10 Must-Have SMS Templates For Your Customer Service Team

Customer Service SMS agents.

Advanced texting platforms almost always offer efficiency features that either expedite or eliminate repetitive tasks for SMS customer service teams. These efficiency tools—like SMS templates—allow agents to spend more time resolving customer needs instead of completing the same simple tasks over and over.

In essence, SMS templates are reusable business text messages. Business-grade texting platforms enable agents to include photos and links in addition to text within templates. Sometimes, they also feature custom fields as merge tokens, which empower agents to personalize mass texts. Personalized mass texts can be a huge time-saver for customer service teams, who often need to send items like post-resolution survey requests to multiple customers at once.

If your customer service team does have access to text message templates, you may still be left with questions.

We’ve gathered 10 must-have templates for your SMS customer service program, so you can learn best practices and see usable template examples—and start using them yourself.

SMS Templates For Opt-In Confirmations

Since you always have to get written approval to send texts to customers, you might as well create a template for opt-in confirmations. To opt in for SMS updates, customers can text a specific number or check a box in an online form. Once that is done, your business texting service can send a templated message to confirm the opt in. These templates can be tweaked to your business name and style with ease.

Hi {{first name}}, thanks for opting in for SMS updates from {{company name}}! Please reply with Y to confirm. You can text STOP at any time to unsubscribe.

SMS Templates For After Hours Or Busy Replies

Your SMS customer service team will want to have a busy reply and an after hours reply in place, so you can let your customers know exactly when they will hear from you. These popular templates can be automated as well.

Hi there! Our SMS customer service hours are Monday through Friday, from 9am PST to 5pm PST. We look forward to responding then.

Thanks for texting Sam’s Cupcakes! It will take about 2-5 minutes for a team member to respond. Talk to you soon!

SMS Templates For Appointment and Meeting Reminders

If you’re a business that relies on appointments for revenue, SMS is the perfect way to reduce no-shows. And since you’ll be sending appointment reminders as it is, you might as well have templates prepared for your appointments. These can work for meetings, too, especially if your business is using SMS to streamline internal operations.   

Hello {{first name}}, Starlight Spa here. You scheduled an appointment with us for {{appointment date}} at {{appointment time}}. It’s at our {{appointment location}} office. Please reply to confirm or reschedule. Reply with STOP at any time to unsubscribe from SMS notifications. Thanks!

Hi there, {{first name}}, this is Friendly Dentistry. Please remember to schedule your {{upcoming service}}. Text back to make your appointment. Reply with STOP at any time to unsubscribe from SMS notifications.

Hi {{team name}}, don’t forget the all-hands meeting on {{meeting date}}. Click {{link}} to join. Please text back if you can’t attend.

SMS Templates For Order Or Resolution Confirmations

When someone places an order or requests a return, you don’t want them to wonder whether your business got the message or not. In these cases, be sure to send a quick message confirming that your business is on it.

Hi {{first name}}. Your Denise’s Hair Products order #{{enter number}} has been confirmed. We will text you when it ships. Reply with STOP at any time to unsubscribe from SMS notifications.

Hey {{first name}}, it’s {{agent name}} from Action Gym. Your refund for {{class name}} has been issued. Expect to see it in your bank account in 5 to 7 business days!

SMS Templates For Status Alerts

Sometimes it takes a few days to resolve a customer problem. In these cases, it makes sense to send an update so they know your team is working on it.

Hello {{first name}}, this is {{agent name}} from Eloise The Dressmaker. We are still working on your order (#{{order number}}), but we expect that it will be complete by {{pick-up date}}. Please text back if you have any questions!

SMS Templates For Delivery Notifications

In this day and age, people want step-by-step notifications for their packages or food orders. Creating an SMS template for the delivery process can save you time that will otherwise be spent creating the same SMS over and over.

Hi, {{first name}} this is Lucia’s Pizza! Our driver is on the way with your order of {{dish type}}. We’ll be there in {{delivery speed}}.

Hello, {{first name}}, your order of {{order contents}} has shipped and will be arriving by {{delivery date}}. Please find more details about your delivery here: {{tracking link}}.

Work desk with phone and SMS.

SMS Templates For Action Reminders

Sometimes customers need a little reminder that they have to complete an action, whether it be calling your office or submitting paperwork. SMS messages are a great way to send these reminders, and if you have to send them often, you will want to consider using SMS templates to expedite that process.

Hi {{first name}}, this is {{agent name}} from Ace Literary Magazine. We noticed that your application isn’t complete. To continue, could you re-enter your profile information by {{renewal date}}?

Hey, {{first name}}, it’s {{agent name}} from Lakeland Realtors. The other party has signed the deal and we’re ready to close! I sent you an email with step-by-step instructions about which documents are required and where to upload them. Please let me know if you have any questions.

SMS Templates For Web Chat Follow-ups

When customers abandon their web chats, there’s not much a customer service agent can do. If the web chat user has exited your business’s website, your teams simply can’t contact them again. That is, unless they opted in for SMS updates. If web chat users are also in your business SMS system, you can send quick follow-ups to ensure they don’t need additional help.

Hi, {{first name}}! This is {{agent name}} from {{company name}}. Did you have any more questions for us, or did you get the answer you needed?

Hi {{first name}}, it was great talking with you today. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t need anything else before I close out your ticket!

SMS Templates For Feedback Requests

Feedback requests, whether sent directly after a conversation or later in the customer journey, are critical to your business. They can provide critical insight into the customer experience or even boost your online presence. Using text message templates ensures that you ask for feedback the right way each time.

I enjoyed talking with you today, {{first name}}. Would you consider leaving our team some feedback? If so, please take this 2-question survey: {{survey link}}. Reply with STOP at any time to unsubscribe from SMS notifications.

Hi, {{first name}}! We at The West Side Auto Shop hope you’re doing well today. As a rewards customer, would you be interested in spreading the news about our services? If so, please leave a Yelp review here: {{Yelp page link}}. Reply with STOP at any time to unsubscribe from SMS notifications.   

SMS Templates For Circle-in Notes

Some customer conversations, especially if they involve conflict resolution, require follow-up chats. Because they’re so common, this is another area where you can use text message templates.

Hi {{first name}}, this is {{agent name}} from Artsy Antiques. I was wondering whether everything has been going well with your order since our last conversation?

Hey there {{first name}}, it’s Amy’s Flowers here. Is your order of {{event type}} flowers to your liking? Is there anything else we can do before your big day?


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