AI texting to take your conversations further

Send more personalized texts, work faster, and build customer trust — all with Heymarket’s secure AI texting tools.

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Extend your reach with AI-assisted messaging

Your team are the experts on building relationships with customers. But it’s challenging to maintain personalized connections at scale. Heymarket’s AI texting tools help you go further with messaging so you can spend more time on what matters most: building lasting customer connections.

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Improve satisfaction

Personalize every text with contextual data.

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Save time and resources

Streamline tasks to maximize your team’s time.

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Build trust

Keep your data secure and text compliantly.

Refine your texts in one click

Spend less time writing texts and more time solving customer problems. Instantly correct your messages for spelling and grammar. Formalize the language to make every text professional. Expand or shorten your texts so they’re clear and actionable for every customer.

Reach more people with translation

Enable your team to talk with more people in more places. Translate texts from French, Chinese, or Spanish to English — or translate texts from English to those languages.

Answer quickly with suggested replies

Create fast, contextual answers to customer texts. Upload your custom knowledge base to generate personalized messages based on your training data. From there, your team can simply verify and send the texts.

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Understand your customers' emotions

Gain valuable insights into customer feedback and enhance the customer experience. Heymarket’s Sentiment Analysis feature identifies and interprets emotional cues, such as words, phrases, tone, and context from the conversation to determine customers’ sentiment, from negative to happy.

AI texting examples to refine your messages

Businesses can leverage generative AI to text with customers across their entire lifecycle. Here are some examples of how businesses can hone their messages with AI texting from Heymarket.

Shorten it

Shorten your lengthy texts

Turn complex and long-winded texts into concise replies. Paste paragraphs from your help articles and documentation and shorten them into clear and actionable answers.

To ensure a seamless GreenBox delivery, go to your online portal and confirm your delivery address is complete and up-to-date. Include any door codes or unit numbers needed. Our team will send you an automated text in (...)
Check your address in your portal. We’ll text you 30 minutes before delivery and when it is complete. Refrigerate your groceries within 30 minutes.
Translate it

Translate and answer incoming texts

Understand the context of what every customer is asking and create a useful reply in their language.

Hola, ¿a qué hora cierras?
Hi, what time do you close?
Formalize it

Professionalize abbreviated texts

Texting is more casual than calls or emails, but still needs to be professional for your customers. With our tuning feature, you can type a reply in everyday language and formalize it so every message is professional and on brand.

we are open from 9-5
Thanks for reaching out. Our business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Expand it

Expand on your ideas

Type a quick reply using normal texting abbreviations, then use the expand feature to let AI transform it into complete sentences.

Fill out the form and wait
Find the form, gather information, review questions, fill in the details, and submit.  Wait for response, and follow up if needed. Let us know if you need assistance.

The most secure AI text messaging

Building customer trust is crucial for all businesses. We have invested in the most secure AI models to help businesses leverage the benefits of AI while keeping their data secure and protected.

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Data separation

We isolate your data to enhance security by preventing unauthorized access or manipulation, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Secure training models

Our base model isn’t trained with individual user data, ensuring privacy and confidentiality while maintaining model effectiveness and generalizability.

No data sharing

Your data remains siloed and inaccessible to other teams or third parties, preserving confidentiality and integrity.

AI text messaging FAQs

Learn answers to common questions about texting with AI.

AI texting, or AI text messaging, is using generative AI to assist in writing and suggesting responses to text messages. There are a variety of tools available, such as Heymarket, that help businesses personalize texts and automate their texting processes.

AI can’t send text messages by itself. But AI can generate text messages. With an AI texting tool like Heymarket, you can use AI to suggest replies and automate common text messaging tasks.

You can use AI to answer texts with Heymarket app’s suggested reply feature. The tool uses your knowledge bases and leverages AI to generate contextual answers to incoming text messages. Your team simply needs to verify and send the text.

AI’s security depends on how the AI uses your data. Heymarket uses the most secure AI design and services, giving us full control of the model’s behavior and how it processes information. We isolate and encrypt your data, preventing unauthorized access or manipulation to ensure your data stays confidential. By not using individual user data to train the base model, your data stays private. And by keeping your data siloed, it is inaccessible to other teams or third parties, preserving your data’s integrity.