Shopify SMS

Respond to customers faster, increase satisfaction, and streamline the agent experience with Heymarket’s Shopify SMS integration. Message your customers with key Shopify information right at hand. Automatically send notifications at each stage of a Shopify order. Deliver a stellar shopping experience across SMS, Instagram Messaging, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Illustration of a customer chat starting in Shopify SMS
Illustration of customers details from Shopify in Heymarket

See Customers and Messages In One View

No more switching between platforms to access key information. Now, you can message your shoppers alongside their recent orders, loyalty information, and customer notes. Heymarket’s 2-way sync keeps data automatically updated, so your conversations are always accurate.

Launch Messaging Conversations Straight from Shopify

Start text conversations directly from a customer’s Shopify order. With one click, ensure you’re texting the right customer about the right transaction. Speed up your customer service while opening up a wealth of enterprise tools.

Illustration that starts in Shopify, then sends SMS to a customer in Heymarket

Power Your Shopify Text Marketing

Reach multiple contacts at once with personalized SMS marketing. Segment Shopify customers into lists and create campaigns to send timely, targeted communications. Add custom fields into text templates, and let Heymarket dynamically insert each customer’s details for a tailored experience.

Automatically Send Order Notifications

Keep customers informed on their purchases. Send automated SMS notifications from Shopify every time a customer’s order status changes. Customers can respond to these notifications with questions and have a 2-way conversation with your team.

A Shopify text message automation
Shared inbox with icons from Facebook, Instagram, and other popular messaging channels

Reach Shoppers on Instagram and Facebook

Chat with customers on their favorite channels, all from one shared inbox. Send and receive messages from SMS, Instagram MessagingFacebook MessengerApple Messages for BusinessGoogle’s Business Messages, and WhatsApp. With Heymarket’s Shopify SMS app, you’ll always meet customers where they are.

Respond and Collaborate Quickly

Keep your team productive while handling high message volumes. Route and assign messages to the right team member. Use private comments to collaborate on orders in real time. Leverage automations to send texts based on message content, timing or channel—keeping the conversation going even when your team can’t.

Using private comments on a Shopify text message conversation
Using private comments on a Shopify text message conversation

Streamline the Customer Experience

Message customers with a full understanding of their touchpoints and purchase history. Personalize texts with templates that automatically populate personal details and order information. Prioritize loyal customers by referencing their total orders and spend alongside their messaging.

Enterprise-Grade Reports and Security

Track which messaging channels drive the most engagement and team time. Send surveys right from your existing chats, and measure customer satisfaction over time. All while securing your customer data on a SOC 2 Type 2, TCPA, and HIPAA compliant platform.

Business SMS platforms have reports to measure texting performance

How to Set Up Shopify SMS with Heymarket


Go to the Shopify app store, and find Heymarket SMS. Create a Heymarket account (or log in to your existing account).


Configure your account. This includes mapping Shopify fields to your Heymarket app.


Once you’ve connected these Shopify fields, your customer and order information will stay updated with a continuous 2-way sync.


Once you have connected the two apps, you can start sending Shopify text messages.

Improve Response Times and Engagement with Shopify SMS

Connect your customer history and messaging to serve shoppers faster using Heymarket’s Shopify SMS integration. Deliver a seamless experience across channels to improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty.

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Shopify Text Messaging FAQs

Have other questions about Shopify SMS messaging? Explore our answers below, and please reach out to our team if you have any more questions.

Shopify’s settings allow you to send 1-way shipping updates. Customers can’t respond to these SMS notifications. To send 2-way texts that customers can respond to, you can connect a Shopify text messaging app from a third party. These apps are available on the Shopify app store.

Shopify offers one-way texting to individual customers about their orders. To do SMS marketing, Shopify users can connect a third-party Shopify text marketing app. These apps allow you to connect your Shopify data with your texting. You can send and receive texts from customers within your Shopify interface, and send messages to lists of customers from your business texting app, as long as they have opted into your texting services.

There are several ways to send a Shopify text message: (1) Set up automated texts in your Shopify settings, (2) Send texts from your order screen using a third-party Shopify SMS app, or (3) using a business SMS platform that is synced with your Shopify contact information.