Boost customer satisfaction with SMS surveys

Send seamless CSAT surveys within existing messaging conversations.

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What are SMS surveys?

SMS surveys are customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys sent via text messages. Recipients respond to surveys on their mobile phones right within their existing texting thread with your business, eliminating the need for external links. Heymarket’s SMS surveys, available to Plus and Pro users, are automated for a seamless experience. After a recipient answers a numerical question, Heymarket sends a follow-up question tailored to their initial response.

Benefits of SMS surveys

Text messaging is the ideal channel for sharing surveys. Given its sky-high open and engagement rate, you’re likely to receive the feedback you request.

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98% of texts

are opened

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60% of customers

will read texts within 1-5 minutes

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Up to 45% of texts

are responded to

Collect instant feedback

Send surveys within messaging threads for immediate feedback, schedule them for the future, or automate them to send after key triggers, like order deliveries.

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CSAT survey with text message question

Measure and improve CSAT

Collect valuable customer satisfaction (CSAT) data to identify and address individual concerns while gaining insights into broader challenges.

Increase response rates

Simplify the feedback process with a user-friendly survey experience, increasing the quantity and quality of complete responses.

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Setting up an SMS survey

Customize your surveys

Tailor initial survey questions, follow-up questions, and closing messages to suit your business’s needs.

SMS survey examples

Collect feedback that spans every aspect of your business with our SMS survey tool. Use SMS surveys to measure CSAT for text-based interactions or other touchpoints within the customer journey.

Post-chat surveys

Gather insights immediately after conversations conclude so they’re fresh in recipients’ minds.

How would you rate your interaction with TJ on a scale from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)?
That’s great to hear! Do you have any other feedback to share with us about your experience today?
Just that TJ is the best!
Thank you for taking the time, DeAnte!

Training surveys

Check in with new hires and clients directly after trainings and onboarding activities to ensure they’re prepared to dive in.

Hi Joe — do you feel prepared for this quarter after today’s training? Reply 5 (completely) to 1 (not so much).
We hate to hear that! How could we have made the experience better or how could we improve in the future?
Would have loved to spend more time on goal setting this time around.
Noted. Thank you so much for participating. We will use your feedback to do better next time.

Order surveys

Reach out to opted-in customers after their deliveries for valuable insights into the delivery or product experience.

Hey Sandra! How was yesterday’s Swiftly Furnished white-glove delivery on a scale from 5 (delightful) to 1 (not so great)?

Subscription surveys

Prior to renewals, reach out to subscribers to check in on their product use and address any snags in their experience.

Hello there Jose. How’s the WineBox subscription treating you? Reply 5 (love it) to 1 (not a fan).

Event surveys

Increase response rates for event surveys by seeking responses soon after the last gathering or session.

Thanks for attending the FrontDoor Tech Conference! How would you rate your experience from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)?

VIP program surveys

Send longtime customers loyalty program surveys to check in on your most valuable audience.

As a Blue Tier customer, how would you rate your experience this past year from 5 (superb) to 1 (lacking)?

How to a send text message survey

With Heymarket’s text message survey tool, you can create and send SMS surveys in four simple steps.


Write your numerical opening question. Remember to clarify the meaning of each number (e.g., 1 is poor and 5 is excellent).


Create follow-up questions for each numerical response. For example, a follow-up to 1 might ask the recipient to name a specific concern.


Write a closing message. Be sure to thank your recipient for their participation and continued business.


Send your survey immediately, schedule it for the future, or automate it to send at a key moment in the customer journey.

Best practices for creating SMS surveys

Define your goal

Set a clear goal before writing any questions so you can craft a focused SMS survey.

Get opt-ins first

Only message customers who have opted in to your SMS services.

Write concise questions

Keep questions simple so recipients can answer quickly.

Send at the right moment

Schedule or send surveys when the topic is most relevant; for example, right after order delivery.

Add a personal touch

Include relevant details to help recipients answer your questions; for example, name products ordered.

Say thank you

Don’t forget to thank your participants! Thank-you texts are an invaluable way to show recipients your appreciation.

SMS survey FAQs

Want to learn more about SMS surveys? Find answers to some common questions below. Contact our team for additional tips, best practices, or information.

Yes. Chat-based SMS surveys ask questions within a customer’s existing texting thread with your business. You can also text a link to a survey on another platform, but recipients are less likely to respond to it.

The perfect SMS feedback survey tool will ensure a seamless experience for both your team and recipients. Look for features like automated follow-up questions and the ability to schedule surveys in the future.

Use survey SMS tools to collect feedback on customer service interactions, products, services, events, loyalty programs, trainings, and more.

Texting your leads, customers, and clients is legal. However, before sending SMS marketing content, you must ask them to opt in to your SMS marketing program. You must also tell them what kinds of text messages you’ll send, and how often.

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