How Keller Williams Increased Response Rates with Real Estate SMS Marketing

Tristan Ahumada is a Top 1% real estate agent in the nation with Keller Williams. He utilizes technology and a team of 18 business partners to provide unique value to his clients. That results in over $60 million in annual sales in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties including Malibu, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, and the Westlake Village area.

The luxury home market in Southern California requires a personalized approach to give clients enough information to make a decision they’re excited about. Many of them are waiting for the right opportunity to take the leap. Tristan and his team learn client preferences which requires consistent, useful conversations.

Client information is stored in a traditional, desktop based CRM solution. Emails to his A Clients are rarely opened and generate no replies. It’s difficult to filter out important clients and send them properties best suited to their needs.

Tristan and his team also conduct a daily, 8 AM status call where everyone discusses the opportunities they’ll be working on that day. Although they use Slack and Uberconference, it’s still difficult to get people on the call or receive updates from those who can’t dial in.

Tristan needed a way to communicate with clients in a way that worked for their busy schedules: quick enough to read and personalized enough to engage them.

Mobile app screen with text messages

He discovered Heymarket, a real estate SMS marketing platform, as a way to professionally message his clients. They don’t need to install anything while Tristan is able to separate professional messages from personal ones. First he created multiple lists with his 30 ‘A’ clients. He then created templates with photos of new or upcoming houses on the market. He’ll even include a 360 degree view of a property. When sending the template to a list, Heymarket is smart enough to insert each client’s name and tell Tristan which clients viewed the photos.

Since using Heymarket, 80% of my clients respond to my short, weekly housing market update.

– Tristan Ahumada

Tristan also has a list for his entire Keller Williams team. They now receive a daily text message from him with a reminder to join the conference call. Attendance has increased by 40%. Even better, people who can’t attend can quickly reply to let Tristan know what they’ll be working on that day.

Since using Heymarket, Tristan has noticed his clients have increasingly been messaging him, up to 50 times a week. Each of these messages is an opportunity for him to provide value and personalized insights to clients in a way that could only be achieved with short, mobile interactions.

With Heymarket, Tristan is now able to provide personalized, on-going value to his clients.

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