5 Examples of Business Thank-You Messages to Customers

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As more shopping happens online, having a personalized experience is becoming table stakes for consumers. According to McKinsey, more than 80% of retail customers surveyed said they want a more tailored experience. While they might take it for granted when your business offers it, they’re more likely to choose a competitor if you don’t. The stats back it up: 60% of businesses have lost a customer because they feel the business is indifferent to them.

We’ve written a good deal about how texting can help create a personalized, conversational  end-to-end experience for customers. For example, personalizing texts can make them feel like you’re giving them one-on-one attention. Answering complex queries personally—not with a bot—does the same thing.

But one of the most effective—and simple—methods is to send thank-you messages to customers throughout their journey. Why are thank-you texts so crucial? Just like thanking a friend or colleague, these messages let your customers know that you are grateful for their relationship with you.

Read on to explore the five main types of business thank-you messages to customers, and some examples for each one.

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5 Examples of Business Thank-You Messages

Customers want to feel valued by your brand. Sending thank-you messages is a simple, effective way to show them that you care. Keep in mind that your thank-you note doesn’t have to just be a thank-you. It’s also an opportunity to check in and make sure they’re satisfied. There are many opportunities to send these kinds of texts. Here are the top five situations in which you definitely want to send a thank-you note, plus examples.

Order Thank-You Messages

After customers have made a purchase, send an order confirmation text. This is a great opportunity to let customers know that their order is in the works. Plus, 97% of customers expect to be able to track their orders. Be sure to include a thank-you note letting them know you’re grateful they chose your brand for their purchase:

An example text message thanking a customer for their order.

Hi {{customer name}}! Southern Leather Goods received order #{{order #}}, and will let you know when it ships. Thank you kindly for shopping with us! Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Hiya {{customer name}}, Dalia with Local Vintage here. I want to say thank you so much for your order—I’ll be packing it up this afternoon, and I think you’ve got great style! 💃  Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Thanking Customers for Completing Surveys

Customer feedback is crucial for helping your brand evolve, so when a customer takes the time to complete a survey you send out, it only makes sense to include a thank-you message. Add a signature from a customer service team member for that extra touch:

A text saying thank-you for completing a survey

The customer service team at Sun and Table is grateful for your feedback about our home goods. Thank you, and be well! — Tom, Customer Service Manager 

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback! We look forward to using it to improve our DIY home spa products. 🍃 —Jeannette, customer service

Upgrade Thank-You Messages

If you offer a subscription-based product, you know how much of a compliment it is when customers upgrade. Thank these dedicated customers with a quick message:

Businesses can send thank-you texts after customers upgrade their subscriptions

Thank you, {{customer name}} We at Cool Sips Cider are thrilled that you’ll be drinking a wider selection of our beverages. Expect your new {{subscription level}} box to arrive on {{next box date}}. Cheers! 🍺  Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Hi, {{customer name}}, thanks for signing up for the {{level}} subscription at GamesOnline! The new subscription kicks in on {{new subscription date}}. Text us if you have any questions! Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Loyalty Sign Up Thank-You Messages

Customers signing up for your loyalty program is another great sign. It means they intend to spend more time with your brand. Give these special customers a kind welcome—and include a little information about what they can expect:

A text message from a business thanking a loyal customer

Thank you and welcome to Sun Stopper Shoes’s Gold Shoes Club! We’ll track your loyalty points automatically if you enter this phone number with all purchases. We’ll text with updated points statuses, and let you know when you can come in to claim your free gifts! Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Hi {{customer name}}! Just wanted to say thank you for becoming a VIP Pots & Such member. Text this special line for faster customer service, and ask me your questions any time! —Sanda, Customer Service ☕ Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Thanking Long-Term Customers

Even if they aren’t part of your loyalty club (or if you don’t have one) customers who have bought from you more than once in a year deserve a thank-you for their continued support. If you do have a loyalty program, now might be the time to let them know:

You can use SMS to thank customers who have shopped with your brand for a long time

{{customer name}}, you’ve been shopping with Around the World Textiles for {{length of customer history}} and we’re so glad you’re sticking around. We appreciate you! ⭐  Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Hi, {{customer name}} — you’ve been a friend of Gifts & Such for {{length of customer history}}! Thanks so much for taking our products into the world. Text LOYAL to learn more about the benefits you could be getting with our free loyalty program! Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

How to Send Business Thank-You Messages to Customers

Sending thank-yous frequently may seem like it takes a lot of extra work, but business SMS platforms offer tools to help you send these texts easily.

You can schedule texts within chats. For example, you can schedule a text for a certain amount of time after a one-on-one chat. Alternatively, you can select a list of customers, choose an SMS template, then schedule the message to send at a particular time. If you include custom fields in your SMS template, like first names or loyalty statuses, your business SMS platform will insert each individual’s personalized information into their specific outgoing text.

You can also automate certain thank-you messages. For example, you can sync your eCommerce platform so that when an order status changes, your texting platform will automatically send a message to update the customer. You can also use a CRM SMS integration to send texts based on changes in customers’ custom fields. This way, when customers sign up for an upgraded subscription or join your loyalty program, your business SMS platform can trigger a thank-you message to send.

Sending Business Thank-You Messages to Customers

Sending business thank-you messages to customers is a great way to make sure they feel valued by your brand. By understanding the five main categories of thank-you notes—and knowing the many ways you can send them—you will be better equipped to thank customers at different stages of their journey.

Want more ideas for building an excellent customer experience with texting? Read our SMS Customer Service Handbook.

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