Veterinarian Mobile Clinic Business Text Messaging Success Story

Smile Specialist provides non-anesthetic dental care for dogs and cats. Their staff of veterinarians have mobile clinics throughout the greater Los Angeles area that supervise each procedure. Founded in 2002, Smile Specialist has helped thousands of animals stay healthy.

Smile Specialist prides itself on providing a personalized service that fosters repeat customers. Once a pet’s teeth are cleaned, Smile Specialist follows up to make sure everything is ok. They also follow up in 6 months and 12 months to remind customers that they’re due for another recommended cleaning.

Business Text Messaging for Veterinarian Mobile Clinics

Originally, staff members called each customer to schedule future appointments. While it provided a personal touch, it was time consuming — taking up to 10 hours per week — and many of the phone calls weren’t answered.

With Heymarket, a text service for business, Smile Specialist is able to organize customers, by location, into lists. They created personalized templates for the 6-month and 12-month new appointment reminders. Each template also includes the first name of each customer and comes from a dedicated staff member assigned to that region. That allows Smile Specialist to maintain a personalized touch.

When sending a template to a list, they customize it even further to include information about the specific mobile clinic — such as the date and location Smile Specialist will be at that week.

Each customer replies privately to schedule appointments. It’s quicker for customers, and staff, since they can schedule at their own convenience.

We love Heymarket. It’s great having a separate inbox for customer conversations. It’s easy to keep clear. And bookings have increased!

– Cindy Blackwell, General Manager

Since moving from phone calls to Heymarket, over 50% of their 6-month and 12-month scheduling messages lead to appointments. They’ve also been able to do this in just a few minutes per day. Best of all, customers are comfortable texting back with questions about their pet and additional services. That helps Smile Specialist provide expert advice and build customer relationships — all over text messaging.

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