12 College SMS Templates to Use During the Academic Year and Breaks

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Your teams probably answer the same questions or send similar reminders again and again. It can take a lot of time to type these messages repeatedly. College SMS templates make it easy (and fast) for your teams to send frequently used texts. (After they’ve secured the proper opt ins, of course.)

Team members can use these templates to offer initial replies to common questions or send personalized mass texts. All they have to do is select a template, tweak it to fit the situation, then send. Mass texts are similar. They can select a template, choose a list of recipients, then click “send.” Your college SMS platform will insert the students’ personalized information into the custom fields spaces you’ve left open. 

To get you started on your database of college SMS templates, we’ve rounded up 12 examples your teams might want to adjust and use. 

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SMS Question Responses

Students, prospective students, and parents have a lot of questions. A lot of them are the same. With college SMS templates at the ready, your teams can answer these common questions faster than ever before.

SMS question responses may look like these two examples: 

Hello! Thanks for contacting Bay Area College. Our 2020 college tours will run from August 11th – December 20th. Would you like to schedule one? Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Hi there, this is Shelley with the Counseling Center. Thanks for getting in touch. Would you like to schedule an appointment for later this week, or is this an emergency? Reply with STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Beginning or End of Semester Information

When students are on campus—or about to leave—they’re too distracted or busy to check their emails often. If your teams need to share important, relevant information, college SMS is a better tool for timely messages. With an open rate of 98%, college SMS messages are sure to reach students right away. 

Beginning or end of semester informative texts may look like these two examples: 

Hey there, {{student name}}, we’re excited to see you back on campus next week! Don’t forget to check out our latest email, which includes {{class}} move-in guidelines. Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

We’ve had a great year, {{student name}}. Before you move out this Friday, please complete the list of to-dos that your RA provided. Text us with questions! Reply with STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Deadline and Date Reminders 

College SMS is also a powerful tool for deadline and date reminders—especially when students haven’t responded to emails. Team members can even add students to SMS drip campaigns. These campaigns send students reminders on a schedule of your choice. 

Deadline and date reminders may look like these two examples: 

It’s exam season, {{student name}}! Don’t forget that your self-serve exams must be completed by 5/11. Check out our main website if you need a reminder about our Honor Code!

Hello, {{student name}}. This is a reminder that you have  {{outstanding paperwork department}} paperwork outstanding. Please text back if you have any questions about this paperwork or need us to send it again. 

Emergency SMS Alerts

Texts have a high open rate—and a fast open speed. In fact, 90% of texts are read within the first three seconds of receipt. This lightning-fast read rate can mean the difference between life and death in emergency situations, such as impending storms. College SMS is also a good tool for less pressing yet dangerous situations, like virus outbreaks. 

Emergency SMS alerts may look like these two examples: 

{{Student name}}, there has been a tornado spotted in the local area. We are on a Tornado Watch now. Please take cover immediately, away from windows and doors. 

Hi, {{Student name}}, this is the Health Center. We are experiencing an uptick in virus cases throughout campus. If you have a fever or other flu-like symptoms, please do not go to class. Text us right away, and we’ll set you up with an appointment. 

Student Engagement Texts 

College SMS can encourage student engagement at campus events. It can even boost school spirit while your students are off campus. While students won’t bother to check their emails when they’re busy or far away, they’ll check every single text. This is the first step to engagement. 

Student engagement templates may look like these two examples: 

Hi there {{student name}}—don’t forget that free Study Snack Packs will be available all day Saturday at the Union! It’s part of our weeklong Study Fun event. Learn more in the email we’ve just sent out, or text us with questions. 

It’s been a long time, {{student name}}! Are you excited about returning to campus? If you are, join our School Spirit Talent Competition! The person who sends the most spirited picture by EOD today wins a $50 After-Hours Diner gift certificate. 

During-Hours or After-Hours Auto-Replies

Your teams can’t reply to texts 24 hours every day. Team members may be busy working with other students or out of the office. During-hours and after-hours auto replies are a great way to let students know exactly when you’ll get back to them. 

During-hours and after-hours auto reply templates may look like these two examples:

Hi! Dean of Students Scheduling Line here. We’re taking care of some other students right now, so please expect a reply within thirty minutes. Thanks! 

Hello, this is the Business Department. We’ve headed home for the day, but please expect a reply within 5 business hours. We’re in the office 9-5, Monday through Friday. 

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