10 Business SMS Templates for Reminding Your Clients to Turn in Paperwork

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Getting busy clients to complete their paperwork—and complete it on time—is a top priority for everyone from professional services firms to recruiting teams. Using business text messaging and SMS templates, you can quickly remind clients about paperwork and get fast replies.

What Are Business SMS Templates?

Business SMS templates are pre-written text message scripts. You can use them to send single texts quickly or send one text to a list of clients. If you include custom fields in your templates, your business SMS platform will automatically personalize each outgoing message.

We’ve created examples of paperwork reminder SMS templates in five industries to help you craft your own. Feel free to adjust and tweak these text message templates to fit your brand and industry. 

Business text messaging is an effective tool for legal paperwork reminders. Clients are more likely to pay attention to SMS reminders than email reminders, and enjoy convenient communications with their representation. While you can use business SMS for simple paperwork reminders, you shouldn’t share confidential or sensitive case-related information. Point clients toward your secure portal to stay on the right side of compliance: 

Hello, {{client name}}. This is {{lawyer name}} from Lane & Frank Associates. Don’t forget to fill out your new case forms before our first meeting on {{meeting date}}. You’ll find your new portal at {{link}}. Reply with STOP to stop receiving texts.

Hi there, {{client}}. Northern Mountain Area Law here. Don’t forget to mail us your pre-court paperwork before {{paperwork deadline}}. Please reply with questions or reply with STOP to unsubscribe.

Healthcare Paperwork Reminder SMS Templates

HIPAA’s laws extend to business text messaging. As long as you exclude personal patient information like test results and diagnoses, you can use business SMS to send paperwork reminders. Provide plenty of administrative information, but keep texts as short as possible:

Hello, {{patient name}}, FreshFace Dermatology here. You’ve got an appointment on {{appointment date}}. Please fill out your return patient form in your online account. Reply with STOP to opt out of our SMS services. 

Hi, {{patient name}}! This is Smiley Dental. 🦷 Before your appointment on {{appointment date}}, please fill out your new patient paperwork. Create an online account and complete your forms at {{link}}. Reply with STOP to unsubscribe.

Financial Services Paperwork Reminder SMS Templates

Discretion is paramount for your financial services firm. Emphasize privacy as you craft your paperwork reminder SMS templates. In addition, include accountants’ names when possible to add a personal, VIP touch:

Hello, {{client name}}, this is {{assigned accountant}}. Before our next meeting on {{meeting date}}, please fill out those forms we talked about. You’ll find them on our secure online portal at {{link}}. Reply with STOP to stop receiving texts.

Hi, {{client name}}, {{assigned accountant}} here! I’m getting ready to proceed with your tax filing, but I’ll need your official forms first. Please either mail the forms you went home with or fill them out on your personal accounting portal. Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Real Estate Paperwork Reminder SMS Templates

Real estate text messaging is a must-have in a tight housing market. It helps you encourage homebuyers to turn in paperwork quickly enough to secure the homes of their dreams. Include your name when texting homebuyers so they recognize you and answer right away:

Hiya, {{client name}}! So excited about our progress. Don’t forget to drop off your purchase agreement before {{paperwork deadline}} so we can secure your home! —Sally Houston, Real Estate Agent 🏡 Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Hi, {{client name}}, this is Allen Eskin, checking in on that property deed. We’ll need to have your signature by {{paperwork deadline}}. Feel free to call or text me back if you have any questions! Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Recruiting Paperwork Reminder SMS Templates

It’s becoming harder and harder to find qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. Recruiting SMS helps you encourage candidates to finish their paperwork, so you can secure their roles. Use your SMS paperwork reminders to open the door for questions, too:

Hi {{candidate name}}, I’m pleased that you’re interested in our role of {{role of interest}}. Ready to fill out an application? You can complete it all on your phone. Here’s the link >> {{link}}. Text STOP to opt out of our recruiting SMS services. 

Hello, {{candidate name}}! Sam here. I’m so excited that you’ve started the application process. Did you have any questions? Just let me know! Reply with STOP to stop receiving text messages. 

Want to explore more templates? Check out our SMS template generator.

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