Save time with texting automations

Replace manual texting tasks with automations to unlock more time.

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What are automations?

Automations are messaging tasks that Heymarket performs for you. Automated texting workflows can send texts for you, add contacts to lists, manage drip campaigns, and much more.

Benefits of Heymarket’s automations

Automations manage repetitive tasks so your team can focus on what really matters: building stronger connections through messaging.

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Improve response times

Automate replies to FAQs, after-hours messages, and more to answer recipients faster.

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Expand team capacity

Manage more tasks while maintaining a personal touch with tools like custom fields.

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Connect your CRM

Add SMS to your cross-channel HubSpot or Salesforce automated workflows.

How do automations work?

An automation has two main parts: the trigger and the action. A trigger is the signal that tells Heymarket to start a task. An action is the task Heymarket carries out when it identifies the trigger. To set up an automation, select a trigger, then choose an action. Certain actions require an additional step, like creating a list of contacts or writing a text template.)


Each automation has a trigger. This is the criteria that tells your business messaging platform to take an action (e.g., sending a message). Heymarket’s trigger types include:

— First incoming message
— Keyword(s) in message
— Time of message
— Incoming call
— Message channel
— Close chat


Each automation also has an action. An action is a task that your messaging platform carries out when it identifies the trigger you’ve selected. Heymarket allows you to automate these actions:

— Send message
— Send survey
— Add to list
— Remove from list
— Assign to agent
— Close chat

Types of automations

You can automate most repetitive texting tasks. Here are the three primary types of automations, categorized according to their triggers and components. For more examples and details, check out our Automated Text Messaging Guide.

Time-based automations

These automations are triggered when you receive texts in a specified time window. For example, Heymarket can send after-hours auto replies with business hours and a response time estimate.

Event-based automations

Event-based automations are triggered when a certain event occurs. That event might be your team receiving a text with a specific keyword or a team member closing a chat.

Multi-step automations

Drip campaigns are multi-step automations that send on a schedule of your choice. You can start drip campaigns manually or automate enrollment based on a trigger; once added, the drip campaign will start.

Prioritize your automations

When you have multiple automations running, you can set workflow priority. This will ensure your most important automations trigger first when the criteria is met.

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What customers say about Heymarket

60% response rate

“Heymarket’s Salesforce SMS integration makes messaging leads and customers a smooth experience for our agents.”

10x Increase in agent capacity

“The biggest thing about being able to text with our customers is the relationship we’re able to build. Messaging is key for referrals and retention.”

12% increase in productivity

“Replying quickly to incoming queries has empowered our team to earn customer trust and build valuable relationships.”

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Build strong connections with the people who matter most to your business with Heymarket’s powerful text messaging features.

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