Expand your reach with SMS marketing

Create meaningful conversations over the most popular text and social channels. 65% of customers are more likely to buy from a business that recognizes and remembers them. Heymarket’s intuitive SMS marketing platform helps you build personalized messaging campaigns to increase conversion rates and revenue.

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Boost ROI with messaging

Today’s customers want hyper-personalized connections and immediate responses. Learn how text messaging can help you build lasting connections and improve crucial marketing KPIs.

98% open rate

compared to email’s 20%

45% response rate

Compared to email’s 6%

17% click-through rate

compared to email’s 8%

Reach more people

Grow your SMS marketing opt-in lists with Heymarket. Capture opt-ins from almost anywhere, then quickly engage leads through personalized campaigns and targeted list sends.

Create personalized connections

Heymarket’s enterprise-grade tools make it easy to maintain one-to-one connections with every customer. Create personalized connections at scale with automated workflows, customizable templates, and list sends.

Meet customers where 
they are

Your customers are on their phones — reach them there. Heymarket’s text marketing platform connects with the most popular messaging channels so you can manage all conversations from one inbox.

Work with the tools you love

Heymarket works seamlessly with the tools your team relies on. Use data from your CRMs or other enterprise systems to build rich contacts, powerful automations, and personalized campaigns that drive revenue.

Text with confidence

Strong customer relationships start with trust. Heymarket delivers it with enterprise-grade security and administration tools like SAML SSO and custom user roles and permissions — all on a SOC 2 Type 2, TCPA, and HIPAA compliant platform.

Features for strong connections

Heymarket has the enterprise-grade features your team needs without compromising on ease of use. Our SMS marketing tools include:

Lead capture

Track and manage customer opt-in through forms and webchat. Customers can easily continue the conversation over text.

Contact Management

Work with an unlimited number of contacts. Import your contacts from a CSV or through a CRM integration.

Customer outreach

Everything you need for a comprehensive outbound SMS marketing strategy. Segment contacts into lists, broadcast mass texts, and enroll them in targeted drip campaigns.

Performance metrics

Track message engagement and response rates, campaign performance, and your team’s productivity.


Market better with rich contacts. Create reusable text templates, and embed custom fields to personalize every message. Trigger campaigns based on customer details like birthdays, purchases, and behaviors.

Administrative controls

Use team administration tools customize every user’s roles and permissions, and hide customers’ personal information where needed.


Stay in touch effortlessly. Create messaging automations based on time of day, keywords, and more. Build multi-step workflows to keep your SMS programs running seamlessly.

Grow connections and conversion

Learn how Heymarket can help you reach more customers, build meaningful relationships, and improve your ROI.

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Text message marketing FAQs

Want to learn more about using SMS marketing software? Find answers to some common questions below. Contact our team for additional tips, best practices, or information.

Texting for marketing is highly effective. Leads and customers are likely to read and engage with your messages. SMS has an open rate of 98% and response rate of up to 45%. Plus, 90% of leads would rather be texted than called.

Yes, texting your leads, customers, and clients is legal. However, before sending them marketing content, you must ask them to opt in to your SMS marketing program, share their phone numbers, and receive your texts. You must also tell them what kinds of text messages you plan to send, and how often.

There are two main types of text marketing: outbound and conversational. For outbound SMS marketing, companies send one message to many people at once. Conversational marketing focuses on marketing through one-on-one chats. Teams that use this method encourage leads and customers to reach out, send interactive content, and answer leads’ questions over chats.

The most common use case for outbound SMS marketing is to send one message, such as a promo code, to a list of customers. You can also create personalized SMS marketing drip campaigns by enrolling customers in a series of text messages over time.

Brands use conversational marketing to make it easy for customers to learn about their products over two-ways chats. You can do this by posting about your SMS and messaging channels on social media, and making these contact points prominent on your website. You can also send polls asking for lead and customer opinions, then share the results. Also consider sharing product tips via text so customers can get the most out of their purchases.

Customers are most responsive to business texts at noon. Businesses send the most texts from 9-10am, so aim to send marketing texts between 11am and 12pm so you’re not competing for their attention. Customers respond to the most messages on Tuesdays, and companies tend to send fewer messages on Wednesdays. April to June are the most responsive months of the year for business texting with customers, so plan your campaigns around spring re-engagement.

An SMS marketing platform is a cloud-based app that helps your team to send, receive, and manage hundreds to thousands of messages. It can support messages from both SMS apps and mobile services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and web chats.

Yes, your SMS marketing solution will allow you to send, receive, and manage texts from your computer. You should also be able to download an app for your phone that allows you to message with leads on the go.

The best text service for your business will offer the features your team needs to launch personalized marketing campaigns, manage your contacts seamlessly, and stay secure and compliant. These features include:

  1. Opt-in management
  2. Lists broadcasts and campaigns
  3. Automations
  4. Reports and analytics
  5. SAML SSO and SSL security