10 Business Text Messaging Examples, from Order Notifications to Scheduling

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One of the best features of business text messaging is that it can be used in just about any industry and for a variety of purposes, like customer support, customer service, marketing, and sales. But for those who haven’t used it within their own businesses yet, it can be hard to think of specific use cases.

That’s why we rounded up 10 examples of ways your business can use text messaging, from sending order notifications to coordinating internal operations.


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Business Text Message Example #1: Order Notifications

SMS order notifications are especially useful for eCommerce and retail stores, who need to provide excellent service beyond purchases in order to secure customer loyalty. Because texts have an open rate of 98%, order notifications and receipts sent via text message are far more likely to be read than those sent through other channels. Quick SMS order notifications will provide your customer with instant assurance that their purchase has been made.

Pro Tip: While eCommerce brands can use SMS order notifications for any online purchases, brick-and-mortar retail companies can use them for special orders such as buy-online-pick-up-in-store purchases.  

Business Text Message Example #2: Delivery Updates

Any business in the dispatch and operations industry knows that updating customers regarding order delivery status is a top priority. However, with channels like email, delivery updates are often lost in inboxes or read too late. SMS shipping and delivery updates are an easy way for delivery teams to provide real-time updates regarding order status.

Pro Tip: With today’s advanced business texting platforms, you can even set up automatic delivery update texts and customize them so your customers receive individualized attention with each notification.

Business Text Message Example #3: Scheduling Appointments

For service-centric businesses, like spas and automotive service providers, scheduling appointments is a huge part of the business. The more efficient and accessible your scheduling is, the more likely consumers will schedule—and attend—appointments.

Pro Tip: Make it clear that customers can text in for both scheduling and rescheduling needs. Some customers are nervous about rescheduling too many times over the phone, but may feel comfortable doing so via text message.

Business Text Message Example #4: Appointment Reminders

Offering scheduling via text message isn’t enough—you need to encourage customers to keep their appointments. After all, for service-centric businesses, appointments are a main source of revenue. SMS appointment reminders are a proven way to decrease no shows.

Pro Tip: Use a business texting platform’s high-tech features to speed up the process of sending SMS appointment reminders. For example, your platform might allow you to create lists of customers scheduled for appointments on a certain day and then send customized reminders to each person on that list—all with a single click.

Business Text Message Example #5: Customer Service and Support

Consumers are clamoring for customer service available via text. By offering SMS customer service, your brand is showing that it is aware that the majority of customers would rather text than call a support line. SMS customer service empowers agents to provide fast and personalized answers to customers, increasing customer satisfaction with each chat.

Pro Tip: Texts may feel casual, but maintain a professional persona when using SMS for customer service. In addition, text messages are best used for short, positive conversations. Redirect any customer conflicts to a channel that allows more length for explanation, like phone or email.

Business Text Message Example #6: Q&A Hotlines

When deciding whether to buy something, most customers have product- or service-specific questions. In fact, eighty-three percent of shoppers need some sort of support during their customer journey. For eCommerce and retail businesses, this is an excellent opportunity to connect with consumers at a critical moment.

Pro Tip: To simplify the process of contacting customer service agents, enable web chat, emailing, or texting widgets on your website’s high-traffic pages, like shopping carts or checkout.

Business Text Message Example #7: Feedback Collection

Text surveys are one of the best ways to collect feedback from customers. A typical business SMS response rate of up to 80% makes it far more likely that a customer will take your survey via text than email, which has a low response rate of 6%.

Pro Tip: Use your business texting platform to schedule your longer surveys, like the NPS, in advance. Ideally, your longer surveys will be sent two or three weeks after a purchase or customer service conversation.

Business Text Message Example #8: Marketing Campaigns

While business texting is often customer support or service-centric, it also provides an excellent opportunity for marketing and sales teams. Because consumers must opt-in to texting services as per TCPA regulations, SMS marketing campaigns reach a group of people willing to receive branded communications, like flash sale alerts or new product notifications.

Pro Tip: Keep your SMS marketing customer-centric and valuable. Not only is this the best way to encourage customer satisfaction, but it’s also a great way to prevent your customers from opting out of your texting services. Send marketing or sales offers sparingly.

Business Text Message Example #9: Message Archiving

With modern texting platforms, businesses can automatically upload customer SMS conversations to the CRM or enterprise applications of their choice. Some advanced platforms even empower businesses to log texted conversations automatically.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of message archiving if your industry has strict compliance requirements or if you might want to search conversations later for administrative or managerial purposes.

Business Text Message Example #10: Internal Operations

While most of these business text messaging examples are customer-facing, business SMS can help businesses improve internal operations, too. Teams can use texting to facilitate salesperson scheduling, project coordination, and overall smooth communications.

Pro Tip: Use your business texting platform to train new employees. Some advanced platforms enable employees to add private comments to customer service chats, empowering senior agents to guide new employees’ responses within conversations.

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