Engage your audience with SMS notifications

Reach your contacts on the most accessible channel with SMS notifications. Heymarket’s business texting services capture audiences’ attention and engage them through targeted communication. Personalize your messages to build better relationships, achieve higher open rates, and engage contacts at scale.

An SMS notification and response from a customer

What is an SMS notification?

SMS notifications are alerts that display on a mobile phone when a text message is delivered. They can appear as banners on the home screen, pop-ups when you’re using your phone, and notifications on a phone’s texting app that draw recipients’ attention. Unlike push notifications, SMS notifications require no additional apps to reach your recipient, allowing them to engage with your messages on a familiar channel they use every day.

Consistently connect with users at scale

SMS notifications capture contacts’ attention so they’re more likely to read your messages. Send updates, reminders, promotions, and review requests to any opted-in phone number. Reach more contacts through their preferred channel with personalization that encourages engagement and improves retention.

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98% open rate

ensures your messages are seen

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91% of consumers want texts

from their favorite brands

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95% of subscribers

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Give real-time updates and instant delivery

Instantly communicate with contacts, customers, and team members with SMS notifications delivered on your schedule. Reach 90% of recipients within three minutes through their most used channel for faster resolution times and improved engagement. Establish automations that trigger for order updates to keep customers informed and operations teams up-to-date and on schedule.

Text conversation asking for a customer review
Illustration of a text message drip campaign

Engage people at scale

Connect with your recipients at a higher rate than ever before with notifications, which achieve response rates that are six times higher than email. Schedule SMS drip campaigns to nurture contacts over time. Send personalized mass texts to subscribers, customers, or team members at the right time to foster engagement and build stronger relationships. Recipients can always respond to your outbound texts, kicking off a 1-on-1 conversation.

Send personalized and targeted communication

Segment your contact list to ensure you’re sending relevant messages to groups of recipients. Personalize your one-to-many texts with custom fields that help engage contacts and build better relationships. Achieve 500% higher click through rates than email or social media with tailored content that connects with each segment individually.

Automatic text message template
Automated text notification

Automation and integration capabilities

Improve first response and average handle times with automations that seamlessly integrate your workflows. Enable conversational and one-to-many texting directly from your current CRM or other app with Heymarket integrations. Auto-reply to inbound messages based on keywords, channels, time of day, and more.

Manage opt-in and opt-out for compliance

Seamlessly manage your lists with automated opt-in and opt-out keywords. Allow instant opt-outs with keyword responses that remove contacts from your list to maintain TCPA compliance. Add new opt-ins to your list with custom keywords received to your inbox and auto-reply with confirmation texts to build trust. Manage opt-in and opt-out on a contact and application level for full control.

Illustration of a customer opting into text message notifications

Drive engagement with SMS notifications

60% response rate

“Heymarket’s Salesforce SMS integration makes messaging leads and customers a smooth experience for our agents.”

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47% open rate increase

“Heymarket makes life easy for our clients. They love that I can now manage their RSVPs and guest list over text.”

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80% customer response rate

“Since using Heymarket, 80% of my clients respond to my short, weekly housing marketing update.”

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SMS notification examples

SMS notifications help grab your audience’s attention so that you can engage them with your messaging. Use text notifications to update customers, check-in with leads, coordinate with team members, and more.


Leads are 134% more likely to respond to your marketing copy when receiving a SMS notification instead of an email. Create segmented lists, personalize messaging with custom fields, and schedule mass texts so that you can effectively engage your audience.

Josephine, fall is right around the corner! Stop by your local Coffee Company location at 176 Gateway Court to check out our latest pumpkin spice creations. Mention this text for 5% off! Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Customer service

Improve customer satisfaction and shorten resolution times with SMS notifications that allow customers to quickly receive updates on their case. Send auto-replies for case updates, information requests, or refund statuses as these fields change in your integrated platforms so contacts are always up to date.

Michael, your refund for order #2404 was just processed. You should see a credit on your card within 3-5 business days. Thank you for your patience. - John from Tax Software. Text END to stop receiving texts.


Texting’s high response rates and short response times mean that you can do more in less time to encourage progress through the sales funnel. Schedule meeting reminders, answer FAQs with auto-replies, and send check-ins throughout the process to quickly overcome objections.

Hey Tom, it’s Jack from Software Solutions. It was great to meet with you today! Please don’t hesitate to text me back with any questions. I’m here from 9-5 M-F. Talk to you soon! Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.


Coordinate scheduling, share project updates, and actively collaborate with other team members seamlessly. Text any opted-in employee or contractor quickly through SMS notifications that average responses within 90 seconds. Send mass texts to custom lists for prompt updates and allow for 2-way conversations to avoid miscommunication between team members.

Hey team, we have an opening for the Monday 8AM to 4PM shift at our Oak Ridge clinic. Can anyone fill in? -Jackie


Screen candidates in 4.4 minutes with texting and make it easy to collect applications and schedule interviews. Meet candidates where they are with Heymarket’s omnichannel inbox and implement drip campaigns to automate interview reminders for fewer no-shows. Expedite onboarding with one-to-one conversations and auto-reply for FAQs.

Thanks for your application to US Banking, Shaun. We would love to learn more about you. When are you free for an interview? - Joseph, Head of Recruiting. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Ecommerce and online retail

Provide quick updates that customers receive promptly and allow customers to reply to ask questions. Heymarket integration automates sending order updates based on changes in your sales platform so customers can stay informed at all times without agent involvement.

Perry, we’ve received your Juice Box order. Order #132 will be shipped within 24 hours. We’ll send you another update with the tracking number once it’s shipped. Please reply with any questions. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.

Financial services

Quickly send clients administrative notifications. Notify clients about paperwork, account updates, business hour changes, and new policies. Follow up after meetings with scheduled texts. Remind clients about upcoming bills or payments with scheduled texts delivered at your chosen times to ensure you give proper notice. Answer all incoming questions with 2-way conversations.

Hi Mary, this is a friendly reminder that your payment for invoice #2478 is due by 7/30/23. Please reply if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks! - Jen. Reply END to stop receiving text updates.

Healthcare and appointment reminders

Send patients notifications about test results, prescription refills, and more using HIPAA compliant texting. Automate reminders before appointment dates to limit no-shows. Answer office questions quickly with auto-replies and collect reschedule requests seamlessly.

Hi Patricia, this is Dr. Gallant’s office. You have an appointment on 9/23 at 4PM EST in our Miami office at 123 Miami Street. Reply YES to confirm or NO to reschedule. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Dispatch and deliveries

Coordinate deliveries and overcome challenges in real time with instant communication that’s easy to send and receive. Send SMS notifications to update drivers on scheduling, pickup locations, or traffic for seamless delivery. Keep customers in the know with automated order and delivery updates that improve customer satisfaction.

Hey John, your order from Burgers is on its way. The estimated delivery time is 3:05 PM EST. Please be ready to meet your courier at the door. Text END to unsubscribe from text updates.

Travel and hospitality

Increase reservations by accepting booking requests through text and fielding questions directly in your shared inbox for faster resolution times. Engage guests with personalized one-to-many texts about events and provide real-time concierge assistance through texting. Update travelers about weather conditions and delays with mass texting to save time and improve customer satisfaction.

How was your stay at Hamilton Hotels in Miami, Joanna? We’d love to hear what you think. Reply with a number between 1(poor) to 5(great) to leave a review. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Best practices for crafting effective SMS notifications

Capture opt-in

Collect opt-ins from web forms or inbound text messages so that you can text leads, customers, and employees. Never text without permission, including with staff, without capturing an opt-in to maintain compliance. Allow easy opt-outs with TCPA keywords.

Personalize your messages

Target messages to your audience by creating segments to engage specifically. Use text templates and custom fields to reach entire segments with personalization that builds better relationships.

Keep messages concise and relevant

Ensure timely and consistent delivery by keeping messages under 160 characters. Create texts that are relevant to your recipient to achieve better engagement and improve response rates. Avoid sending too many texts to minimize opt-outs.

Include clear CTAs

Send messages with clear instructions and requirements to improve click-through and response rates. Give contacts the option to text you back for faster resolution times. Encourage interaction through conversational messaging that builds stronger relationships.

Test and optimize message delivery

Schedule SMS notifications to be sent at the right time for your recipients. Test different delivery times for marketing content and experiment with different periods of notice for reminder texts. Refine your messaging based on data and reports collected from Heymarket to improve efficiency.

Grow connections and conversions

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