How DDT Law Streamlined Lead Management with Salesforce SMS

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End Results

Business text messaging contributed to a YoY 20% business growth

In the U.S., car-related incidents abound. There are around 6 million car crashes every year, and plenty of traffic citations. It’s no wonder that traffic law firms are in high demand by clients who want their fair day in court.

DDT Law is a Chicago-based law firm that specializes in car-based legal issues, such as DUIs and speeding citations. Because of the large number of traffic incidents, they experience a high volume of cases. They have to be organized to efficiently manage their case volume and incoming leads.

Around 2017, DDT Law started receiving text messages from potential clients. However, their team didn’t have the infrastructure to answer the texts.

In 2018, DDT Law decided to try out a business text messaging platform, which allowed lawyers to text clients and manage thousands of messages. However, the first platform they tried wasn’t ideal. The team wasted time trying to manually map texts to cases, and many times, the platform didn’t save key texts. This made it difficult for them to track critical information and manage billing.

Hoping to find a business text messaging platform that offered client and lead text management capabilities suitable for law firms, DDT Law turned to Heymarket.

Keeping It Together: the Power of Lawyers Texting Clients

The first business text messaging platform DDT Law tried did allow them to send and receive thousands of client texts. However, messaging records would disappear after a period of time. The DDT team also couldn’t look through past messages for case information or compliance reviews. If they wanted to save texts to contacts within Salesforce, they had to do that manually. Given the large number of cases that DDT Law sees, this was a time-consuming and error-prone process.

DDT Law also struggled with case communications. Texts were separate from their CRM and separate from internal communications channels. Bouncing between platforms wasted time and distracted team members.

DDT Law briefly considered using Aircall as a phone provider. Through an Aircall representative, they learned about Heymarket. Heymarket provides an SMS integration with Aircall, empowering them to sync the two systems and share key information. Heymarket also offers key features, like a Salesforce SMS integration, that sounded like they might improve DDT Law’s lead management process. DDT Law didn’t choose to use Aircall’s phone services, going with Dialpad instead, but they did decide to try Heymarket.

How Business Text Messaging Streamlines Case Management

After a quick setup and system integration process, DDT Law quickly realized that Heymarket’s streamlined text messaging platform was just what they were looking for. The team quickly found its favorite tools:

Salesforce SMS integration. The Salesforce SMS integration was a game changer. The integration empowers the Heymarket and Salesforce platforms to automatically sync. If new contact information (or texts) show up in one platform, they’re recorded in the other. The DDT team now has all contact communications history in one place. Teams can open Salesforce and see the 360-degree view of leads and clients immediately.

Saved messages. All text messages are automatically saved within the business text messaging platform. They are all automatically uploaded to Salesforce, too. Team members can check past texts for compliance and case details.

Shared inbox. The shared inbox helps DDT Law offer an always-on SMS approach. All incoming lead and client messages arrive in this central, shared inbox. When lawyers aren’t available, legal assistants can either offer an answer or let the texter know that a lawyer will answer quickly. After hours, an auto-reply lets texters know when they expect a reply.

MMS messages. Heymarket’s platform receives MMS messages as well as SMS. Leads and clients can even send photos of tickets, so lawyers have a better idea of what they’re dealing with. They can offer better, and faster, advice up front.

SMS campaigns. With tools like templates, lists, and SMS drip campaigns, teams don’t have to continue sending reminders one by one. Notifications for court dates and paperwork can be sent to lists of relevant clients. The legal SMS platform automatically fills in custom information for each client with the help of merge tokens.

The Impact of Lawyers Texting Clients

DDT Law quickly found success with business text messaging. With Heymarket’s help, they have been able to:

Improve response time. Texting is a naturally fast channel. With the addition of tools like the shared inbox, DDT Law has been able to increase its response time. They can connect with both leads and clients far faster than before.

Boost productivity. Because legal assistants can answer most client questions with SMS, lawyers have more time to focus on their cases.

Increase client satisfaction. One of the common issues clients have with lawyers in general is that they don’t communicate well. Because clients can connect with DDT Law quickly and conveniently, they’ve shown a marked increase in satisfaction. Plus, SMS reminders are easier to keep track of, so clients are less likely to miss important dates.

“Clients are genuinely surprised and genuinely excited to text with our firm.”

—Derek Martin, Co-Founder and Attorney, DDT Law

Help increase business. Now that the team can respond to lead inquiries so quickly, they’ve been establishing stronger relationships from first contact. This has helped them secure a 20% YoY growth in business.

DDT Law will continue to use Heymarket to grow their business and keep track of their expanding client base. In the wake of COVID-19, more leads and clients are looking for contactless communications. Business text messaging for law firms is a fast, convenient way to fulfill this new need.

As DDT law discovered, legal text messaging:

  • Increases client satisfaction. Responsiveness and convenient SMS notifications make clients happier than ever before.
  • Converts more clients. Business text messaging empowers lawyers to answer leads quickly, forming a relationship immediately.
  • Scale their businesses. Increased client satisfaction and lead conversion helps boost firm growth.


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