How to Use a Business Text Messaging Platform for Your Instagram Shop

Shop owner using Instagram with a business text messaging platform

Instagram is a powerful channel for any eCommerce business. It helps you get the word out about your brand through posts, Stories, or Reels—and connect directly with users through Instagram Messaging. A business text messaging platform only boosts these benefits. 

What’s a Business Text Messaging Platform?

Business text messaging platforms are cloud-based apps that help professionals send, receive, and manage their messages. These platforms can accept and reply to messages from a range of channels, including Instagram Messaging.

All customer messages, no matter where they come from, arrive side by side in a single shared inbox. You or a team member can reply to them, and the responses will arrive in the original channel through which they were sent. 

Let’s explore five ways you can use a business text messaging platform for your Instagram shop. 

Use Case #1: Manage Customer Expectations

Customers want a response from your business right away, no matter whether you’re a one-person business or a global conglomerate. A business text messaging platform empowers you to create a simple auto reply. That way, customers will know you received their messages and will respond as soon as you can. 

To successfully manage customer expectations, include key information in your auto responses:

  • Your response times
  • Your name or your customer service team’s name (e.g., Customer Happiness)
  • Whether there is a faster way for them to reach you (e.g., the telephone for emergencies)

In addition, consider creating both a during-hours and after-hours response. That way, you can be more specific about when customers can expect replies. Your customers will appreciate accurate and relevant responses.

Use Case #2: Resolve Queries Faster

Many customer queries need your personal attention. But some don’t. A business text messaging platform empowers you to automate answers to any frequently asked questions (FAQs). All you have to do is choose which keywords or key phrases trigger the Instagram Messaging responses. These automations will make it easier to resolve incoming queries faster. 

You should automate answers to queries about:

Instagram Messaging is a highly personalized channel, so it’s critical that your responses reflect that. Ensure they sound like they came from you and not a bot. For example, include your signature or emojis. And don’t forget to follow up your answer by asking whether customers have additional questions!  

Use Case #3: Keep Customers Up to Date

Certain customer queries require regular updates. With help from a business text messaging platform, you can automate them. They’ll arrive in your customers’ Instagram inbox, right below your original conversation. All you need to do is ensure you have an SMS integration with your eCommerce platform. Then, you can set your business SMS platform to automatically send texts as soon as custom fields change in your eCommerce platform. 

Automate updates to send when:

  • Long-term Instagram Messaging tickets are resolved
  • Orders placed (or queried about) through Instagram Messaging are shipped
  • Exchanges managed through Instagram Messaging make a step in the process
  • Deliveries or returns managed through Instagram Messaging arrive at their destinations

Like with any automation, it’s important to personalize your messages. Include key customer data, like first names and order numbers, so customers feel like they’re receiving personalized attention. 

Use Case #4: Schedule Check-Ins

No matter what your interactions with Instagram users are like, follow up with them later to ensure they’re satisfied with the result. You can easily schedule follow-ups with help from a business text messaging platform. Scheduling them helps you ensure you check in with customers, without putting pressure on you to remember to do so manually each time. 

Be sure to schedule follow-ups after resolving or answering:

  • Tickets
  • General queries
  • Supportive comments

The type of follow-up you send depends on the original conversation. Ensure that customers understand that you’re their top priority. Ask whether they have any additional questions or comments, and consider asking for general feedback through a chat-based survey.

Use Case #5: Share Valuable Content Quickly

Instagram Messaging is best used for responding to customer questions and comments. But you can occasionally use it to share valuable conversational marketing content. This kind of content is intended to spark conversations and engage customers. You can use your business text messaging platform to easily create a basic messaging template, select a list of recipients, and send the message to all of them at once. 

Consider sending:

  • Opinion polls
  • Product tips
  • Creative use cases

Sending this content to Instagram users who have already connected with you is a great way to continue these relationships—and form long-lasting rapports. 


Learn more about using Instagram Messaging with a business text messaging platform.

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