Microsoft Teams SMS

Build better customer relationships using intuitive, secure, and personalized text messaging with SMS for Microsoft Teams. Receive and reply to texts from your customers’ favorite mobile messaging channels directly from Microsoft Teams. Heymarket gives you the power to connect with customers where they are, while keeping your whole team in the loop—all without ever having to leave Microsoft Teams.

Texting through Microsoft Teams
A business sending a text message through Microsoft Teams

Send and Receive SMS Through Microsoft Teams

Using Heymarket, you can route incoming messages and send SMS through Microsoft Teams to the messaging channels of your choice. Give designated team members the ability to reply to customers and assign chats to coworkers with a simple @ message.

Connect Microsoft Teams to Omnichannel Messaging

Your customers use multiple messaging channels, and with Microsoft SMS, now you can too. Send and receive messages from popular channels in one shared inbox within Microsoft Teams. Heymarket works with Google’s Business Messages, Apple Messages for Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messaging, and WhatsApp.

You can use Microsoft teams to send messages to popular messaging channels
A customer asking a question over text messaging

Improve Customer Relationships

Preserve the history of customer conversations for easy access in the future. Find specific customer conversations by searching for their name or a specific keyword from an interaction. You can even add images or rich content to texts to make them more engaging and memorable.

Speed Response Times with SMS for Microsoft Teams

Automate your business SMS and marketing within Microsoft Teams using Heymarket. Set auto-replies, schedule messages to be sent to specific customers, and create campaigns to keep conversations going even when your team is away.

Using Microsoft Teams to respond to customers quickly
Sending a mass text through Microsoft Teams and Heymarket

Communicate At Scale with 1-to-Many Texting

Connect with multiple customers at once using Heymarket’s list building tools. Create segmented lists that you can access in Microsoft Teams. Use templates to send bulk messages, and ensure each one stays personalized by using dynamic custom fields.

Set Up Advanced Microsoft Text Automations

Streamline your workflows with automations based on message content, timing, channel, and more. Set off a variety of actions to help your team work faster: send automatic replies, assign chats to a specific team member, or automatically add customers to lists. Need something more customized? Use the Heymarket API to build away.

Gif of a text automation using API
Using API to connect texting to business apps

Connect Your Business Apps

Link data from your CRM system and other platforms while you message in Microsoft Teams. Business SMS integrations centralize your tools and keep crucial information up-to-date. You can also leverage Heymarket’s API to further integrate into your existing CRM or workflows.

Manage Your Team With Detailed Reporting and Administration

Understand the impact of your business texting strategy. Heymarket’s reports measure CSAT, response times, and team productivity to help you grow ROI. See which messaging channels and conversations require the most time so you can set schedules and allocate resources. Use powerful administration features to configure teams, inboxes, and custom fields.

Text messaging reports can be used to measure message volume and response times
Heymarket texting is Soc 2 Type 2, TCPA, and HIPAA compliant

Keep Business Texts Secure and Compliant

Heymarket’s platform is built for enterprise-grade security. You determine who has access to your company’s shared SMS inboxes and what permissions they have, ensuring the right person can easily reach the right customers at scale on our SOC 2 Type 2 and TCPA-compliant platform.

Microsoft Teams Messaging FAQs

Looking for more information about Microsoft Teams SMS? Explore our answers below, and please reach out to our team if you have any more questions.

Microsoft Teams does not offer SMS messaging by default. You can connect a third-party business texting platform that offers a Microsoft Teams SMS integration to send text messages from Teams.

Start by downloading a business texting app that offers Microsoft Teams SMS, like Heymarket. After installing the app, decide which Microsoft Teams channel to map to your texting inbox. To send a text message from Microsoft Teams, mention and then select the bot @Heymarket to compose a text message. You can choose to send the message to a single phone number, or select a list. When you have finished writing your message, press the “Send” button in your Teams channel. This article gives a step-by-step look at how to send a text message through Microsoft Teams.

There are several options for sending scheduled messages from Microsoft Teams using other apps. You can schedule an email in Outlook and link it to your Teams channel. If you want to schedule a text message to send from Teams, you can use a third-party Microsoft texting app. Once you install MS messaging, compose a message in the texting widget in your Teams channel. Next to the “Send Now” option, click the calendar icon and choose a time.