Instant Customer Response with Text Messaging

The shared numbers and inboxes that come with a text service for business empower anyone on your team to answer messages as they come in. At Heymarket, we’ve learned that in many cases, especially customer support, it’s important to triage those incoming messages. Triaging helps connect the appropriate team member with each conversation.


With the new assignments feature, team members can now assign chats to themselves or someone else. It’s a great way to focus on relevant conversations and also control notifications. Just select ‘Me’ and view the conversation assigned you to. Or select ‘Unassigned’ and beginning assigning conversations to people. Heymarket is smart enough to auto-assign relevant message to you.

New Assignment Feature on Heymarket App

Assignments are available on Heymarket Web, the iOS app, and Android app.


You’ve also told us it’s important let people know who’s messaging them from a shared number/inbox. Since messaging is inherently personalized, we’ve added a signature feature. Just go to your profile and select the signature feature. You can enter whatever signature you like and it will automatically be added to the end of each message you send. Since messaging is best for shortform communications, we keeping your signature to 16 or fewer characters.

Heymarket Signature Features

Typing Indicators

To help avoid crosstalk, we’ve added a typing indicator as well. With it, you can now see when another team member is typing a new message in a chat. As always, Heymarket also shows you who else is viewing a chat.

Heymarket Typing Indicator

Assignment and typing indicators have been added to help you better collaborate with team members around conversations. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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