Use SMS campaigns to engage contacts automatically

Improve communication and engagement through Heymarket SMS campaigns. Send a series of marketing texts at predefined times or intervals to reach new leads at the right time. Re-engage existing leads through targeted campaigns aimed at specific lists for better personalization. Schedule reminders about upcoming appointments to avoid no-shows and improve customer experiences.

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What is an SMS campaign?

An SMS campaign is a series of messages that are sent automatically at a predetermined time or at certain intervals. They’re most commonly used to send marketing texts for sales or promotions, but you can also use them for administrative purposes like appointment reminders.

Benefits of text campaigns

Text campaigns help you stay organized and maintain communication with your leads and customers without requiring human oversight. You can schedule them to optimize delivery timing and create personalized texts within them to better engage your contacts.

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98% open rate

ensures your messages are seen

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19% click-through rate

helps grow your ROI five times more than email

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58% of consumers

sty text is the best way to reach them quickly

Improve your ROI with Heymarket’s text marketing campaigns

Reach more people

Use Heymarket’s business texting platform to collect opt-ins to build text marketing lists. Engage leads and customers at scale by mass texting promotions. Schedule texts to deliver at the ideal time for your list segments based on time zones.

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Create personalized connections

Create custom lists of contacts that meet certain criteria so you can personalize your texts. Use custom fields to build better relationships and improve engagement with your marketing texts. Answer replies to texts through one-on-one texting to nurture leads.

Stay compliant and secure

Automatically manage your lists with opt-in and opt-out management tools. Create welcome text campaigns to ensure subscribers want you to text them. Use administrative controls to limit who can access contact information or send texts.

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Integrate with the tools you love

Integrate with your CRM or other apps to use custom information in your marketing campaign texts. Add SMS campaigns to your workflows on platforms like Salesforce to leverage automations for seamless communication. Schedule campaign texts to send at certain intervals based on event data, like appointment times.

Measure results

View reports for each individual campaign to understand and measure engagement. Track delivery rates, response rates, and unsubscribe rates to see what’s working.

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Text campaign examples

You can use SMS campaigns in a variety of ways, including marketing, administrative, and informational purposes. Here are a few SMS campaign templates you can use.

Welcome text campaign

Welcoming new SMS subscribers helps your business make a good impression. You can send an initial welcome text, then follow it up a few days later with a promotional code to add value to their subscription. You can also use automations to add a new subscriber to a list and campaign automatically, which triggers this text campaign and lets you engage subscribers sooner.

Welcome to the Smart Food Club, {{name}}! We’ll send you recipes, product updates, and exclusive promos that are only for subscribers. Didn’t mean to subscribe? Text STOP to unsubscribe.
{{name}}, we’ve got a special welcome offer for new subscribers. Use code {{promo}} for {{discount}} on your next Smart Food Club order. Need recommendations? Reply HELP. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

New release marketing campaign

If you’re launching a new product, a marketing campaign surrounding it can help to increase sales. Product releases can benefit from hype-building texts, launch date notifications, and warnings about products selling out.

Get ready, {{name}}. Our new eyeshadow palette is coming on {{release}}, but subscribers get early access. Keep an eye out for your personal invitation! Reply END to stop receiving texts.
{{name}}, it’s time! The Dark Dreams eyeshadow palette is live for our most valuable subscribers. Get yours before anyone else while supplies last! {{link}} Reply STOP to unsubscribe.
Time’s almost up to get the Dark Dreams palette, {{name}}! We only have 100 left and we’d hate for you to miss out. Use promo {promo}} for an additional 5% off. Reply END to stop receiving texts.

Re-engagement campaign

Cold leads and past customers who haven’t bought again provide an opportunity for re-engagement campaigns. You can begin with a message to remind them about your business, then incentivize them with a discount in your next text.

Hey {{name}}, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from you. We’ve been crafting some unique pieces that I think you’ll love! Check out our new releases at {{link}}. Text STOP to unsubscribe from texts.
{{name}}, need an extra incentive to redecorate your bedroom? Use promo code {{promo}} for {{discount}} off your next purchase and create a space that you love. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Purchase follow-up

Existing customers have shown that they’re willing to make a purchase, so they’re a great target for engagement campaigns like post-purchase follow ups. You can confirm the customer received the order, ask if they need any help, request a review, and then send a marketing text to convince them to purchase again.

Hi {{name}}, we hope you’ve received your order and are loving your hand-picked outfit of the month. Need any help or accessory recommendations? Reply HELP. Or reply STOP to unsubscribe.
How did we do, {{name}}? If we’ve totally matched your style and vibe, let us know by leaving a review at {{review link}} or replying here. Thanks! Send END to stop receiving texts.
{{name}}, now that you’ve upgraded your wardrobe with one outfit, why not add a second stylish option? Use promo {{promo}} on your next order for 10% off. Text END to unsubscribe.

Rewards program campaign

Rewards programs are a great way to reward loyal customers. Engaging rewards program members helps to keep your business in their mind while also providing useful information about their membership or rewards points. You can send a message telling them their total reward points and how to use them, inform them of expiration dates, and send a last-second reminder before they expire.

Hey {{name}}, thanks for being a PetPlus rewards member. You currently have {{points}} points that you can use on discounts, raffles, and free gifts at {{website}}. Why not get your pet a new toy? Reply STOP to unsubscribe.
Hi again {{name}}! Thanks for being a PetPlus rewards member. This is a reminder that your {{points}} points expire as of January 1st, so be sure to spend them before it’s too late! Reply END to stop receiving texts.
{{name}}, it’s now or never! Spend your {{points}} rewards points before December 31st, or they’ll expire. Get your pet an outfit for the holidays, a new toy to put under the tree, or a cozy bed to help them stay warm until Spring. Text END to unsubscribe.

Appointment reminder campaign

No-shows are a major problem for businesses and medical professionals who take appointments. You can create a campaign to send appointment reminders to prevent customers from forgetting about their appointments. You can use custom fields with CRM integrations to send reminders based on the appointment date or make lists of contacts with appointments on a certain day to send reminders to.

Hi, {{name}}. You’re scheduled for an appointment with Dr. {{doctor}} on {{date}} at {{time}}. Someone will reach out to you within the next 48 hours to confirm your insurance information. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.
{{name}}, this is a friendly reminder that you have an appointment next week at our {{location}} office on {{day}} at {{time}}. If you can’t make it, please call {{number}} or reply RESCHEDULE. Text STOP to unsubscribe.
Hi {{name}}, you have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. {{doctor}} at our {{location}} office. Please be sure to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment at {{time}} to complete any required paperwork. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

How to build a text message campaign

Creating an SMS campaign can seem complicated, but the right business texting platform makes it easy.


Establish the campaign’s purpose

Your first step in building an SMS message campaign is determining why you’re creating it. You might want to market a new product launch, tell leads about a sale for new customers, ask for reviews, or remind clients about upcoming appointments.


Create and title the campaign

You’ll need to create the campaign so that you can add texts to your sequence of messages. Head to the Campaigns section of Heymarket and create a new campaign. Give it a name relating to the purpose of the campaign so that it’s easy to track its performance with reporting tools.


Set your schedule type

Heymarket offers two types of schedules for sending text campaigns: Days apart (sending messages after a specified number of days) or on specific dates and times. Choose which type of schedule best fits your campaign. Days apart are useful for ongoing campaigns, while specific dates and times are useful for events and promotions with a set end date.


Choose your contacts

Using segmented lists allows you to target your texts to the intended audience better. Heymarket allows you to  create lists based on a wide range of contact information, including customer status, location, appointment date, and more. Once you’ve made your list, choose it as the target for your campaign.


Add text templates

Text templates allow you to send mass texts as part of your campaign without writing each message by hand. You create new text templates or add existing ones to your sequence so that they’re sent in the order you specify. Be sure to use custom fields in your templates to make sure you insert contacts’ information for personalization.


Launch the campaign

The timing of your messages is important for improving engagement, so set your delivery times for reasonable hours and make sure you’re providing enough notice for time-sensitive messages like appointments or flash sales.

Campaign text best practices

SMS campaigns are an effective element of text marketing. Implement these best practices to help you achieve the best results with your texts.

Capture opt-in

You must receive permission before you’re able to text leads or customers. You can capture an opt-in by receiving a text with a keyword, having them complete a form or check a box online, or providing them a form in person.

Segment your lists

SMS campaigns work better when you’re able to target them more effectively for your audience. Create targeted campaigns by segmenting your texting list by loyalty status, survey status, order history, location, or any other specific characteristic of a contact.

Personalize your texts

66% of customers expect personalization. You can easily personalize your texts with the contact’s name using custom fields. You can also integrate with CRMs to import other information to insert into your texts, like appointment information, loyalty status, or purchase history.

Include the option to opt out

You must allow your contacts to opt out of your SMS list. Your business texting platform should allow for automatic opt-outs using keywords like STOP, END, or UNSUBSCRIBE, and you should include a line in your texts alerting contacts that they can opt out at any time.

Schedule your texts at the right time

90% of people read their texts within three minutes. You should schedule your texts to deliver during normal waking hours for your contacts as well as timed depending on the purpose of the text, like a text at noon about a lunch special. You should also space your SMS campaign messages out to avoid over-messaging your contacts and give enough notice for events like appointments.

Evaluate your campaigns

Monitoring your marketing campaigns allows you to make changes and refinements to achieve better results. When you use an SMS campaign for your product release or promotion, you can use campaign reports to see if your texts are undeliverable, opened, or led to an unsubscribe.

Grow connections and conversions

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SMS campaign FAQ

Have other questions? Explore our answers below, and reach out to our team to learn more.

SMS campaigns can be used for marketing new product releases, engaging cold leads, following up with customers, requesting reviews, sending appointment reminders, highlighting loyalty statuses, and more.

Yes, you can use SMS campaigns alongside automations to schedule and send texts automatically in response to certain actions. For example, you could send a welcome text when a new user signs up for your texting list, trigger an order follow-up campaign once an order is marked delivered, and initiate an appointment reminder campaign once the appointment is made.

Yes, SMS campaigns work for marketing because they nurture your leads and customers. Instead of sending one-off texts, you’re able to send a sequence of related texts that remind them about your business and progressively incentivize them to make a purchase. Plus, text marketing has a 99% open rate, so you can be confident your texts are being read.