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Business Texting Now Available Through Zendesk

Businesses love Zendesk because their solution has dramatically simplified customer support. But since the company was founded in 2007, the way we communicate has changed. Now, customers predominantly communicate through messaging systems. In fact, 97% of Americans text at least once a day and popular apps Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp have a combined 2.8 billion … Continued

How Business Text Messaging Enables the Top Accounting Firm in Utah

Davies Allen is a Utah-based accounting firm founded by partners J.W. Davies and Brad Allen. They have three offices across Utah and serve clients from all across the country. Davies Allen specializes in business and personal taxes, advisory accounting, business entity set-up, and audits. Their mission is to build meaningful relationships with individuals and business … Continued

Business Texting Is The Surprisingly Easy Way To Make No-Shows A Thing Of The Past

When you’re a service-based business, or even a startup that relies on its VIP customers, in-person meetings are a top priority. After all, whether they are hair appointments, customer one-on-ones, car tune-ups, or doctor’s check-ups, those visits with customers are a huge source of revenue for your business. In fact, a study conducted by the … Continued

How Text Messaging Can Improve Your Customer Service

Are you looking for ways to communicate better with your customers? Staying on the cusp of the latest customer services techniques keeps you ahead of the competition. One way that you can do this is with text messaging for your business. If you want a better way to touch base with your customers and make … Continued

The Dos of Business Text Messaging

Business texting has become a major method of communications in virtually every industry. For many, text is quicker, more effective, and cuts out layers of discussion that can bog down decision-making. There is, however, a protocol that you must follow; here are some “dos” of business text messaging. Do Think about What You Write Once … Continued

How Text Messaging Can Impact Overall Business Growth

It’s been over two decades since text messaging was first introduced, and it’s certainly changed over the years. While text messaging is still used to make plans with friends, keep in touch with family, and avoid talking to people face to face, it’s also being used by businesses to reach customers. If you own a … Continued

Scheduled Text Messages Now Available on Android

Often times we are busy and don’t want to forget to send a message. Or we might want to send a message at just the right time. We’re excited to announce that the Heymarket Android app now supports scheduled text messages. Here are a few examples of how to use it: Sending a text reminder … Continued

SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing: What to Choose?

Effective marketing strategy is an ever-evolving realm in the modern age. You want to make sure that your business is taking advantage of relevant strategies for connecting what you have to offer with the potential clients out there. With such a stark increase in the white noise of marketing campaigns across the board, how do … Continued

Advanced Guide for Choosing Secure Text Messaging Software

Successful communication has always been the cornerstone to any successful business. However, in the current global market powered by online searches and sales, the methods for communicating with co-workers, customers, and clients has changed significantly. Choose secure text messaging software, SMS for business, and you’ll find increased levels of both employee and customer satisfaction. Staff … Continued