The best SMS services in one powerful platform

Create personalized connections at scale with Heymarket’s business texting services. Build better relationships with leads and customers through personalization. Improve customer service efficiency and satisfaction with automation and conversational messaging. Simplify recruiting and operations with seamless communication.

SMS services

Communicate at scale

Communication is the cornerstone of your business. Heymarket puts all of the best business texting services at your fingertips to help you improve marketing effectiveness, sales velocity, customer satisfaction, internal communication, and much more.

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98% open rate

ensures you’re heard

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90-second response time

compared to email’s 90 minutes

Build strong connections with SMS services

Serve customers faster

Provide prompt, personalized replies to engage customers at a 209% higher success rate than calling or emailing to shorten resolution times.

Reach more leads

Connect with potential customers through their favorite channel to increase engagement. Leads are 40% more likely to convert with SMS marketing than other channels.

Convert more prospects

Speed up the sales cycle with prompt, personalized communication. Use automation to send reminders, follow up, and instantly engage prospects through the channel that 90% of prospects prefer.

Streamline operations

Simplify internal communication to help your business stay organized and speed up your operations. Keep employees up-to-date and solve problems promptly with texting’s average 90-second response time.

Shorten time to hire

Expedite the recruiting process by reaching 40% more candidates than email. Eliminate no-shows with meeting reminders, address questions with auto-replies, and onboard new hires faster.

Business texting services for every use case

Heymarket’s complete business texting platform offers a wide range of tools to help you address every element of your communication. No matter your market, business size, audience, or use case, Heymarket can help you create personalized connections that drive revenue.

Customer service integration

Customer service

Improve customer satisfaction with powerful shared inboxes that centralize messages from all popular channels. Instantly auto-reply, route, and assign incoming requests to decrease response time.

Marketing integration


Reach more people with personalized one-to-many texting. Segment your lists to ensure you’re sending targeted content for better click-through rates. Reach contacts at scale with list broadcasts.

Sales integration


Engage more prospects by connecting with them on a fast channel. Schedule and automate reminders to prospects about meetings, demos, or appointments to help improve conversion rates and speed up sales.

Operations integration


Work faster and improve employee communication. Reach your entire team with list broadcasts or segment your messages to specific shifts or teams. Coordinate schedules between team members with prompt communication through text.

Recruiting integration


Streamline the recruiting process to hire qualified candidates faster. Reach more candidates through personalized list sends. Capture candidates’ interest using keywords. Schedule interviews and automate reminders to limit no-shows.

Small Business integration

Small Business

Save time, grow your business, and nurture relationships with highly personalized messaging. Heymarket’s intuitive shared inbox brings all of your messages from popular channels into one central place, helping your team do more with less.

Midmarket integration


Build strong relationships as you scale your business. Optimize your customer service process with integrated inboxes. Automate your messaging strategy with workflows based on keywords, timing, CRM fields, and more.

Enterprise integration


Build trusting relationships with secure text messaging. Communicate at scale from the familiarity of your favorite CRM with Heymarket integrations. Ensure compliance with our SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliant platform while securing logins with 2FA and SSO.

Automated texting integration

Automated texting

Streamline customer service tasks, workflows, and marketing campaigns to save time. Create automations that trigger based on incoming keywords, messaging channel, time of day, and more. Build auto-replies for FAQs and after business hours.

Mass texting integration

Mass texting

Expand your marketing reach and simplify communications with mass texting. Engage contacts with segmented list sends to target specific lead types, existing customers, and staff for communication that scales as your lists grow.

HIPAA-compliant texting integration

HIPAA-compliant texting

Securely text patients and handle electronic protected health information. Build trust with your recipients with our HIPAA-compliant and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform with enterprise-grade security tools that keeps your data safe.

Appointment texting integration

Appointment texting

Save time and limit no-shows with automated appointment reminders. Send text drip campaigns leading up to the appointment date to improve attendance. Personalize messages with the appointment date and time using custom fields.

Achieve better results with business texting services


25% response rate achieved

“You’re more likely to get a response via text.”

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Dispatch and Operations

60% response rate achieved

“Heymarket’s Salesforce SMS integration makes messaging leads and customers a smooth experience for our agents.”

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20% response rate increase

“Heymarket has empowered our trainers to build an ongoing relationship with campers, dramatically increasing attendance and retention.”

Essential features for business texting

Heymarket combines all of the best business texting services into one robust platform built to help you communicate at scale.

Shared inbox icon

Shared inbox

Manage customer conversations in a shared inbox so any team member can read, reply, or assign messages. Find previous customer conversations easily.
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Private comments for teams

Make the right decisions faster by collaborating with team members using private comments and in-line discussion threads while actively communicating with contacts.
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Lists & campaigns

Reach groups of contacts at once, schedule texts, and run drip campaigns. Leverage SMS templates and custom fields to personalize each text.
Reports icon


Learn from your business SMS campaigns and users’ behavior. Use Heymarket’s reports to track usage, gain insights, and manage your team’s productivity.
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CSAT surveys

Launch surveys directly from your existing customer support or service conversations. Quickly collect customer satisfaction (CSAT) feedback, and customize your questions.
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AI-driven insights

Harness the power of machine learning to track what topics make your contacts happy. Report on messaging sentiment to drive your strategy.
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Administrative controls

Enterprise-grade administration for user roles, permissions, custom fields, and billing. Configure each shared inbox to fit different teams or use cases.
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Trigger text message workflows based on keywords, timing, or message sentiment. Automatically reply, assign chats, or enroll contacts in a campaign.

Start making personalized connections

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