3 Recruiting Workflows to Automate with an SMS Recruitment Platform

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Your well-defined recruiting workflows help your team efficiently promote job openings and manage the hiring process. But what if your workflows could be even more efficient? With help from an SMS recruitment platform, they can be. 

Text recruiting is a popular tool for recruiting teams. Your team may be using it already. It’s one of the best ways to connect with potential candidates, who already love texting. SMS recruitment platforms help your business send, receive, and manage these candidate texts. They offer efficiency tools, like lists and templates, to help your teams expedite chats. They also provide automations, streamlining simple, common workflows for your team. 

Read on to learn about 3 common recruiting workflows you can automate with help from an SMS recruitment platform. 

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Initial Outreach

It’s important to welcome potential candidates when they sign up for your text recruiting service. This is a great opportunity to share what kind of content you’ll send, when you plan on sending it, and even what kind of candidates your team is looking for. An SMS recruitment platform makes it easy to immediately connect with potential candidates who have just signed up for your text recruiting service.

To set up an initial outreach automation, your team must:

  • Set up a trigger/action sequence that adds potential candidates who text in a specific  opt-in keyword to a “New Customers” list
  • Create a welcome text template
  • Set up another trigger/action sequence that sends the template to candidates who text in with that same opt-in keyword

A welcome text template may look like this example: 

Hello, {{candidate name}} and welcome! We’re glad you signed up for SoftwareService’s Career Update SMS Service. We’ll be sending you our latest job openings, team updates, and more. Feel free to reply to ask questions or start the application process! Text STOP to unsubscribe.  

Streamlining your initial outreach workflow empowers your team to make sure new list members are informed without consuming valuable team time. 

Job Opening Announcements

Publicizing job openings is one of the first steps in the recruiting process. You’ll want to send job opening announcements to your SMS list in addition to posting it to your website, job boards, and social media pages. An SMS recruitment platform makes it easy to send a personalized job opening announcement to each potential candidate on your SMS list. 

Your team simply has to:

A job opening announcement may look like this example: 

Hi there, {{candidate name}}, Jaime from Staffing Solutions here. I saw you showed interest in {{department of interest}} and am excited to tell you that a job post opened up in that field! Let me know if you’re interested in a Marketing Coordination role with Diamond Solutions in Dallas, Texas. Text STOP to unsubscribe.  

Your SMS recruitment platform will use merge tokens to insert custom fields information into each outgoing text. Your recipients will receive personalized notifications that seem as though they were sent individually. 

Engaging Candidates

A large candidate pool is a great resource for a recruiting team. When your business has roles that need to be filled quickly, you can turn to your candidate pool for qualified applicants. Because text recruiting is such a personal channel, it’s one of the best ways to stay in contact with candidates, ensuring that your candidate pool is engaged and excited about potential opportunities. Your SMS recruitment platform should empower you to create SMS drip campaigns, which make it easy to send regular content, like lists of job openings, candidate tips, and team news. 

To set up a drip campaign, your team can:

  • Choose a list of recipients
  • Select a schedule to send the texts on
  • Create multiple templated messages

A candidate pool maintenance template may look like this:

Hi {{candidate name}}, have you heard the news? We’re hosting a networking event in January next year! RSVP now for you—and a plus one. Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Regular content sent to candidates can encourage their participation and engagement. With consistent text recruiting messages, your candidates will be eager to apply to the next opportunity your team has to offer. 

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