure the right team members have Heymarket access with configurable roles/permissions, member access control, and staff directory integration and verification.

Configurable roles and permissions

Customize every user’s roles and permissions, and hide customers’ personal information when needed.

Member access control

Add or remove member message access to ensure only current team members are answering messages.

Enterprise directory sync

Manage your text messaging user accounts, groups, permissions, and more from your central directory.


Leverage SSO and MFA to increase user account security. Heymarket supports SMS and TOTP authentication.

Committed to SMS compliance

Our secure platform empowers you to adhere to critical SMS and data regulations in the US, Canada, and EU.