SMS for Microsoft Teams

Your company practically lives in Microsoft Teams. So why leave it? SMS for Microsoft Teams empowers professionals to send texts to outside parties right from Microsoft Teams channels. Customers, contractors, and business partners can connect with your team without installing an app. They just message your business through their native SMS apps or over-the-top apps like Google’s Business Messages, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. Use SMS for Microsoft Teams to keep track of customer interactions, improve response times, engage with more leads, and close deals.

Read and Reply to SMS in Microsoft Teams

Route incoming texts and messages to any Microsoft Teams channel. Only channel members can read and reply to messages. The SMS integration supports threads to keep channels clutter-free. Managers or coordinators can even assign chats to coworkers, streamlining workflows.

Thread Microsoft Teams Chats to Improve Team Focus

Bundle each SMS chat into a single Microsoft Teams thread, just like you would any internal conversation. Threads keep channels organized and allow for better multi-tasking. Clean channel interfaces can focus your team. Team members can collaborate outside of threads, then get back to customers with informed answers.

Start a New Business Texting Conversation from Microsoft Teams

Send business text messages to any contacts using the @mention function with the Heymarket bot. Starting chats from within Microsoft Teams centralizes team operations within their favorite app. Your team members can search message history within Microsoft Teams, too. Referencing past texts helps them tailor content, improving customer service and boosting sales.

Respond to Any Messages from Microsoft Teams

Manage messages from your leads’ and customers’ favorite channels within Microsoft Teams. Heymarket’s Microsoft Teams SMS messaging integration allows your teams to read and reply to messages from over-the-top apps like Google’s Business Messages, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Your team will finally have a unified hub where they can handle all texts and messages.