Improving Customer Communication

Besa Regan is an independent consultant and sales director with with a top global beauty brand. She uses her 13 years of experience to serve hundreds of customers how to take care of their skin. Her job also includes training and mentoring a team of over 60 sales consultants.

In the past, Besa used phone calls to communicate with both prospects and existing customers. The main challenge is most of her communications with existing customers involving following up with them: checking how a new product is working for them, if there was anything in the last catalog they liked, or if they had any general questions. Due to the amount of time phone calls take, Besa was limited to the number of customers she was able to follow up with each week.

Another issue is staying in front of the 68 consultants that Besa trains. To ensure they succeed as they ramp up their business, Besa tracks their orders and proactively reaches out to them as they reach their goals. Using phone calls for this has been hit or miss.

Besa started by scrubbing her customer list of 800 and down to 190 active customers. Instead of calling before and after the quarterly catalog is sent, Besa now sends customers text messages using a Heymarket campaign. She schedules a sequence of messages to be automatically sent 2 days before and 2 days after the catalog is mailed to customer.

Over 40% of my customers reply to these messages. A huge improvement compared to calling and leaving voicemails.

Each reply is a great opportunity to engage about new products. In fact, she spaces out sending the text messages to ensure she can properly handle the replies and product questions that are asked.

Besa also creates lists for the consultants she works with. She has one list for all consultants and another for the handful that need more attention and training. With Heymarket, she’s able to message them all at once with best practices and product tips.

Heymarket’s text service for business has allowed Besa to spend more of her time training and less time calling to follow up with people. She’s noticed a significant improvement in customer returning for additional purchases since she’s now able to provide a ‘light touch’ that allows them to reply on their own terms.

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