Resource Round-Up: SMS Security and SMS Compliance

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SMS security and compliance are critical to business texting. But achieving them takes time, education, and the implementation of key tactics. For first-time business texters (and even more experienced professionals) it can be difficult to know where to start. Get started with this round-up of top text messaging security and compliance articles.

SMS Security and Compliance Terminology

Before you start implementing text messaging security tactics or attempting to achieve compliance, get to know the basics. What are the terms you need to know? What standards may apply to your brand? And what are the differences between SMS security and SMS compliance, anyway? These articles will help guide your initial education:

Find more detailed information about SMS compliance with opt-ins and opt-outs in our guide.

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Security Tips 

In order to achieve security with your business texting, you have to adopt certain best practices. It also helps to have a secure text messaging platform to begin with. Read the following articles to learn key security tactics and best practices:

Compliance Tips

SMS compliance can seem tricky. New guidelines and regulations pop up each year, both nationally and in your local area. Navigate the regulations most likely to apply to you and your business with these SMS compliance tips:

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Texting Security and Compliance

Texting security and compliance are complex subjects. They’re ever-evolving, interconnected topics that influence one another. These final two articles will deepen your understanding of texting security and compliance as a whole:

SMS Security and SMS Compliance: The Last Word

Business texters have to achieve SMS security and SMS compliance. Secure texting helps keep customer data safe. SMS compliance with key standards is often required by law, and almost always helps you improve security. Use these articles to guide your way and don’t forget: at the end of the day, both security and compliance help you create a trust-based customer experience that nurtures long-term relationships.

For an in-depth look at complying with key business SMS regulations, read our Text Messaging Compliance Guide:

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