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Boost Your Business With Text Messaging

The world has changed radically since text messaging was introduced back in 1992. Though initial growth of texting was slow—in 2000, users averaged 35 messages a month—since the explosion of the Internet and later Bring Your Own Device, BYOD, text messaging has skyrocketed for both consumers and businesses. Today, 97% of Americans send at least … Continued

Text Enable Your Websites

Capture Leads on any Website Businesses of all sizes have invested heavily in creating professional, engaging websites. As new customers enter your site, it’s important to make it easy and inviting for them to ask your business questions. With the Heymarket Web Widget, people can do that directly from your website. Every customer’s question will … Continued

CRM for SMS Messaging

We’ve collected feedback from customers and have added a number of CRM and administrative features. Manage Custom Fields Custom fields are a great way to segment and organize your contacts. It’s as simple as tagging a contact. Businesses use custom fields to track sales stages, support status, and how valuable various customers are. As a … Continued

Business SMS Messaging Aids During Hurricane Harvey

Keller Williams Southwest puts clients and associates first to ensure they receive the attention required to be successful. Barbara Herrera, the Executive Assistant, is  responsible for keeping the office staff updated on all events and coordinating calendars. She uses text messaging as a way to get updates from agents, send appointment reminders, and simplify the … Continued

Hair Salon Success with SMS Messaging

Sophia Sunflower Salon has been in business for 17 years, with a focus on serving clients with natural hair. The owner of the salon, Krika, is a licensed Cosmetologist and handles 50 clients per week. She has even developed her own product line: My Honey Child. In the past, she used a dedicated app for … Continued

Receive SMS Messages from Google My Business

Google My Business is a great way to structure the information consumers see when searching for your business online. You can share information such as your location, hours of operation, and even allow them to place a call. We know from recent studies that consumers prefer messaging rather than calling businesses. With messaging, businesses can … Continued

Business Text Messaging Available in Canada

Since releasing Heymarket, a number of businesses in Canada have asked when the product will be available there. We’re excited to announce that Heymarket is now available in Canada! That means you can now sign up and get a new, Canadian phone number for your business. We can also port the SMS portion of your … Continued

Business Text Messaging for Startups

Gidder is an on-demand personal errand service company based in Atlanta. Customers use Gidder to complete everyday errands such as dog walking, grocery shopping, and laundry at one consistent and affordable hourly rate. Their customers are primarily busy, suburban households and they contract vetted service providers to complete customer errands. Prior to using Heymarket, Gidder … Continued

Include Emojis in Business Text Messages

One of the best parts of messaging is sharing the right emoji to convey multiple words. Emojis can save you time, lighten the mood, and most importantly, have become an expected part of text messages. While the Heymarket mobile apps have always supported emojis, we’re excited to announce that Heymarket Web now supports them as … Continued