25 Stats That Prove Your Business Should Already Be Texting

Woman texting, meant to symbolize business texting statistics

Today, it seems like people prefer messaging to emails and phone calls. But is messaging really the be-all and end-all channel? Should your business adopt it as your main means of connecting with customers? Here are 25 statistics to help you decide.

Constant Smartphone Use Means Customers Are Always Accessible via Messaging

The majority of customers rarely let their phones leave their sides. They take their phones everywhere, from home to work—which means that you have constant access to them.

Americans Prefer Messaging Over Other Communication Options

Your customers may always be on their phones, but they don’t just do anything on there. They’re communicating with friends, family, and businesses through SMS and messaging channels. 

Consumers Are Ready To Read and Respond To Messages

Texting is part of the average consumer’s daily life. While an email might go unread (and probably unanswered) for days, consumers are probably going to read your messages—and there’s a good chance they’ll answer them, too.

Customers Specifically Want to Text Your Brand

Texting isn’t just for chats between friends and family. Customers rely on messaging to communicate with their favorite brands, too.

Messaging Is Taking Over the Business World

Businesses have started noticing the high customer demand for texting, and they’re taking action. More and more are offering native SMS and messaging channels as communication options. Still, businesses have yet to meet customer demand for texting.

Phone on tabletop to illustrate business texting statistics

The Bottom Line

The numbers say it all: messaging is quickly becoming a must-have for businesses. Consumers simply prefer real-time communication, which is fast, personalized, and reliable. Ultimately, messaging has no competition—which is why so many savvy businesses are adopting it. 


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