Connect with your contacts through
2-way SMS

Engage your recipients in conversations that forge lasting relationships.

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What is two-way SMS?

Two-way text messaging enables your team to have one-on-one conversations with contacts. A business texting platform with 2-way texting capabilities lets your team both send outbound or mass texts and also answer incoming texts in a shared inbox. (A platform with only 1-way SMS will not allow contacts to reply.) Any team can use 2-way SMS, but customer service and sales teams frequently adopt it for customer support and relationship-building.

Why use 2-way SMS messaging?

Two-way SMS messaging is a direct and efficient way for leads, customers, team members, and business partners to get in touch.

Pie chart representing 60%

60% of consumers

want to be able to respond to your texts

Pie chart representing 68%

68% of consumers

prefer communicating with businesses over SMS

Pie chart representing 85%

85% of customers

favor SMS over emails and calls

Benefits of 2-way texting with Heymarket

Heymarket offers advanced tools for 2-way texting at scale.

Boost engagement

Invite recipients to reply to mass texts, letting them know you have two-way capabilities.

Illustration of a mass text message about The Seven Lofts Release Party on October 3 with ticket purchase link, and a customer named Paul inquiring about upgrading his tickets to VIP.
Illustration of a customer support chat where the customer asks for help with a return and an automated response asks for his order number, indicating the automation was triggered by the keyword 'return'.

Strengthen relationships

Send personalized automated replies for FAQs and offer access to real agents for complex issues.

Make personalized connections

Leverage tools like SMS templates to deliver fast, personal responses.

Illustration of a personalized SMS template sent to a Silver Customer named Sven from YourWick candles offering a special discount, and Sven's positive response to the message

Two-way texting best practices

Heymarket simplifies 2-way texting for your business. Incoming messages arrive in your shared inbox, where team members can reply. Here are four best practices for seamless conversations:

Get opt-ins before texting

Ensure recipients have actively opted in to receive your messages.

Focus on service

Prioritize answering incoming questions and delivering strong service — not boosting sales.

Personalize, personalize, personalize

Review contact notes to tailor chats to past purchases or interactions, and use custom fields in templates.

Follow up

Send follow-ups to spark additional conversations or pre-emptively solve issues.

Grow connections and conversions

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Two-way SMS FAQs

Want to learn more about 2-way SMS messaging? Find answers to some common questions below. Contact our team for additional tips, best practices, or information.

Two-way SMS marketing combines the power of mass texts and 2-way texting. To use it, send a mass text that encourages recipients to respond. Your business texting platform must have two-way SMS capabilities for your team to respond.

One-way texts are mass texts that recipients cannot respond to. They are often sent from short codes, which are five- or six-digit numbers. Two-way SMS are mass texts that recipients can respond to. They are often sent from ten digit long codes, which are standard phone numbers.

When contacts respond to your mass text, their messages don’t go to all original recipients like they would in a run-of-the-mill group message. Instead, they go to your shared inbox, where your team (and only your team) can see them and reply.