Finance SMS Resources for Finance Professionals

Simplify clients’ day-to-day financial communications.

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Your clients are used to seamless, modern business communications. With finance SMS, your team can provide the convenient messaging experience they expect. SMS for finance professionals allows your business to manage lead and client communications with ease. In these finance SMS resources, you’ll learn: 

  • What finance SMS is
  • The benefits of finance SMS
  • Which finance professionals suit SMS
  • How SMS for finance professionals improves workflows and client communications
  • How to remain compliant with local and federal regulations for SMS
  • What finance SMS templates look like
  • Finance SMS best practices

First time learning about business SMS? Head to our business text messaging terminology page to learn industry terms. Otherwise, dive into our finance SMS resources.

What is Finance SMS?

Finance SMS is texting specifically for financial businesses, like banks, investment companies, and insurance firms. Teams that use financial SMS rely on business SMS platforms to send, receive, and organize client messages. The platforms allow team members to accept and send messages from a variety of channels, like Apple Business Chat, Google’s Business Messages, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. All messages arrive in a single shared inbox.

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Black businesswoman responding to a customer through finance SMS

Benefits of Finance SMS vs. Traditional Communication Channels

Finance SMS works alongside traditional communication methods, like email and phone calls. Your team can divert long-form and sensitive content to those channels, reserving short-form and timely content for financial SMS. It has many benefits that make it the perfect channel for day-to-day communications. These include:

  • Faster resolution times, since clients interact more quickly through SMS

  • More streamlined workflows, as finance SMS integrates with existing SaaS apps

  • Increased client satisfaction, since they can send questions and receive information through convenient messaging channels

SMS Usage Statistics

SMS is one of the most popular communication channels. With high open and engagement rates, it’s your best bet for sending content that you want clients to read quickly.

How Can Finance SMS Improve Workflows?

Finance professionals—especially client-focused agents—are faced with repetitive workflows. For example, they need to send the same types of reminders and answer the same questions every day. Finance SMS empowers them to streamline or even automate these communications.

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Keep Data Updated

It’s critical that you keep contact records. But it takes time to manually ensure new information is recorded in both your communication and CRM platforms. You can integrate your financial SMS platform with your CRM to ensure contact information and custom fields are always up to date. All data syncs immediately—without extra work from your team.

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Expedite Queries

Leads and clients often send similar questions. They may ask what your holiday hours are, where documents can be found, and what basic service costs are. A finance SMS platform empowers you to automate answers with an auto reply. Your team simply selects keywords (or key phrases) and creates a simple template for the platform to send when it detects them.

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Solve Basic Queries Quickly

SMS is a fast channel. Ninety percent of texts are read within the first three seconds of receipt, and the average response time for a text is 90 seconds. This makes SMS the perfect channel for basic queries. Your team can ask clients to text in to schedule appointments, ask paperwork-related questions, and make other basic inquiries.

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Simplify Reminders and Notifications

Your team may spend a lot of time sending paperwork reminders or general communications. Automate these communications instead. For reminders, add clients to SMS drip campaigns that send regular texts. For notifications, choose a trigger (e.g., a custom field changing in your CRM), and set your platform to send texts when it detects the trigger.

What Types of Finance Professionals Is SMS Right For?

SMS works well for any finance professionals. Whether you’re an accountant, banker, or tax advisor, finance SMS can help you manage administrative and marketing client communications. While teams can use finance SMS for internal communications, it’s at its best when used for personalized and quick client communications.

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Improving Client Communication with Finance SMS

By streamlining your messaging workflow with SMS, clients will receive more accurate content faster than ever before. Plus, SMS has a fast response rate, so your team can quickly resolve client questions. Most importantly, finance SMS allows leads and clients to message in from a wide variety of messaging channels and even your website, making it easier than ever for them to reach out.

Checklist for improving client communications; checks marked in red ink

Tips for Improving Client Communication

Adopting business SMS will immediately improve your client communications. You can do a few other things to improve them further. Set up a during-hours auto reply, so clients know how long they can expect to wait for a reply. (Consider setting up special holiday or tax date auto-replies, too.) Include agent signatures in each text, so clients know they’re texting with a human. Finally, follow up with clients after each query to ensure they’re satisfied with your team’s response.

Sample Finance SMS Templates

SMS templates are powerful tools. You can use them to quickly answer frequently asked questions. You can also use them to personalize a series of mass texts. You can even use them to automate replies and SMS drip campaigns. 

Finance SMS templates

As part of our finance SMS resources, we’ve included a variety of finance SMS templates. Feel free to adjust and use them.

  • Hello, {{client name}} thanks for texting Local Accounting! You’ve reached us after hours. We’re in the office from 9-5pm, Monday through Friday. We’ll get back to you within 1 business day. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.
  • Hi there, {{client name}} Aimee here. As per our meeting on {{last meeting date}}, you’ll need to send me the signed paperwork we discussed by {{paperwork due date}}. It’s in your Bay Area Financial Advisors portal. Let me know if you need help finding it! Text STOP to stop receiving texts.
  • Hello, {{client name}}. Jacobs & French Advisors has received your paperwork. Please check your portal for details. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Finance SMS Best Practices for Client Communication

Finance SMS platforms make it easy to set up and start using their tools. Their interfaces are intuitive, so you’ll need minimal instruction to get started. But there are a few best practices to keep in mind as you start to use it.
  • 1 Ensure leads and clients opt in before you text them, and always offer them a way to opt out.
  • 2 Offer multiple messaging channels, so clients will be likely to identify a channel that works for them.
  • 3 Use SMS for casual, administrative information; use your business’s portal to share sensitive data.
  • 4 Check messages for proper grammar and syntax, and don’t use abbreviations or acronyms.
  • 5 Use integrations and automations to streamline your team’s repetitive workflows.

SMS Compliance for Finance Professionals

Confidential or sensitive financial information must be sent through your business’s encrypted portal or other tool. While SMS for finance professionals is relatively safe, it isn’t encrypted. However, you can send appointment reminders, updates, conversational marketing content, and other basic content. You can even include links to your portal, so clients can easily access your more sensitive content.

SMS Compliance for Finance Professionals