Work faster with operational text messaging

No more missed messages or crossed wires. Coordinate effortlessly with your team through SMS, a channel that 70% of workers already want to use for interoffice communications. Heymarket’s business texting platform gives you a secure, centralized, and scalable way to collaborate.

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Unlock your team’s full potential

Effective collaboration takes strong teams to new heights. Streamline communications with operational messaging, and watch team productivity skyrocket.

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98% of texts

are read
(compared to 20% of emails)

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45% of texts

receive responses
(compared to 6% of emails)

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80% of people

use texting for business

Meet your team members where they are

Send, receive, and manage messages from your team’s favorite channels, from SMS to WhatsApp. Heymarket connects with the most popular messaging channels so you can manage all chats from powerful shared inboxes.

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Outbound message with text “Hi Joe, Midas Co moved locations—they’re at 3574 Ballast Dr, Springfield, IL 62098 now. Just updated that in the system.”

Reach your team faster

Connect with team members quickly, whether they’re in an office or out in the field. Share project updates, requests, and other time-sensitive information through a channel they frequently check. Increase response rates and reduce response time to eliminate bottlenecks.

Do more with less

Reduce call volume by encouraging employees and customers to text. Engage with multiple customers at the same time while providing a personalized experience. Collaborate as a team from shared inboxes, resolving queries faster with your existing headcount.

Chat with customer and private comment from team member
SMS conversation - Coordinator: Hi all, we’ve got 2 open spots tonight from 4-10pm. We’ll be catering at Green Fields Club. Anyone available? Gemma: I am! Coordinator: Confirmed. See you at Green Fields Club at 4pm.

Coordinate at scale

Send personalized mass texts to entire teams in a single click. Recipients can respond individually. Automate FAQ responses with keyword-triggered answers. Simplify scheduling, training, and announcements with SMS.

Get a full picture of your communications

Easily access all of your messaging history in one place for full visibility into your communications. Access contact and messaging history in your shared inboxes, and export chats for documentation or audits. Monitor texting usage to gain valuable insights into your strategy. Evaluate KPIs like response rates and resolution times to measure and improve team productivity.

Communication reports and insights
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Text with confidence

Secure team members’ data on Heymarket’s SOC 2 Type 2 certified, TCPA-compliant, and HIPAA-compliant platform. Enterprise-grade features like SAML SSO and custom user permissions provide granular user access control.

Operations success stories from Heymarket

“Heymarket has allowed us to speed up a formerly time consuming task: staff our couriers to match delivery surges with the flip of a switch.”

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“Heymarket’s Salesforce SMS integration makes messaging leads and customers a smooth experience for our agents.”

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“By text-enabling our communications, we have streamlined our delivery process and increased customer satisfaction.”

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Features for streamlined team communications

Heymarket was built for teams. Learn more about the features that make it easier to collaborate with your coworkers.

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Shared inboxes

Manage conversations in centralized shared inboxes so any team member can find, read, reply to, or assign messages.
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Lists and campaigns

Reach an entire team in one click or schedule texts for later. Leverage templates and custom fields to personalize each text with shift details, delivery information, and more.
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Administrative controls

Control user roles, permissions, custom fields, and billing. Configure each shared inbox to fit different teams or use cases.
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Private comments

Collaborate with coworkers through private comments and in-line discussion threads while actively answering inbound queries.
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Performance metrics

Learn from your business SMS campaigns and users’ behavior. Track usage, gain insights, and assess team productivity.
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Trigger text workflows based on keywords, timing, or message sentiment. Automatically reply, assign chats, or enroll team members in campaigns.

Work better together

Learn how Heymarket can help your team communicate faster, save time, and increase their capacity with personalized text messaging.

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Operational messaging FAQs

Have more questions about texting internally? Check out our answers to common questions below. Connect with our team for more tips, best practices, or other information.

Operational messages are internal business texts sent to company employees and contractors. They might be sent between coworkers on the same team or a corporate office and employees out in the field. Teams might use operational text messages to coordinate deliveries, send updates to drivers and dispatch workers, or send scheduling updates to contractors while they’re on their shifts.

Operational texts speed up internal communications. Use them to coordinate shifts, share project updates, and collaborate on tasks. An operational texting platform can help automate workflows, like shift scheduling, training management, and employee announcements.

Texting improves communications for any team, but it can be especially helpful for connecting distributed teams. Businesses that benefit most from operational texts include healthcare organizations, trucking and transportation companies, and rental companies that make deliveries.