How Metabolic Research Center Provides Premier Customer Service with Business Text Messaging

Client using business text messaging

End Results

Heymarket increased messaging throughput of customer service centers by 50%. 

The weight loss industry is big, and it’s only expected to grow further. According to Marketdata LLC, the total U.S. weight loss market grew at around 4.1% in 2018, from $69.8 billion to $72.7 billion. The total market is forecast to grow 2.6% annually through 2023. Weight loss businesses have to offer exemplary products and customer service in order to rise above competitors.

In July of 2019, Metabolic Research Center’s leadership Logo; illustration of yellow wheat at top; text underneath wheat saying 'Metabolic Research Center, weight loss specialists,'team identified an area for business improvement. Clients loved Metabolic Research Center’s unique products—personalized weight loss plans that prioritize good health. But weight loss coaches were using Google Voice and email to connect with clients. Those tools weren’t performing as well as Metabolic Research Center leaders thought they could. They wanted to see even higher lead and client response rates, and more positive response sentiment.

Digital strategist Nicole Wassynger knew exactly which tool Metabolic Research Center coaches needed to boost performance—business text messaging. Enter Heymarket.   

Challenge: Searching for a Personal yet Efficient Channel

Metabolic Research Center leads and clients historically replied to calls and emails, but not as quickly or frequently as the Metabolic Research Center team wanted. Clients often let calls go to voicemail and didn’t return them. They replied to emails, but days after they were sent. Low response rates prevented team members from connecting with leads and encouraging clients to thrive in their programs. 

Wassynger, a digital communications expert, knew that messaging is a more popular channel than both calls and emails. She also knew that consumers are beginning to expect the ease of messaging their favorite brands no matter which messaging channel they use. 

She researched business text messaging tools, and decided that they were a potential solution. Top business texting platforms offered personalized mass text features, along with team efficiency tools. 

Finally, Wassynger found Heymarket. After reviewing the Heymarket platform, she realized it had all of the features she needed. Plus, the interface looked intuitive—a must-have for a team that didn’t use many advanced software products. 

Solution: How Business Text Messaging Streamlines Metabolic Research Center Communications

The Metabolic Research Center team quickly became comfortable with the Heymarket platform. Now, they rely on their favorite Heymarket features to connect with clients and streamline their customer service. 

SMS campaigns. Metabolic Research Center coaches use SMS campaigns to send clients regular encouragement. Coaches create a series of SMS templates within Heymarket’s platform, leaving space for custom fields like first names. Then, they specify the text sending schedule and choose a list of recipients. Heymarket automatically inserts contact custom fields into each outgoing text with help from merge tokens, so each client receives a personalized message. 

MMS capabilities. Metabolic Research Center coaches aim to inspire their clients so they stick to weight loss plans and enjoy improved health. Because Heymarket has MMS capabilities, they can send attachments in addition to text. Coaches add upbeat material like emojis and GIFs to keep their clients motivated. 

Shared inboxes. Metabolic Research Center has many centers around the country, each with its own local coaches. Each center has its own Heymarket inbox. Team members in a local center can see their local incoming messages and answer them quickly. They can also analyze their team’s reports. High-level administrators can see all messages across centers, empowering them to review each center’s performance and offer subsequent advice. 

“Heymarket helps us stay connected with our clients and service them better.”
—Nicole Wassynger, Digital Strategist, Metabolic Research Center

Facebook Messenger integration. Nearly every Metabolic Research Center center uses the Facebook Messenger integration. When clients message an Metabolic Research Center center through Facebook, all messages arrive in that center’s centralized Heymarket shared inbox. Coaches can reply to texts and Facebook Messages right alongside one another. 

Results: The Impact Of Business Text Messaging 

Business text messaging has improved response rates and streamlined Metabolic Research Center’s client communications. The team has seen impressive results after using Heymarket for over a year and a half. These include: 

Increased lead and client response rates. Business text messaging is already a channel with a higher open and response rates. By adding inspirational attachments to personalized texts, coaches have boosted client responses and maintained stronger client relationships. Plus, clients love the channel; Heymarket increased messaging throughput of customer service centers by 50%.

Expedited customer service. Because business text messaging is so fast, leads and clients use it to complete quick queries. For example, leads text in simple questions about pricing. Clients text in to let Metabolic Research Center centers know that they’re going to pick up products. Both parties manage scheduling and rescheduling through business text messaging.

“Business text messaging is the quickest way to reach anyone at any time. And it’s less invasive than a call.”
—Nicole Wassynger, Digital Strategist, Metabolic Research Center

Streamlined communication management. Heymarket’s features have helped coaches improve lead and client communications—while reducing their workload. They manage multiple SMS conversations at once, instead of focusing on one phone call or email at a time. They quickly identify and answer incoming messages in their centralized shared inbox. Plus, they don’t have to send each text individually with help from SMS campaigns.

The Future: Metabolic Research Center and Heymarket

With Heymarket’s help, Metabolic Research Center increased messaging throughput by 50%. Metabolic Research Center coaches and clients alike have welcomed the new channel; clients have increased their response rates while coaches have reduced their workload. As Metabolic Research Center continues to expand, they expect to use Heymarket to form strong relationships with their new clients. 

As Metabolic Research Center discovered, business text messaging can:

  • Increase lead and client response rates. Consumers love texting their favorite brands. Compared to other channels, texts are fast and personalized without feeling invasive. 
  • Expedite customer service. With business text messaging, teams can manage quick queries without dedicating time to one-on-one phone calls. 
  • Streamline communication management. Advanced business texting tools like Heymarket offer efficiency tools like shared inboxes and SMS campaigns to save valuable team time. 


Want to boost response rates like Metabolic Research Center? Try our text service for business today! 

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