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Announcing Usage Reports and KPIs for Business Text Messaging

Heymarket now has powerful, built-in reports to track usage as well as common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like response time and resolution time. This was a popular request from our customers who are using text messaging for customer support, dispatch, and appointments. Key Performance Indicators KPIs are a powerful method for marshalling your team around … Continued

How Heymarket Built Text and Facebook Messaging for Slack

As a small team of developers, we’re avid Slack users. We live in the app each day updating team members, requesting feedback, and planning deploys. One of the only times we leave Slack is to message with customers. We wanted to change that, so we integrated our own app, Heymarket, into Slack. We can now … Continued

Manage Customer Support, Operations, and Leads with Text Messaging for Slack

If you’re an avid Slack user, like our team, then you spend a good chunk of the day using the tool to provide updates, feedback, planning deploys, and many other things. Slack is a great way to stay updated on business processes by integrating with existing project management, system monitoring, and customer support tools. It … Continued

How to Use Text Messaging to Grow Your Business

Every month around the world, 389 billion texts are being sent. You may be wondering how you as a business owner can tap into text messaging at your organization to reach customers and increase revenue. The good news is that it’s easy to get started and research suggests that it can be immensely profitable as … Continued

Text Messaging for Drip Campaigns that Stay Personalized

Heymarket text messaging campaigns have been used for appointments, requesting reviews, and customer satisfaction surveys. Drip campaigns for SMS can also be used for engaging with new leads and making it easy to answer any questions they might have. A critical component to a successful drip campaign is ensuring that recipients receive personalized messages. We’ve … Continued

Text Messaging with Zapier and Heymarket

Heymarket business text messaging is used across a number of industries and scenarios. From appointment confirmations, tracking orders, following up with leads, or following up with qualified leads, SMS is the most effective way to keep your business moving forward. In many cases, those business process are stored and tracked in tools like spreadsheets, calendars, … Continued

Put Messaging to Work

Text Messaging Vs. Email and Voicemail: Here’s What You Need to Know There are so many marketing and customer communication channels available today, it’s hard to know where to turn. Email drip campaigns can be effective if they’re done right, while phone support can help strengthen relationships with existing customers. If you’re looking for a … Continued

Solve Growing Pains as Smartphones Combines Business and Personal Use

Gone are the days when ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) was frowned upon by business executives and IT departments. Today, people are using their personal smartphones for numerous business applications at work, as well as for personal reasons. Recent data shows that work and personal phone use have truly merged. About three-quarters of all smartphone … Continued

Avoid Sending Unprofessional Text Messages

As businesses start to see the powerful potential of text messaging, they are also learning that it can have serious limitations. Text messaging grabs customer’s attention like no other format, and response rates can top 80%. So what’s not to like? In many cases, the answer is “plenty,” a recent IDG/Heymarket survey found. When asked … Continued