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AI text message generator

Refine your text message responses to deliver a consistent brand experience that forms deeper connections and builds customer trust.

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    What is Heymarket’s AI text message generator?

    Heymarket’s AI text message generator uses artificial intelligence to improve communication, helping you save time and create a more uniform brand experience. It analyzes your inputted message using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate new text based on the original message but with changes to the tone or length of the message.

    You can choose to expand the text, shorten it, formalize it, or make it more casual to match your brand voice better and provide clear communication.

    How to use Heymarket’s AI text generator

    You can use our AI text generator to fine-tune your replies to customers, coworkers, managers, friends, and anyone else whom you text. It’s easy to generate a new version that’s tailored to the specific conversation and matches the tone for consistent communication.

    Here’s how to get started with Heymarket’s AI text generator:


    Select and paste your message

    You need to provide input for the AI text message generator to customize. Draft your reply to a message from your boss, coworker, or friend, then add it to the text box.

    You can write out entire messages for it to polish or just provide a shortened response that the generator can expand upon.


    Adjust the message’s length or tone

    If you choose Expand, the AI text generator expands upon your message to save you drafting time while still delivering professional messages. You can use Shorten for longer messages like FAQ answers to create a unique reply that’s straight to the point.

    The Formal and Casual settings help you refine the tone of your message to fit your business’s brand voice consistently, which helps to build trust.


    Generate a reply and send it

    Once you’ve configured your settings, you can generate your personalized text message by clicking the “generate” button. You can also regenerate it again if the text isn’t perfect yet.

    Once you’re happy, copy the new reply and use your business texting platform or messaging app to send the message.

    How you can use Heymarket’s AI text generator

    Our AI text generator makes it easy to refine your texts so they’re engaging and effective, regardless of the time you spend drafting them or the way your brand communicates.

    Shortening messages

    Long-winded messages can confuse customers and come across as canned responses that aren’t engaging. Customers want concise, actionable information that’s easy to understand.

    The text generator can turn your long-form documentation or FAQ replies into clear answers that provide a better customer experience.

    To ensure a seamless GreenBox delivery, go to your online portal and confirm your delivery address is complete and up-to-date. Include any door codes or unit numbers needed. Our team will send you an automated text in (...)
    Check your address in your portal. We’ll text you 30 minutes before delivery and when it is complete. Refrigerate your groceries within 30 minutes.

    Expanding messages

    Crafting a complete, full reply to a customer’s text suggests that you put time and care into it. Now you can do it in less time.

    Heymarket’s AI text generator turns your fast answers into complete replies that come across as complete and professional, helping you scale your customer service with faster resolution times and greater customer satisfaction.

    Fill out the form and wait
    Find the form, gather information, review questions, fill in the details, and submit. Wait for response, and follow up if needed. Let us know if you need assistance.

    Formalizing messages

    If you come across as too casual, you could lose the luxurious feel of your brand. Overly casual messages may also seem unprofessional and make customers lose trust in your business.

    Heymarket’s AI formalization helps ensure your replies remain consistent in tone between agents and conversations while maintaining the professionalism customers expect from a business.

    we are open from 9-5
    Thanks for reaching out. Our business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Casualizing messages

    If you’re too professional, it could dehumanize your communication and make customers feel less connected to you.

    You can use the AI text generator to create replies that fit texting’s friendly and informal communication style while still providing valuable information.

    Thank you for contacting us in regards to this issue. I’d be happy to assist you.
    Hi there! Thanks for getting in touch. I’d be happy to help!

    Why use the AI text message generator?

    Communication at scale can be difficult, especially for businesses offering customer service through text. With our AI text generator, you can save time, improve efficiency, and maintain better communication standards throughout multiple channels.

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    Faster responses

    77% of customers say that response speed is the most important element of good customer service. Using AI to customize your texts lets you answer quickly with relevant responses that are unique, consistent, and engaging. Your response times will be less dependent on the agent’s texting speed to draft on-brand replies, which helps to provide a complete customer service experience.

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    Improved message readability

    Professional communication is crucial for representing your brand. Typos, grammar errors, and non-native language can reflect poorly on the quality standards of your business. Fortunately, AI-generated texts are generally simple to read and understand, allowing anyone to communicate information professionally on your business’s behalf.

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    Consistent tone in your replies

    Every business should have a brand voice and tone that’s used for maintaining uniform communication. Whether you’re fun and lighthearted or communicate with the utmost professionalism, you can set your preferred tone on the AI text message generator to ensure it’s consistent every time.

    Texting with AI FAQs

    Have other questions? Explore our answers below, and reach out to our team to learn more.

    AI models use information retrieved from the internet or gathered from the data it is provided as part of training the program to generate answers to the messages you submit. Our AI text message generator doesn’t collect and store your specific data like a trained AI SMS chatbot, so it won’t be able to be trained to your specific business. However, you can adapt the replies provided to fit your products and brand.

    To learn more about using AI to generate text messages specific to your business, visit our AI texting page.

    You can use our AI text generator to customize your reply to any kind of message. Businesses can use it to answer customers quickly and concisely while interacting with social media users using a consistent brand voice. Individuals may make their email more professional before sending it to a boss, professor, or recruiter.

    Yes, you can use the “casual” tone setting to generate texts that are better suited to personal or casual professional conversations. Birthday messages replies, answering group chat messages when you’re busy, and replying to your family members are just a few ways AI-generated text replies are usable in personal applications.

    You should always read and verify your AI-generated text messages before sending them. Whether you need to edit your generated replies will depend on how specific the context of the message is. If you’re including specific information about products or services, you should ensure it’s using the information correctly in the new reply. If you expand upon your message, it’s also important to be sure the added context is accurate.