How WH Law doubled contract signing rates with Salesforce SMS

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Fast, easy, and convenient, texting is a crowd favorite. In 2021 alone, consumers sent more than 2 trillion texts. Now, consumers expect brands to use the channel, too. In fact, nearly half of consumers specifically like brands to connect with them through SMS.

WH Law, a multi-office firm, prides itself on accessibility. In 2021, they identified a need for a communication channel that provided a convenient experience for clients, while helping the team capture more leads. Live chats showed promise, but were limited by their requirement for immediate attention. The team needed a more flexible solution, allowing clients to respond to messages at their convenience, without losing the personal touch of real-time interactions.

After careful consideration, WH Law turned to texting. They needed a platform that would  allow them to use their primary business number to create a unified experience for the client. Heymarket allowed them to do that and more, including leveraging its Salesforce integration to route all texts through their central CRM.

In this case study, we’ll delve into three Heymarket features that WH Law used to maintain their branding while doubling contract signing rates and team capacity.

The business: down-to-earth lawyers for all

WH Law has offices throughout Arkansas and Tennessee. They set themselves apart from other firms with their approachability. Ultimately, their goal is to make legal assistance comfortable and accessible for all individuals in need.

To achieve this goal, the firm has created a welcoming brand. For example, during clients’ first interaction with the WH Law website, they encounter casual, engaging language that avoids complex jargon. The website even incorporates mini games to add a touch of fun, breaking up more serious topics.

Challenge #1: A clear brand to uphold

As the team began using SMS—pre-Heymarket—they sent texts from several numbers. For example, their scheduling software texted reminders from one number, while invoicing software texted reminders from a different number.

The WH Law team wanted to send all texts from one number to create a seamless experience. More specifically, they wanted to text clients from a special number—(855) 667-8487, which spells 855-NOSUITS. It refers to one of the company’s slogans: “Boots, Not Suits.”

Solution #1: Unifying branding with a single phone number

As soon as WH Law signed up for Heymarket, Heymarket ported their preferred business number. When team members text leads and clients, their messages come from that same branded number.

Through SMS integrations with WH Law’s other software, like the scheduling system, all automated texts also come through their central number. Additionally, if clients attempt to text one of the team’s call-only numbers, an auto-response explains that the number isn’t textable then provides the central, textable number.

“Texting can be a nightmare to manage for law firms. There are a lot of legal considerations. But if texts are in one place, you can set up a process to manage them carefully and ethically.”

“Texting can be a nightmare to manage for law firms. There are a lot of legal considerations. But if texts are in one place, you can set up a process to manage them carefully and ethically.”

Brandon Haubert, CEO, WH Law

Now clients associate WH Law with a single number, solidifying their branding and streamlining the client experience.

Challenge #2: A need for frequent, automated communications

The WH Law team wanted to convert more leads into clients by increasing touchpoints and sending texts at specific points in the client journey. They adopted Salesforce as their CRM so they could centralize their client data and automate their communications. To automate their messaging, they needed a business texting platform that integrated with Salesforce.

Solution #2: Increasing client touchpoints with Salesforce SMS

With Heymarket’s Salesforce SMS integration, the WH Law team includes text messages in several critical Flows.

When a prospective client calls and provides their information, they are added to a list that triggers a series of texts. First, they receive an introductory message, followed by a scheduling link and other essential information. Leading up to an appointment, they receive multiple reminders. Following an appointment, they receive contracts through SMS, preceded by an authentication code for security purposes.

“Texting relieved a huge barrier in the intake process.”

Brandon Haubert, CEO, WH Law

Overall, Salesforce SMS has empowered the team to automate client touchpoints. Since incorporating SMS into the intake process, their contract signing rate has doubled.

Challenge #3: A large team juggling constant communications

Every day, all day, 10 or more WH Law employees are communicating with clients and leads. They’re recording client information, gathering intake information, answering questions, and more. To streamline their communication efforts, they needed a business SMS platform that would let them all text and collaborate efficiently in one centralized location.

Solution #3: Simplifying team texting with shared inboxes

Heymarket’s shared inboxes have streamlined texting for WH Law. Each team member can access the inbox and see all incoming messages. They can also assign messages to themselves, organizing their individual inboxes.

Before adopting SMS, team members could only focus on one call at a time. Now, they can manage several conversations at once while providing the welcoming experience they’re known for.

The team has saved a significant amount of time with SMS. Texting with shared inboxes has doubled team capacity, allowing WH Law to manage twice the amount of communications that they could have handled via phone calls.

Future cases with business text messaging

WH Law plans to continue using SMS to deliver an approachable, welcoming experience for clients. Looking ahead, they hope to leverage new technologies, like AI, to deliver an even faster, more convenient experience.

“I am amazed about how many professionals still don’t use text messaging. It’s the channel people prefer.”

Brandon Haubert, CEO, WH Law

With the support of Heymarket’s business texting platform, the WH Law team is excited to advance their mission of making legal services more accessible for everyone.

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