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Upgrade your bulk text messaging with SMS marketing services by Heymarket. Send personalized bulk texts to form strong connections and improve ROI.

Sending bulk text messages

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS (also known as mass texting) is a form of one-to-many communication used to reach large groups of contacts quickly. Traditional bulk text messaging aims to reach as many leads as possible but doesn’t prioritize creating a personalized experience to engage recipients. As a result, impersonal bulk texts can come across as spam and hurt your contacts’ trust.

SMS marketing is an advanced form of bulk texting that emphasizes high-quality interactions at scale. It allows you to better engage leads and build relationships with contacts through targeted texts personalized to form a stronger connection.

Heymarket: A bulk SMS service to build trust

Heymarket helps you build trust with opt-in management tools that ensure you’re texting compliantly. The SMS marketing platform also elevates your bulk text messaging capabilities by achieving better engagement, improving relationships, and growing ROI at scale with personalized texts that resonate with your subscriber list.

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98% open rate

ensures your messages are seen

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8x more likely

to respond to texts than email

Up to 1000% ROI

for SMS marketing campaigns

Capture more leads

Build your bulk SMS subscriber list to expand your marketing reach. Capture opt-in through forms, web chat, messaging channels, and other channels, then send them a confirmation text to build trust and maintain compliance.

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Instantly engage contacts

Connect with leads and customers at scale through bulk SMS marketing. Use list broadcasts to reach specific segments or your entire subscriber list at once. Schedule messages to send at the right time or create drip campaigns that nurture relationships over time. Create automations that trigger based on contacts’ actions to engage them when they’re ready.

Personalize and target messages

71% of consumers expect personalized texts and 70% are frustrated when they aren’t. Target specific segments of your subscriber list with personalized texts built to connect with those users. Create templates with merge tokens from your favorite CRM to add custom fields to your messages to tailor each text to the recipient.

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Measure your campaign impact

Monitor your campaign’s success to help inform your marketing strategy. Keep track of delivered messages, response rates, unsubscribes, and other data that provides insight into what’s working.

Stay compliant

Build trust by only texting contacts who want you to text them with advanced opt-in management features. Protect sensitive data with enterprise-grade security on a 10DLC, SOC 2 Type 2, and HIPAA-compliant business text messaging platform.

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Evolve your bulk text messaging with Heymarket

60% response rate

“Heymarket’s Salesforce SMS integration makes messaging leads and customers a smooth experience for our agents.”

10x Increase in agent capacity

“The biggest thing about being able to text with our customers is the relationship we’re able to build. Messaging is key for referrals and retention.”

80% customer response rate

“Since using Heymarket, 80% of my clients respond to my short, weekly housing marketing update.”

Best practices for sending bulk text messages

Bulk text messaging is an effective marketing strategy when done correctly. These SMS marketing best practices will help you implement an effective bulk texting strategy that provides value to your subscribers.

Only text opted-in contacts

You must capture an opt-in before texting contacts. It’s illegal to send unsolicited texts, so opt-in management is essential to maintaining compliance and building trust. To adhere to TCPA rules, you need to tell contacts how they can opt out of receiving future texts and allow them to easily unsubscribe from your texting list at any time.

Segment your lists

Targeting your texts helps to better engage leads and capture their attention. Leads are more likely to read content that applies to them, so be as specific as you can. Create list segments using customer information and then send texts that are relevant to them for the best results.

Personalize your texts

90% of Americans want personalization when it comes to communication with your business. Personalization can help to increase response rates and conversion rates by forming a personal connection with your leads. Use merge tokens from contacts’ profiles and your CRM to add custom fields that reflect each recipient’s personal information for improved engagement.

Send texts at the right time

Texters read and respond to 95% of texts within 5 minutes. Plan to send or schedule texts during relevant hours to maximize their impact, like a lunch promotion around noon. Always ensure you’re sending texts during business hours to avoid bothering contacts and generating unsubscribes.

Encourage conversation

The key to successful bulk text messaging is engagement. Conversational text marketing helps you to start conversations with leads, address their concerns, and improve conversion rates on your marketing campaigns. You’ll also build better relationships and gain valuable insight into your customers’ needs.

Don’t send too many texts

Less is often more when it comes to bulk text messaging. It may be tempting to send texts frequently to keep leads aware of your business, but you also risk them unsubscribing if you spam them. Start by telling new subscribers how many texts they can expect, then aim to send between 2-6 texts per month to avoid them interpreting your texts as spam.

Grow connections and conversions

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Bulk text messaging FAQs

Want to learn more about bulk text messaging? Find answers to some common questions below. Contact our team for additional tips, best practices, or information.

Bulk texting is legal ONLY after capturing a contact’s opt-in through forms, chats, text conversations, and other mediums. They must agree to receive texts from you. You should inform them about what they are signing up for when you capture their opt-in and confirm their subscription.

Bulk texting software is secure when the platform you choose employs effective security protocols. Your chosen program should be TCPA compliant to ensure you’re able to manage your subscriber lists effectively and maintain SMS compliance. SOC 2 Type 2 compliance ensures data security so that your contacts can feel comfortable providing you with their information. If you want to use 10-digit numbers, A2P 10DLC compliance is a requirement for sending bulk texts, and you should consider that when choosing your bulk texting software.

You can send bulk text messages with an SMS marketing solution like a business texting platform that allows for one-to-many texts. Once you have a platform to use, you need to capture opt-ins so that you can send texts to leads. Then draft your text, select your recipients, and send or schedule your message using the bulk SMS service’s messaging feature.

Yes, there are apps that send mass texts individually with personalization. Your chosen bulk SMS software should offer the ability to customize your texts with custom fields based on the contact’s information. You should also be able to broadcast your texts to individuals, segmented lists, and subscriber lists so that you can target and individualize your marketing texts.

You should send bulk texts during business hours and at times that make sense with the content of your message, such as alongside meal times or on certain days of the week. Bulk SMS senders often allow you to schedule texts to deliver at your chosen time so that you don’t have to send them manually. Consider the time your recipient will receive the message to avoid frustrating them and only send relevant messages so that they don’t unsubscribe.