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Introducing Zapier Enhancements for Business Texting

It’s no wonder that Zapier is one of the most popular integrations Heymarket offers. Because Heymarket seamlessly integrates with over 1,000 business apps in Zapier, businesses can easily import contacts from other business apps into Heymarket and automate workflows to streamline their operations. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve enhanced our Zapier integration—making … Continued

How Business SMS Helps Methodology Increase Customer Retention

Predicted to pull in $10 billion in revenue by 2020, the meal kit delivery industry isn’t going anywhere fast. Thrilled with the prospect of ditching meal planning and trips to the grocery store, masses of consumers (nearly a third of internet users, in fact) are trying out these services at record rates. However, competition is … Continued

New: Email Notifications For Text Messages Now Available

Business text messaging may be taking the world by storm, but every organization still uses email notifications in some capacity. In fact, the average employee receives 121 and sends 40 emails each day. Some employees, particularly high-level leaders and managers, even use email as their predominant method of communicating with customers. To continue its track … Continued

How Automotive Dealerships And Service Shops Use Business SMS

According to a AAA survey, the majority (64%) of U.S. drivers have picked out a single auto shop that they conduct all their business with. Whether your auto business focuses on repairs, sales, or both, you want to be the one that consumers keep coming back to for more. So how can you convince customers … Continued

How foodora uses Business Text Messaging to Scale Operations

foodora is one of the world’s largest on-demand delivery platforms and among the fastest growing food marketplaces in Canada, with coverage across six major cities. foodora Canada reached this level by focusing on speed, operational efficiency, and quality. It’s what keeps customers coming back. foodora’s nationwide network of couriers is among their most important advantages. … Continued

Practical Tips For Business Text Messaging

The statistics are undeniable: text messaging has taken over the world—and become a critical method of communication in most industries. For businesses, SMS is more effective and quicker to develop than any other communication channel. Without the complications of design and delivery, constructing a business text message or business text messaging strategy can seem easy. … Continued

Scheduling Recurring Text Messages with Heymarket

There are a variety of business scenarios where you need to send recurring text messages to customers or staff. Heymarket now supports a flexible—and easy—way to schedule a sequence of SMS. Getting Started with Campaigns To get started, create a new campaign. Write a message or select a template and determine which date and time … Continued

SMS Helps Small Businesses Streamline Holiday Sales — Here’s How

Ah, the holidays. Time for warm drinks, cozy socks, seasonal flicks—and gift shopping. Since most consumers save their holiday shopping for the end of the year, November through the end of December can be a particularly frantic time for businesses. This year is slated to be particularly hectic; U.S. retail sales are expected to climb … Continued

New: Text Enable Existing Business Phone Numbers

While businesses used to rely on email and phone calls for customer support, service, and marketing, they’ve begun to focus on more popular channels like text messaging and social media messaging. It makes sense, given that 66% of consumers rank messaging as their preferred channel for contacting a company. Regardless, businesses have been reluctant to … Continued

25 Stats That Prove Your Business Should Already Be Texting

As society adapts to new technology, marketers adapt, too. After the invention of the telephone in the late 1800s came sales calls in the early 1900s. After the invention of email in 1972 came email marketing in the late 1970s. As soon as the population adopts one type of communication technology, businesses start using it, … Continued