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Build relationships at scale with personalized text messages for talent, candidates, and clients.

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What is text recruiting?

Text recruiting (also known as SMS recruitment) is using text messaging to connect and engage with candidates. Both recruiting agencies and in-house recruiting teams leverage texting to:

✓ Engage talent at scale
✓ Reduce friction in the recruiting funnel
✓ Stay aligned with employers
✓ Shorten time to hire

SMS recruitment empowers you to send, receive, and manage
texting conversation with hundreds of candidates on their preferred channel, expediting the hiring process.

Benefits of SMS recruitment

Heymarket’s text recruiting tools make it easy for you to connect with talent, candidates, and employers across industries through real-time, personalized chats. Streamline the application process and guide top-tier candidates through the recruiting funnel. Forget phone tag; candidates actually answer texts, which have a 98% open rate.

Cultivate a
talent pool

Encourage professionals to opt in to your talent newsletter. Notify multiple list members at the same time when new job openings become available. Personalize templates with each candidate’s name and other information. Let them know they can reach out with questions. They won’t see each other’s contact information and can reply privately to you.

Manage interview 

Use a template to schedule messages that remind candidates the day before and morning of phone screenings and interviews. Heymarket can automatically personalize each recruiting text message with candidates’ names, interview locations, and other details.

Update applicants throughout the process

Provide regular text recruiting updates to applicants as they proceed through the hiring process. Share new job openings, paperwork reminders, hiring decisions, and last-minute changes. Remind them that they can text in with questions.

Schedule fast follow-ups

Never miss a chance to follow up at the right time. Create personalized follow-ups and schedule them to send after a candidate has an interview or meeting. Save frequently used messages as templates to save time, and insert each candidates’ custom fields to tailor each text.

Scale with automated communications

Connect with more candidates, faster. Use SMS automations to streamline recruitment workflows. Immediately welcome candidates who opt in. Automate replies to basic FAQs. Send after-hours and during-hours auto replies. Sync data across your recruiting software and text recruiting platform automatically.

Stay in touch with employers

Provide real-time assistance to employers and partners. Message with interviewers and HR professionals to ensure everyone is aligned on goals, processes, and candidates. Share updates and strategies at pivotal moments in the process.

Keep your team on the 
same page

Share SMS recruitment messages and inboxes with your recruiting team. Track all candidates and their messages. Assign individual candidate chats to individuals or address all chats as a team. Team members can read messages and reply with customizable signatures.

Create an omnichannel experience

Some candidates would rather use third-party messaging services, like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, and Google’s Business Messages. Heymarket allows you to seamlessly receive and reply to candidates’ messages from each of these popular channels.

Integrate with existing business apps

Integrate with your CRM or recruiting software so the platforms can share data. Access logged texts from candidate history in your CRM. Text candidates right from your main recruiting platform. Use triggers and actions to automate cross-platform workflows, saving you critical time.

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Adopt texting software for recruiting to streamline the hiring process and decrease time to hire. Start connecting with candidates in just minutes.

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Text recruiting FAQs

Want to streamline the hiring process with recruiting texting? Check out our answers to some common questions below. Reach out to our team if you have additional questions.

Yes, you may text candidates. (In fact, some experts argue that text recruiting is the future of hiring.) First, they must opt in by texting your team a written keyword or checking a box on an online form. Before they opt in, you must let them know what kinds of messages you plan to send, how often, and how they can opt in. If you don’t stipulate the details of your SMS service, you will violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and may be subject to fines. Please note that these are general approaches; consult your legal counsel about matters of compliance.

A recruitment text refers to a message sent between a hiring party (e.g., a recruiter or HR professional) and a candidate. It can be an informational text, a reminder for an interview or paperwork, or a reply to a question.

For recruiters, texting is useful throughout the entire hiring process. First, get the word out about your SMS staffing service. Then, start an SMS newsletter to inform talent about new job openings. Chat with potential candidates about roles. (Keep these conversations personalized and authentic.) Start interested candidates on applications right on their phones. Schedule and reschedule interviews via SMS, and schedule reminders so they don’t forget. Follow up after interviews with decision updates. Staying in touch with candidates throughout the process ensures they’ll remain connected with your team even if the job they apply for isn’t a fit. Automate SMS recruitment workflows to reduce repetitive tasks and spend more time connecting with talent.