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How a Barre Fitness Studio Uses Business SMS To Improve Class Turnout

The United States has one of the largest health and fitness industries in the world. In 2017 alone, U.S. health and fitness clubs had over 60 million members. Each of these clubs has a similar challenge, though: how can they ensure their members are using and enjoying their services? Neighborhood Barre Knoxville was determined to … Continued

5 Brilliant Examples of Automated Text Messages

Automations are becoming a must-have tool for businesses. Currently, 49% of all companies and 55% of B2B companies are automating at least some sales, customer support, and marketing tasks. Automated text messages, for example, are a popular adoption. In fact, many top brands use automated texting services to provide real-time, accurate notifications and information to … Continued

How To Collect Customer Feedback Via Text Survey

Business SMS is one of the best channels for collecting customer feedback about your products or services, customer service, and overall brand experience. While survey response rate is one of the biggest concerns for companies used to seeing external survey response rates of 10-15% on average, surveys sent via text are more likely to attract … Continued

10 SMS Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses have a big advantage over large enterprises: they provide an intimate, personalized experience that draws in consumers looking for quality. This emphasis on experience makes business text messaging, a fast and customizable communication method, the perfect choice for small business customer service teams. Because it can be challenging to adjust from personal texting … Continued

How Camp Gladiator Increases Retention With Business Text Messaging

About 20% of Americans have a fitness club membership, and the $30 billion industry has been growing by 3-4% each year for the past decade. This is great news for America’s health, but any fitness business trying to succeed in this saturated industry has to offer a differentiated experience for its members. Camp Gladiator is … Continued

Benefits of SMS Marketing for eCommerce Businesses

SMS marketing for eCommerce businesses is one of the fastest growing trends in retail. After all, customers want to use their favorite means of communication, and eCommerce businesses can’t go wrong by listening to their audience. In fact, 90% of leads would prefer to be texted than called and 52% of customers say they prefer … Continued

Text Marketing for Real Estate Agents: Tips for Messaging Etiquette

For real estate professionals, texting (SMS) is the best way to communicate with homebuyers. In fact, a whopping 90% of agents prefer to communicate through text message. Homebuyers choose their real estate agents because of their impressive records and their unique personalities, making texting, which is faster than a call yet just as personal, the … Continued

Master Business Text Messaging Terminology With Our New Glossary

Even business text messaging veterans agree: there are always new industry terms that they have to look up from time to time. Business text messaging is expanding at such a rapid rate that it’s hard to keep up with the industry jargon. New innovations and integrations make it that much harder; even if you understand … Continued

Pros and Cons of Business Texting vs Email

Email and text messaging have both been used worldwide for decades. Even so, businesses have kept to email for professional reasons, though business texting is now one of the top four most-adopted mobile marketing tactics. It can be hard to decide whether to keep using tried-and-true email or start implementing text messaging into your communications … Continued

Announcing A New Integration With Clio

For lawyers, who deal with critical cases daily, timely communications are a necessity. Firms use Heymarket’s business text messaging software to streamline their communications—and now can enjoy a law-specific integration to simplify messaging further. Heymarket’s brand-new integration with firm management software Clio has empowered those in legal professions to decrease time spent on manual tasks … Continued