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What exactly are SMS templates

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Benefits of SMS templates

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Benefits of SMS templates

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Differences between email templates and SMS templates for marketing

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Examples of SMS campaign templates for various departments and industries

Texting already helps your teams reach leads and customers quickly. SMS templates can help you reach them even faster. To help your teams create their own SMS templates, we’ve provided inspiration with our business SMS templates generator tool. You can also learn more about SMS templates below the tool, in our SMS templates resources.

Brand-new to business SMS? Head to the business text messaging terminology page to learn key industry terms. Otherwise, try out our SMS templates generator or read our resources below.

SMS template generator

Use the SMS template generator tool to find pre-written texts that work well for your business. Feel free to use these templates and adjust them to fit your brand.

The information in this guide is provided “as is” and should not be relied upon as legal advice. You are responsible for ensuring your use of the services and your message content complies with all laws applicable to your business.

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Business texting templates 101

What are SMS templates for business?

SMS templates, also known as text templates, are reusable business text messages. Your agents can select templates, then tweak and send them to customers. They can also use templates to send personalized messages to groups of contacts. They simply choose a list of customers, leaving space for custom fields from your CRM, then press “send.” Your business SMS platform inserts personalized information into each outgoing text.

When should you use business SMS templates?

SMS templates help your team automate workflows and expedite common customer queries. For example, your operations team can set up a business SMS platform to text templated notifications once customers’ orders ship. Your customer service agents can create business SMS templates to answer common questions, selecting and sending them when those questions arise. SMS marketing templates help teams set up marketing or customer engagement drip campaigns.

Benefits for businesses using SMS templates

Business SMS templates save your team time they would have spent typing and retyping the same messages. They also ensure your team provides leads and customers with uniform responses to core queries. If your company approves key SMS templates up front, you can ensure your team sticks to branding guidelines.

SMS usage statistics

SMS is among the most popular communication channels. With high open and engagement rates, it empowers businesses to send content efficiently and at scale.

SMS template use cases

Customer service 
SMS templates

Customer service interactions are most effective when they’re personalized. SMS templates help your agents personalize customer service outreach content, like order follow-ups. They also help your agents quickly respond to customer queries with pre-approved answers. Agents should include as many custom fields as possible in SMS templates to make them as personal as possible. Common custom fields include first names, preferred product names, and order numbers.

Email templates vs. SMS templates for marketing

Your teams probably use email templates to send customer service responses or personalize large email marketing campaigns. You can use SMS templates for the same purposes. However, because SMS has a high 98% open rate compared to email’s low 20% open rate, marketing campaigns that rely on SMS campaign templates will be more effective.

Examples of SMS templates for business

You can use SMS templates for any aspect of your business. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular use cases, from SMS templates for marketing to customer service SMS templates. Feel free to use them as inspiration, or adjust and use them for your own teams.

Appointment reminder SMS templates

SMS appointment reminders help customers and business partners alike meet your team on time, and in the right place. Templates help your team send accurate reminders quickly—and in bulk. Your appointment reminder SMS templates may look like these two examples:

Hey {{customer name}}, you have a {{upcoming appointment type}} appointment on {{upcoming appointment date}} with {{employee name}} at Bay Area Accounting. Please reply to confirm or reschedule. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.
Hi {{customer name}}! Don’t forget your online training appointment with Swift Software Inc. on {{upcoming appointment date}}. Please check your email for the calendar invite. We look forward to helping your team get set up! Reply with STOP to unsubscribe from our SMS list.

Customer service SMS templates

Your agents send follow-up notes and feedback requests frequently. Follow-up and feedback SMS templates can streamline their workflows. Your customer service SMS templates may look like these two examples:

Hi {{customer name}}! We hope your chat with {{agent name}} last week went well. Would you like to leave some feedback? Reply with a number 1-5, 5 being great service, 1 being not-so-great. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.
Hey there {{first name}}, it’s Amy’s Flowers here. Is your order of {{event type}} flowers to your liking? Is there anything else we can do before your big day? —Amy 🌸 Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

eCommerce SMS templates

Nearly every retail business has an eCommerce presence now. Integrating your business SMS platform with your eCommerce system allows you to send SMS notifications for online orders and abandoned shopping carts automatically. Your eCommerce SMS templates, which you’ll need for the automation, may look like these two examples:

Hi {{customer name}}! Thanks for ordering from Bay Area Bookstore. We’ll text you when order#{{order #}} has shipped. Text STOP to unsubscribe from our SMS list.
Hey there {{customer name}}! This is Selena from BathWorks International. Since you’re a Rewards Member, I’m here to personally assist you with your purchase. Did you have any questions about anything in your shopping cart? Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

SMS templates for sales

Your sales team uses SMS for personalized one-on-one lead conversations—but many of those chats start or end the same way. SMS templates help salespeople send uniform initial greetings and follow-ups. Your SMS templates for sales may look like the following examples.

Hi {{customer name}} — Joe from Shoe Town here. Thanks for signing up for our SMS service. Was there anything in particular about our Holiday Special campaign that you’d like to learn more about? Text STOP to stop receiving texts.
Hey there, {{customer name}}! This is Samantha, with Media Plus. I enjoyed our chat last week. Did that new TV end up working well in your living room? Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Marketing and promotional SMS templates

Texting lists with personalized promotional and offer SMS templates is a useful strategy for starting conversational marketing chats. Your marketing and promotional SMS templates may look like these two examples:

Hi {{customer name}}! Toy Shop invites you to join our brand-new VIP awards program. Sign up for free, and you’ll get the first look at our newest products, sales, and more. Reply with VIP to learn more. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.
Hiya {{customer name}}, Beauty Stop here. Have you heard about our holiday poll? Text us with your favorite candle scent. Until next year, every purchase will come with the top pick for free! Text STOP to unsubscribe from our SMS list.

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